Strikes In Kenya Learning Institutions

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Strikes have been for a long a way of experiencing dissatisfaction in learning institutions in kenya. Students and teachers have engaged themselves in strikes in order to get attention and have their grievances attended to. It is critical to look at the reasons why they occur. There are a number of reasons that lead to it like corruption, low pay and many others. Corruption in institutions has made impossible for institutions to grow. Most of these individuals who strike feel left out while others are given priority. They feel that the only way to be heard is through strikes. The solution to this problem is to ensure that every activity undertaken is transparent and those individuals that are corrupt should be fired with immediate effect.

Auditing of an organizations files need to be done frequently to avoid corruption. Another important way of dealing with strikes is to develop a channel where those that feel uncomfortable with certain decisions are heard and actions taken. This will create trust and discourage strikes. In the event that a strike has already occurred, then agent measures should be taken. The causes need to be addressed to discourage future strikes from occurring.

Low pay is a common cause of strikes. In this category employees are the ones who are affected. They feel betrayed when the amount of salary remains constant while the work increases. When they ask for a pay rise, the government or the people responsible are unable to meet their demands. This factor ought to be solved through an agreement between both parties. They should agree on a certain amount of pay rise which should also be offered on a given period of time.

Students from universities are famous with frequent strikes. The consequences are drastic as most of the get hurt in the process. Businessmen and the wider society are also affected negatively. Most of them have to close their shops. In general strikes can be avoided but only through understanding and commitment. 

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