How To Tie A Chic Scarf In Kenya

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Call it a neck wrap or a muffler-this is a piece of fabric that not only protects your neck from the chilly July weather in Kenya but also accessorizes that cool top you bought from Toi market in Nairobi. There are so many Do It Yourself (DIY) hacks for scarves that help you wrap it up. The various ways of tying a scarf however depends on the length as well as the design of the scarf. It also depends on the place of wear. Short scarfs would ideally not be best suited for similar wrap ups as more lengthy scarfs. Mostly in Kenya, scarfs are tied according to where and with whom you meeting. You would not tie a scarf in the office the same way you would while going out to a club.  Here are a few tips to wrap up that scarf. Seven ways to a chic scarf wear

1)    The Classic Drape

Just like the words, the scarf is left to simply drape on your chest area. Take a scarf and pit it on your neck, leaving the two ends to drape in equal length. The classic drape works for all kinds of scarfs.

2)    The Modern Loop

This is a slight modification to the classic drape. It is best suited for medium to lengthy scarfs. Just place the scarf on your neck in a way that both ends hang to your chest area. Hold one end of the hanging scarf and pull it over behind your neck and to the front again. Make sure that the two hanging ends are equal in length.

3)    The Bunny Ear

Like in the modern loop, tie the scarf round your neck to its full length. Take the end, (after looping) and put it through the last loop on your neck. Pull it slightly to meet the other end of the scarf and tie a knot. Then adjust the loops accordingly for a neat finish.  

4)    The Double Rainbow

The double rainbow works on scarfs that have two different colors say white on one side and black on the other. Tie your scarf as in the modern loop ensuring that the loops show only one color. In this case black. The turn the hanging ends such that they show the other color, in this case white. This means that your neck will be covered in black loops and hanging will be white ends.

5)    The Turtle Neck

Tie the scarf round your neck to its full length. Take the two ends at the front and tie two knots to secure the scarf in place. Finally to conceal the remaining ends material, tuck them under the loops.

6)    Infinity

Place the lengthy scarf on your neck such that the ends drape to your chest area as in the classic drape. Take the two ends and knot them securely. Then twist the scarf midway and slip the newly formed loop over your head, such that the knots finally lie at the back of the neck.

7)    The toss

Place the scarf on your neck as in the classic drape design. The get one of the draping ends and throw it over your shoulder such that one end of the scarf drapes at the front whilst the other drapes on your back.

These are just a few of the easiest ways to wrap your scarf the Kenyan style. Try them out and enjoy.

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