Various Course Offered At Machakos University College

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Education in Kenya have taken another level in terms of its growth and technological embracement and usage in the content delivery. This has seen many people opt for education and especially higher education. Many have got the interest to join higher education learning institutions to mostly acquire the vocational skills that they offer and thereby increasing the demand of education. For the meeting of this high educational demand, a lot of institutions have been established to accommodate and offer education to the students and overall people interested in it.

Machakos University College was thereby been established to ensure that the students are offered with the courses that they need for their future lives. This university college was established in the lower Eastern Area and it is a constituent college of Kenyatta University. Since their establishment, the university has set up various schools and departments which ensure that they offer the different courses under the areas of specialization and more closely to their students. The most commonly and well-established schools and which offer the courses in this university include;

School of Engineering

This school based in the main campus offer engineering and construction related courses which include Certificate, Diploma and Undergraduate courses. The various courses offered are Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Diploma in Motor Vehicle Engineering, Diploma in Building Construction Technology, Diploma in Civil Engineering, Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Production option) as well as certificate courses in Building Construction Technology, Certificate in Wood Technology and a Certificate in Plumbing Technology.

School of Business

This is one of the most developed school in the university as it is able to offer Post graduate courses as opposed to various other departments. The courses that they majorly offer include Bachelor of Commerce, Master of Business Administration in the options of Marketing, Strategic Management, Human Resource Management, Accounting and Finance, Post graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management, Diploma in Human Resource Management, Diploma in Procurement and Supply Chain Management, Diploma in Office Management, Diploma in Sales and Marketing, Diploma in Public Relation and Diploma in Corporate Management. Other courses offered under this school are a Certificate in Procurement and Supply Chain Management, Certificate in Sales and Marketing and ATC level I & II and CPA sections 1-6.

School of Education

Education is the favorite career to many and therefore this school is well developed to offer the various education academic programmes. The programmes include Master of Education in options of Educational planning, Educational Administration, Economics of Education, Curriculum Development and Communication Technology, Bachelor of Education (Maths and Business), Bachelor of Education (Maths/Physics), Bachelor of Arts ( Kiswahili/CRE/History/Geography/English Literature) as well as Post graduate Diploma in Education, Diploma in Education (Science), Diploma in Education (Arts), Diploma in Early Childhood Development Education and a Certificate in Early Childhood Development Education.

School of Computing and Applied Sciences

As the world in experiencing revolutions in the technological world, many institutions have embraced and use technology in education. Machakos University college has therefore developed a department based on that and offer courses related to technology and hospitality management and involve Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management as well as Diploma courses in Information Communication Technology, Science and Laboratory Technology, Hospitality Management, Fashion Design and Modelling and Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism Management and Certificate in House Keeping, Front Office and Laundry.

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

This is the recent developed department and has therefore not been advanced in terms of the courses they offer. Their courses are numerous and include Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Sociology, Gender and Development Studies, Philosophy and Religious Studies, English and Linguistics, Geography, History, Archeology and Political Studies, Diploma in Information Studies and a Diploma in Community Development.

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