Masters, Undergraduate, Diploma And Doctorate Courses Offered At Daystar University In Kenya

by Laura Wanjiru  - November 12, 2022

Daystar University in Kenya is a Christian based interdenominational university located in Nairobi. The Daystar University in Nairobi is chartered inter-denominational institution that offers degree and graduate studies in Kenya. Daystar University in Kenya was established as Daystar Communications centre in Kenya in 1967 by an African journalist Motsoko Pheko and an American missionary, Dr. Donald Smith. The Daystar University was established so as to improve techniques that were used in propagating the gospel of Christ. The Daystar communication centre was also mandated to analyze the receivers of the gospel as well as to design communication strategies that were more efficient in reaching the intended audience.

Daystar Communications centre in Kenya grew dramatically in leaps and bounds to become Daystar University in Kenya. The Daystar University in Nairobi has currently enrolled over four thousand students in Kenya. The Daystar University main campus in Nairobi is located at the Valley Road- Ngong Road junction in Nairobi. Daystar University in Nairobi also established another Daystar University campus in Athi River as the Daystar University main campus did not have space for expansion. Daystar University in Kenya offers doctorate programs, masters programs and undergraduate programs in Kenya.

The undergraduate courses offered in Daystar University  in Kenya are: Bachelor of Arts in Daystar University; This Daystar University faculty has over ten specializations including arts, Kiswahili, biblical and religious studies, community development, communication, French, English, peace studies as well as literature.

Bachelor of Commerce in Daystar University; Under the Bachelor of Commerce faculty in Daystar University in Kenya, students can either take up business administration, purchasing, marketing, management information systems, law or accounting.

Bachelor of Education in Daystar University; The education undergraduate studies in Daystar University offer specializations in business and mathematics, business and education, early childhood training, computer science, music, French, English and mathematics.

Bachelor of Science in Daystar University; The science faculty in Daystar University offers sub-disciplines in applied computer science, environmental health, nursing, physics, economics and mathematics. The Undergraduate program in Daystar University  also offers Bachelor of Theology. The masters programs offered in Daystar University in Kenya include: Master of Arts in child development, Christian ministries, communication and counseling psychology, Master of Business Administration in strategic management, human resource management, finance or marketing and Master of Theology

Daystar University only offers doctoral degrees in Communication in Kenya. The Daystar University in Kenya also offers postgraduate diplomas in child development and education.

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