The Big Five Animals in Kenya

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The big five are recognized as the most dangerous animals in planet. They include the lion, rhino, leopard, elephant and buffalo.

The Lion

Lions weigh about 225kg and considered the most dangerous of the five animals. There hunting skills are extraordinary as well as their courage to approach a bigger prey without fear. The animal is territorial in nature living in a park of 40 lions. It is believed that the lioness is mostly the hunters while the lions make sure that their territory is safe from other animals. Professional’s advice not to run if he or she encounters a lion but retreat slowly to a safer ground.


An elephant weighs about 6 tones and is considered the largest mammal in the world. The animal is very dangerous if provoked. An elephant has large ears, elongated incisors in the form of tusks, and a trunk. The large ears are responsible for cooling the body. It is important to note that when the animal starts kicking up dust, and flapping it ears probability is that the animal is about to attack. Professional’s advice people to keep distance with them.


One of the fastest and independent animals on earth. Leopards are rarely seen together when hunting. It is possible to see them together but only when mating. There slightly small body matches perfectly with their speed and their ability camouflage.


There are two species which are the white and the black rhino. The animal is among the hardest animals to see or spot. In recent years, they have been hunted but the efforts of conserving them have yielded fruits. The animal is dangerous when someone gets to close to them. There bad sight may work as an advantage if attacked.


They mostly walk in herds and are unpredictably dangerous. Like lions they are also territorial basing their territory on the amount of water and food available. It is believed that they weigh about a ton. Their high temper is enough reason for anyone to keep distance.


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