How To Invest Using I-Invest By Old Mutual On Your Mobile Phone In Kenya

by Ekai Kaoo  - August 1, 2023

Most people in Kenya want to be able to be financially secure for the most part of their lives if not all. In order to achieve this desire, one of the best ways is by investing your savings in Kenya in order to ensure your goals and dreams are realized.

Some people may find it difficult to get a financial adviser in Kenya who can advise them on the right instruments in which they can invest their money in Kenya, and thus decide to give up on investment of their savings. However with the advent of mobile banking in Kenya and other mobile financial services in Kenya, one can now also invest using just the mobile phone at their own convenience.

Old Mutual Kenya is a part of Old Mutual Group which is an international company with operations in Kenya specifically in asset management, general insurance, banking and life assurance, and also financial planning. In order to make investment in Kenya easier for me and you, Old Mutual in Kenya has introduced i-invest in Kenya, which is a mobile platform through which one can invest in Unit trusts. When you invest in unit trusts in Kenya, this means your money is combined with money from other investors and invested in a portfolio of assets according to the fund’s specified investment objective and investment approach.

So how does i-invest work in Kenya?

First before a Kenyan can invest, the Kenyan needs money preferably their savings and not the money used for the day to day sustenance.  With i- invest in Kenya, one simply needs a minimum initial investment amount is KShs 480.

Next one needs to have a Safaricom line as it is not available on other mobile networks in Kenya. For those Kenyans with a prepaid line, one should have sufficient airtime as every time you dial the i- invest prompt which is *480# It costs KShs 10 every time you dial the number.

After you have dialed *480#, you’ll be prompted to register with the following details: Your ID/Passport number, Postal address, Occupation and Accept i-INVEST terms and conditions.

Once you have submitted the information, you will shall receive an SMS informing you that within 24 hours, unless the system is experiencing delays, you will receive your PIN that will help complete the registration on i-invest in Kenya.

Once you receive the SMS with your PIN, you will need to dial *480# again. After you enter the PIN which was sent via SMS, you will be prompted to change your PIN for security reasons, following which you’ll be able to access the full Old Mutual mobile menu on your mobile gadget.

The mobile unit trust account functions like the conventional unit trust account in Kenya except that all instructions given can be submitted and processed over the Kenyan registered mobile phone anywhere in Kenya. the i- invest in Kenya enables the client to register, invest, withdraw, and switch between selected funds and change information.

I-invest avails four Unit Trust Funds in Kenya;

  • Old Mutual Money Market Fund invests mostly in money instruments in Kenya. It is ideal for a Kenyan investor with very low risk appetite and a short-term horizon (6-12 months).
  • Old Mutual Balanced Fund invests mostly in selected bonds & equities in Kenya. It is ideal for a Kenyan investor with medium risk appetite and a medium–term horizon (3-5 years).
  • Old Mutual Bond Fund invests mostly in government & corporate bonds in Kenya. It is ideal for a Kenyan investor with low risk appetite and a medium-term horizon (3-5 years).
  • Old Mutual Equity Fund invests mostly in selected shares. It is ideal for a Kenyan investor with high risk appetite and a long-term horizon of around 5 to 7 years.
  • Just like the initial investment amount, The Minimum top-up amount, Minimum withdrawal amount, Minimum switch amount is KShs 480 on i-invest in Kenya. This makes,  the i-invest investment package an affordable option for all Kenyans and would be a great deal not only to frequent investors in Kenya, but also those new to the investing world and only have a little money they would like to invest.

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