Kiambu Institute Of Hotels And Catering In Kenya

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Kenya is a country in the world that still observes cultural practices and still practice it. It is a taboo in many cultural tribes for a man to cook. Due to emergence of tourism sector in Kenya, hotel and catering has been on demand and young Kenyans from different tribes in Kenya have decided to study in hotel and catering management related courses so as to earn a living because tourism in Kenya was the sector that earned the country a lot of revenues due many tourists visiting Kenya throughout the year.

The tourism sector led to many emergence of hotels in Kenya and these hotels required personnel. Therefore both men and women have nowadays enroll for tourism related courses and have left their cultural misconception. There are many institutions in Kenya that offer these tourism related courses and Kiambu institute of hotels and catering is one of those institutions.

This institution is located in Lower Kabete, Nairobi city and offers courses at certificate and diploma courses. The minimum admission requirement for certificate is KCSE mean grade of C- (minus) while that of diploma courses is C (plain) at KCSE.

Contacts of Kiambu institute of hotels and catering in Kenya.

If you are interest in any of the hotel related course, you can contacted the institution through the following address:

Kiambu institute of hotels and catering,

P.O. Box 23074, Nairobi, Kenya.

Telephone number: 020 582704.

Certificate courses offered 

  • Certificate in hospitality and tourism.

  • Certificate in hotel and catering management.

  • Certificate in hotel management.

  • Certificate in business management.

  • Certificate in business administration and management.

  • Certificate in hotel and catering.

  • Certificate in business information system.

  • Certificate in customer service.

  • Certificate in hotel and catering supervision.

  • Certificate in business administration.

Diploma courses offered 

  • Diploma in Hotel management.

Due to emergence of Alshabab group from Somalia that has been attacking Kenya, tourism sector has reported low number of tourists and these has rendered many youth who were working in big hotels in Kenya jobless.


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