Location and Contacts of Thika Technical Training Institute and courses it Offers.

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Thika technical training institute is located in Thika town at college house 1st floor along university way. It is a TIVET institution in Kenya and was started in 1887. The institute aim at providing training research and outreach programs that give trainees skills and knowledge which they use to enable economic growth and self-reliance through creation of employment.

The institute work hard to ensure that it emerges as center of excellence in entrepreneurial, technical and vocational training. It targets to achieve this through team work, transparency, fairness, and equity, quatity training, ethical practice, respect of rule of law, accountability and efficiency; which are the core values of the institute.The institute has ten departments where certificate , diploma, higher diploma and artisan courses are offered. The institute has three intakes every year; January, July and September intakes.

Diploma courses:

a)      Information technology

b)      Information communication technology

c)      Analytical chemistry

d)      Pharmaceatical technology

e)      Applied Biology

f)       Mechanical engineering (production option)

g)      Mechanical Engineering(plant option)

h)      Community development

i)        Human resources management

j)        Supply chain management

k)      Business management

l)        Supply management

m)   Electrical and electronic technology(power option)

n)      Electrical and electronic technology(telecommunication option)

o)      Building technology

p)      Building construction

q)      Civil engineering

r)       Quantity surveying

s)       Automotive Engineering

Certificate courses

a)      Craft certificate in general agriculture

b)      Artisan certificate in Agricultural Mechanics

c)      Craft certificate in agricultural Engineering

d)      Craft certificate in automotive Engineering

e)      Artisan in electrical Installation

f)       Certificate in electrical and electronic technology(telecommunication option)

g)      Certificate in electrical and electronic technology(power option)

h)      Single and computer Secretarial certificate

i)        Certificate in Accounting technician

j)        Certificate in Public accountant

k)      Certificate in Business administration

l)        Certificate in Social works

m)   Certificate in Mchanical Engineering(production option)

n)      Certificate in technology science laboratory

o)      Certificate in information technology


For more information contact Thika TTI through:

Address- P.O Box 91 Thika, Kenya.



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