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Matatus And The Route To Use While Travelling From Nairobi City To Meru Town In Kenya

matatus and the route to use while travelling from nairobi city to meru town in kenya 1


The approximate distance from the city of Nairobi to Meru Town in Kenya is 250 km. The most convenient mode of transport to Meru Town in Kenya from Nairobi is by Traveling by bus or commonly referred to as ‘matatus’. The Matatu or buses to Meru from Nairobi city are found in downtown area of Nairobi along the Accra Road.

Along the Accra Road in Nairobi, the street in Nairobi has a variety of ‘matatus’ to Meru which vary depending on their carrying capacity. The matatus to Meru vary from fourteen sitter, ten sitter and forty two sitter matatus in Nairobi. The forty two sitters matatu to Meru from Nairobi are usually the least expensive; costing per trip to Meru from Nairobi an average of Ksh. 350 owing to their large carrying capacity. The ten sitter matatu to Meru from Nairobi city is most expensive; costing per trip to Meru from Nairobi an average of Ksh. 600 due to the comfort accorded. The fourteen sitter matatus to Meru from Nairobi are usually moderately priced as they offer a mix of both features as the other two types of matatu.

The journey from the Nairobi city center to Meru Town in Kenya is led out along the Thika Superhighway which leads at least 60 km out of Nairobi City while passing towns in Kenya such as Thika and Makuyu along the way. After Makuyu town in Kenya, the Thika highway is transformed to a single carriageway. This leads for approximately 40 km while passing River Tana and River Athi in Kenya along the way to a junction at a location named Makutano in Kenya.

At this point, one diverts to the road to the right leaving the Nairobi-Nyeri highway and thus entering mount Kenya region. Along this road while on transit to Meru Town in Kenya, is another 40km drive to Embu town in Kenya. Before arrival at Embu Town in Kenya, one passes through the Mwea- Tebere irrigation scheme in Kenya which is a massive rice plantation. Mwea Town in Kenya is also located along the road on the Mwea-Tebere irrigation scheme and is basically regarded as the mid-way point through the journey to Meru town in Kenya. This is also the point where most travelers to Meru Town in Kenya get a rest and get to buy fresh quality rice and a variety of vegetables such as tomatoes and onions while also refreshing themselves.

Embu Town in Kenya is 35 km from Mwea Town. Embu Town is the county headquarters of Embu County in Kenya and is 100 km away from Meru Town. From Embu town and still along the main highway, one passes Runyenjes Town, Chuka and Chogoria Towns before entering Meru county in Kenya.

Once in Meru County in Kenya, one passes Igoji, Kanyakine and Nkubu Towns in Kenya along the same route before finally arriving to Meru Town in Kenya. Meru Town in Kenya is the headquarters for Meru County. One can find a variety of hotels in Meru Town in Kenya where they can spend which include Meru County Hotel, Meru Safari Hotel, Hotel Alba, Slopes Hotel amongst other hotels offering accommodation in Meru Town in Kenya. The total duration for the journey to Meru Town from Nairobi Town in Kenya is approximately 4 hours by public Transport.

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