How To Unblock Your M-pesa Account In Kenya

by Ekai Kaoo  - August 1, 2023

MPesa service in Kenya is the revolution that changed how Kenyans send and receive money. The advantageous thing about MPesa services in Kenya, is that Mpesa outlests in Kenya are found in numerous locations and eliminate the need of travelling far to access funds in Kenya. The extensive use of Mpesa services by Kenyans to send and receive cash, access bank services on the phone in Kenya, paying bills with M-pesa in Kenya and top up the phone or someone’s phone, makes Mpesa in Kenya to stand out from its competitors within Kenya. This is why it can be such a frustration when your Mpesa is not working well due to SIM card problems in Kenya.

Once in a while, things happen such as sending money to the wrong number in Kenya or pressing the wrong pin number one too many times and your Mpesa number gets blocked in Kenya. When your MPesa service is blocked, it means that you will not be able to have access to the services of M-pesa or Safaricom in Kenya. Well, there are two ways you could go about having your number unblocked in Kenya. One way is to head to Safaricom shops in Kenya or Safaricom headquarters in Nairobi or anywhere in Kenya and talk to a Safaricom agent in Kenya who will then unblock your MPesa. This requires time, money and travels for most people in Kenya and, therefore is quite an inconvenience.

The other way is to phone the MPesa agents in Kenya. This you do by dialling 234, without the star and hash. You will be given a series of instructions depending on which Safaricom services in Kenya you want to access. Press the button for the MPesa services. Now, comes the hard part – getting through to an agent. If you are fortunate you will get through to an agent on your first dial, but this does not happen often. You would more likely get the voice on your phone instructing you to wait for an agent in Safaricom customer care centre in Kenya to answer your call. This would be followed by a narration of the services offered by Safaricom and then some form of music that goes on and on.

Of course, if you have the patience you can wait for an Safaricom agent in Kenya to become available while you listen to the music. In which case, you may get through or the phone call would end automatically after a while. However, you may use another tactic. After you have dialled the number and been directed to the service you want and you hear the music, hang up your phone. Hung up and dial the number again. You may have to do this several times. Yes, it is a little cumbersome, but as long as you’re waiting, you might as well be doing something, right? And this method is guaranteed to work. You could also opt for the option where you are asked if you wish Safaricom in Kenya to call you back, which requires you to dial a number, dial that number and the call will disconnect. After waiting for a while, Safaricom in Kenya will get back to you through the Safaricom official customer care number in Kenya which is 0722,000,000.

Once you get through to a Safaricom agent in Kenya, things move quickly from there. You should state the reason for your call. Once you do this, the agent will ask you a series of questions that would be able to assess your sincerity and protect you from fraudulent people. Once you answer the questions, the MPesa agent in Kenya will unblock your phone. You will be asked whether you remember your pin number or not. Remember, your pin number is for you to know and you should never give it to anyone even an agent. If you remember your MPesa pin number, then you should be able to easily access your MPesa services in Kenya and continue using MPesa to make your life a bit easier. Kenyans are now able to transact easily through Mpesa and in case of hiccups, they are now easily resolvable now.

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