How To Register For Mobile Banking Services With Equity Bank Eazzy 247 Service In Kenya

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The migration to a digital world is here with us in Kenya. This means no more queuing in bank halls in any part of Kenya, no more standing in sluggish stretched curled queues somehow wishing the bank clerk stops playing with the keyboard pretending to be working or better yet in extreme cases hoping that at least a few people in front of you give up the wait and literally leave the bank. Having a transaction at the bank in Kenya meant skipping lunches and cancellation of appointments cause of the necessity of being physically there in banks in Kenya to do your banking activities

Equity bank in Kenya has finally come up with a service for the customers that has made banking easy from anywhere in Kenya at any time. EAZZY 247 in Kenya is the banking service that allows bank customers in Kenya to access the information in their accounts without having to leave the comfort of their sofas.

How To Register for Eazzy 247 in Kenya

Visit your Equity Branch officer in Kenya and ask for an eazzy form, in which you will be required to enter your account number, your national ID card for security purposes and your preferred mobile phone number, for which you will use for all transactions conducted in the account with. The Equity bank in Kenya will process your information and send you a confirmation message. You will also receive a five digit password in which you will use for activation process of Eazzy 247.

How To Activate Your Eazzy 247 Account in Kenya

Dial *247# on your mobile phone while in Kenya. Reply with your pin. Enter the pin that was sent by the Equity bank and you will then be required to change your pin to a more convenient secure one. A confirmation message will be sent to your phone immediately afterwards while activating Eazzy 247 in Kenya.

Now log in by using your customer ID and your 5 digit pin on Eazzy 247. The main menu would appear that includes Air time top up, Mini statement, Balance enquiry, Funds transfer, Bill payment and Requests. Afterwards follow the instructions given on Eazzy 247, and carry out your bank transactions on the phone while at home.

EAZZY 247 in Kenya is a product of Equity Bank in Kenya means the end of many inconveniences of not meeting payment deadlines, end of rushing to banks hoping you just in time and that you will not find the front door closed, end of filling out deposit forms, end of standing in long queues in Kenyan banks for long periods of time until one feels faint. Eazzy 247 by Equity Bank in Kenya finally has the end of banking troubles in Kenya.

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