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In Kenya people embrace revolutions. They take ideas and run with them. For instance in late 2011,2012 and 2013 lounges sprung up in the capital. People appreciated relaxing and listening to slow music under the dimmed lights. This saw the birth of lounges like Alabaster lounge, Brew Bistro lounge, Secrets lounge among others. Something else is brewing, The Champagne Bar. Champagne is a luxury drink that’s great especially when it is sparkling in a tall glass. It is a drink reserved for the crème de la crème of society. Closer home a few champagne bars have sprung up in a bid to cater for the upper class society in Kenya. Men with briefcases come here after a long day of work. It is a place to meet with friends or chill out between destinations while on holiday. There are a few champagne bars that have become all the rage.

The Champagne Bar Sankara Hotel Nairobi

It was launched on Friday, 3rd August, 2012. It is located on the 7th floor of this luxurious Nairobi hotel. It is definitely a place to kick back, relax and enjoy the smooth champagne bubbles kiss your tongue. In this bar there are champagnes, champagne cocktails and a vast selection of the finest single Malt whiskies. In their portfolio is Moet and Chandon, Taittinger Brut Reserve, Hibiki (A Japanese Malt whisky) and others whose names I can’t pronounce. These are carefully selected by the experts so you can’t go wrong with this. The ambience in this place is to die for. For a moment you feel like you are in Vegas. The seats are made of palm wood that is hand carved. You can view the skyline especially at night. The view is to die for with all the lights. There is also a lounge where people can relax after long days at work. The bar opens from 6pm to 1am and the dress code is smart.

Sevens Seafood and Grill Champagne Bar

Sevens is taken to be one of the cities Steak and seafood outlet. It is very innovative in that t serves the best seafood from Indian Ocean. It also serves the finest beef aged in the best meat rooms. This beef is locally produced. They get it from the finest cows. Think prawns, oysters, lobsters and fish. This is well prepared by their gourmet chefs. They even have their own signature sauces. This is one of the best experiences ever. It has a cocktail bar. This place is beautiful. And did you know that this is the only bar in East Africa that has been endorsed and credited by Veuve Clicquot. So you can imagine the many types of champagne from Veuve that are served. I think this is one of the best places I have been to. I loved the martinis and they even have ice-cream cocktails. I wish I had a sweet tooth. This is a place that excited me. I would definitely love to work here. The experience was something id love to redo.

Kenyans are coming of age and most people in the upper class are craving luxury drinks.  The champagne bar experience is great. One feels like you are in another city.

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