Location Of Moi University Main Campus In Eldoret, Kenya

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Moi University Main campus in Kenya is located in Rift Valley part of Kenya. Moi University Main Campus is located 35 km South East of Eldoret town in Kenya. Eldoret town is six hours drive away from the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi on Nairobi - Eldoret Highway. Main Campus of Moi University is located in Kesses area in Eldoret, off the Eldoret-Nakuru Highway. To get to Moi University main campus in Kenya, you divert from the Eldoret- Nakuru Highway in Cheptiret and drive 14 Km to Kesses centre. From Kesses Centre in Eldoret, Moi University is located 5km on Kesse Moi University Road.

To pick a matatu from Eldoret town to Moi University Main Campus in Kenya, you can choose to use `The Shuttle` which is a bus that charges fare of Ksh 70 from Eldoret town to the Main Campus of Moi University or you can take a Nissan matatu which charge Ksh 100 to main campus. The matatus to main campus of Moi University are picked from the Eldoret Munic Council main stage in Eldoret town, near White Castle Hotel. Matatus to Moi University main campus from this Main Stage in Eldoret, which is located on Uganda Road, are picked directly behind Turskys Supermarket in Eldoret. The Nissan matatus to main Campus of Moi University can also be picked from the other stage in downtown Eldoret near Kitmatt Centre, which houses Naivas supermarket in Eldoret. Matatus to Moi University main campus, however, transfer from the two matatu stages in Eldoret to the stage just opposite Eldoret Barngetuny Plaza in the evenings from 1700 hours daily.

Moi University in Kenya has an online admission process where the admission letters can be downloaded from the Moi University website on www.mu.ac.ke . Moi University has other campuses other than Main Campus, which include Moi University Annex, Moi University Kabianga Campus, Moi University Town campus located in Eldoret town, Moi University Nairobi Campus in Baazar Building, Moi University Coast Campus in Mombasa and Moi University KPA campus (Eldoret West campus). Moi University collaborated with several other universities and colleges in Kenya and abroad to further education in Kenya and to produce competent graduates in Kenya.


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