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The Beauty Of Central Park In Nairobi, Kenya

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Central Park is a recreational park of the city of Nairobi.Central Park is a place of rest that is located amidst all the busy life of the city of Nairobi and amidst the high-rise development at the Nairobi city centre. Central Park in Nairobi is one of the few places found within the city of Nairobi where one can run to for a picnic atmosphere. Central Park in Nairobi is located on the upper side of Nairobi city near University of Nairobi. This green reserve park in Nairobi borders Uhuru Highway, Kenyatta Avenue, Serena Hotel and Nyerere Road. Mostly, central park can be confused as an extension of the vast Uhuru Park that is its neighbour. Central park is a major destination of the city especially during lunch breaks and in the afternoons for both the locals as well as the tourists in Kenya. The tourists in Nairobi appreciate the cool environment offered in the park which is a huge contrast to environment in the middle of Nairobi town in Kenya.

Central Park in Kenya has a memorial to honour the late Jomo Kenyatta, who was the first president of Kenya. The Jomo Kenyatta memorial in Central Park was elected in this park to show that Kenyans appreciate the freedom fighters who made Kenya a nation of its own. It shows that our citizens in Kenya are patriots and could protect their land any time. It is also a good way to show honour of our past leaders in Kenya. This monument on Central Park grounds in Nairobi greets you as you enter the park from Uhuru Highway. The park in city of Nairobi is often visited for its lush green wealth that offers a soothing relief from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In other places of the city, you will find people walking fast doing their usual businesses, but in this part of town, people are usually resting under shades of the tree in the park and sitting on the grass which offers one some respite. Central Park is a haven where one escapes the scorching sun in the city of Nairobi!

The rising and falling green spaces in Central Park in Nairobi city are perfect for picnics and family fun-days out. The presence of face-painters, hawkers and professional photographers in Central Park makes the park a child-friendly zone and avails the services that its visitors need. At one end of the Park is a Children’s playground with a wide range of facilities for Children to play on such as swings and other playing materials. Central park has expansive lawns and well maintained gardens, interspersed with shade trees. It also has flowers which make the park attractive. Picnicking at this park is a favourite pastime with Nairobi residents on weekends and public holidays. Those seeking to find jobs in the city also find a resting place in this park in between their searches. People could also use this park as a meeting place, an advertising place through putting up tents which attract the people, and among many others ways. Central Park is easily accessible to residents of Nairobi from all corners of the city and it is open for free to the public in Kenya.

There are toilet facilities provided in  Central Park in Kenya where the public use at a fee. The Nairobi City Council ensures that it maintains  Central Park and makes it as friendly as possible. In Nairobi, there are other similar parks which people could visit which include Jeevanjee Gardens, Nairobi Arboretum, Uhuru Gardens, Nairobi City Park and Uhuru Park.

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