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Sangalo Institute of Science and technology is a middle level college in Kenya. It was started in 1924 and used to serve as an animal breeding centre before it was converted to a harambee institute in 1993. The institute is located 11 kilometers from Bungoma town along Bungoma-Nambacha road. The institute is fully accredited by the ministry of higher education science and technology and students are usually examined by the Kenya Institute of education and the Kenya accountants and secretaries National Examination Board (KASNEB).

The institute targets to achieve is mandate through team work, transparency, fairness, and equity, quantity training, ethical practice, respect of rule of law, accountability and efficiency; which are the core values of the institute. The institute runs an exchange program with other institutions including International Child support (ICS) in the Netherlands. Various courses are offered at Sangalo institute both at diploma and certificate levels.

Certificate Courses:

a)      Certificate (ATC)

b)      Certificate credit professionals (CCP)

c)      Certified public Secretary (CPS)

d)      CPA part II

e)      Certificate in Clothing technology

f)       Certificate in supply management

g)      Certificate in computer operations

h)      Certificate in science laboratory technology

i)        Certificate in Information Technology

j)        Artisan certificate in Masonry

k)      Certificate in Personnel management

l)        Certificate in secretarial studies

m)   Certificate in carpentry, masonry and joinery

n)      Certificate in electrical installation

o)      Certificate in information communication technology

p)      Certificate in human resources management

q)      Certificate in food and beverage management

r)       Certificate in Automotive engineering

s)       Certificate in garment making

Diploma courses

a)      Diploma in market management

b)      Diploma in food and beverage management

c)      Diploma in Automotive engineering

d)      Diploma in civil engineering

e)      Diploma in quantity surveying

f)       Diploma in Information studies

g)      Diploma in business administration

h)      Diploma in Building and construction

i)        Diploma in clothing technology

j)        Diploma in cooperative management

k)      Diploma in agriculture

l)        Diploma in Information technology

m)   Diploma in accounting

For more information about Sangalo technical training institute Contact

Address: P.O Box 158 Bungoma, Kenya.

Tel: 0202315495

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