Highest Mountains in Kenya

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Mount Kenya

The mountain is the highest in Kenya and second in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro of Tanzania. Mount Kenya is 5199m and is found in the central parts of Kenya. It is a major source of water for many rivers and continues to support a number of wildlife activities being a home to various wild animals. It is a major tourist attraction centre and that gives it the reason to be counted as being crucial to the economic development of the country.

Mount Elgon

It is located in the western part of Kenya and its 4321m.The mountain attracts a lot of tourist from neighboring countries and also domestic ones that love site seeing. It is also a source of many rivers and the place continues to support farming activities in the area as it attracts rain. The mountain supports various economic activities such as hunting by the forest found near it and also tourism to generate revenue for the country.

Mount Longonot

Found in Nakuru,the mountain is big and attracts many Kenyans and tourists from many regions of the world. The mountain has a hole or vents at the top something that makes unique among the various mountain types. It continues to help the education sector especially by the many number of university students that cone at the place to carry out research.

Mount Opuru

It is found in Nakuru and is 2856m high. The mountain continues to play important roles in the economic life of the country by not only being used as a source of water for farming but also provides money for revenue. It has facilitated many tourist activities making domestic tourism to grow at great levels.

Mount Magila

It is found in Turkana and is about 1698.The mountain has forests that are source for many rivers in the area. It has played very crucial roles in ensuring that the economic conditions of the town continue to grow well and at a more fast and efficient manner. The mountain is good and makes the area look good.


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