Strut It Afrika Modeling Company In Kenya: Strut It Africa Fashion Week Annual Auditions In Nairobi

by Wa Kimani  - July 21, 2022

Strut it Africa Company in Kenya is one the rapidly growing Production and modeling networks in the East & Central Africa region. Strut it Afika Modeling Network in Kenya was established in November 2011 by two former models; 26-year-old Moses Mukiibi and 24-year-old Malaika Nyansi who are both from Uganda. The idea to start the modeling company in Kenya to serve Africa at large came in 2009 after a beauty pageant stint when they came to Kenya and contested in the Mr. and Miss USIU 2009 in Kenya.

The Strut it Afrika Modeling Network company in Kenya offers a comprehensive answer to any client looking to have a modeling show in Africa, from the first concepts to end result. The Strut it Modeling Network in Africa provide services that range from Bridal showcase in Africa, designer catwalk shows in Africa to different product launches in Kenya and Africa at large. The Strut it Afrika Modeling Network based in Kenya offers double the service and worth, posing both their Modeling Agency and Production Company under one roof. This will ensure a cut down on energy and expenditures involved in casting for models for the client. Some of the modeling shows the Strut it Afrika Modeling Network have choreographed and produced include: Barton Fashion Show 2011, Samantha Bridal Fair in Feb 2011 in Kenya, International Health/Hair and Beauty Expo 2012, Swahili Fashion Week in Kenya, Nairobi Showcase 2012 in Kenya among many more. The Strut it Africa Modeling agency in Kenya has scouted various models in Rwanda, Kenya, Burundi, Ethiopia and Uganda, some of who took part in the inaugural Strut It Afrika Fashion Week in Nairobi city.

The Strut it Afrika Models in Kenya in are all rounded and are trained on a weekly basis, guaranteeing that they always deliver in terms of presentation and behavior. An important prerequisite at the modeling agency that covers Africa is a 6’0 foot for model men while model women should be well toned. The board consists of a multi-disciplined group of specialists from different walks of life and nationalities with an interest in changing the modeling scene in Africa.

In addition to Production and supply of Models in Africa, Strut it Afrika Company in Kenya also offer services in regards to modeling shoots anywhere in Africa. Strut it Afrika modelling Company in Kenya offer interactive photo shoots and state-of-the-art equipment in Kenya this is combined with modeling Stylists, Make-up artists and a retouching and special effects team.

The Strut It Afrika Fashion Week in Nairobi is a platform that aims at highlighting rich culture through celebrating African heritage by bringing together fashion, art and dance. The Strut It Afrika Fashion Week modeling event in Kenya will incorporate an art exhibition in addition to the model runway shows in Kenya. The main goal of Strut It Afrika Fashion Week in Africa is to create a mobile fashion week, a modeling event that is held in a different African country every consecutive year. This will help in strengthening the links and bonds in the African region and boost exchange of culture in terms of fashion, art and dance and thus nurture economic development.

The 2014 modeling auditions in Kenya will be held on January 25th, 2014 at Secrets Lounge. Secrets Lounge is located in Nairobi CBD and the Strut It Afrika Fashion Week auditions in Kenya are from 10am – 3pm and is open to all models in Africa whether you are a SLIM model or PLUS SIZE model, Whether you are SHORT or TALL, Whether you are 16yrs old or 27yrs old. Strut it Afrika Company in Kenya is located in building 27A on Stone Grove in Nairobi. Strut it Afrika modeling Company is on Mirema Drive, off Zimmerman in Nairobi. Strut it Afrika modeling agency in Nairobi is along Thika Road. You can to Strut it Afrika offices in Nairobi via Githurai 45 buses in Nairobi picked from the stage on Ronald Ngala Street next to Nakumatt supermarket Ronald Ngala. The Strut it Afrika company in Kenya can be accessed via the website at You could also call Strut it Afrika via mobile number +254715856508  of Strut it Afrika Company email address at [email protected]

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