How To Register With KASNEB And Pay For KASNEB CPA Exams In Kenya

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The Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Kenya is the most sought after qualification of all KASNEB exams in Kenya. This is not without reason as everyone needs some accounting knowledge in Kenya, especially business owners in Kenya. However, a good number of would be students of KASNEB in Kenya miss chances to register for KASNEB CPA exams in Kenya due to lack of understanding about the KASNEB exams registration process and dates in Kenya. The KASNEB CPA exam in Kenya is administered twice a year. The months KASNEB exams are done are May/June and November/December KASNEB exam cycles in Kenya.

To register for KASNEB exams to sit the May/June exams in Kenya, a student in Kenya needs to register for KASNEB exams by 30th November of the preceding year in Kenya. Late registration of KASNEB exams in Kenya is allowed up to one month after the deadline of the examination registration dates. In the case of May/June exams registration dates, the extended late registration is usually up to 30th December in Kenya. However, late registration of KASNEB examinations in Kenya attracts a 50% additional charge on the normal registration fee in Kenya.

Registration for the November/December KASNEB exams in Kenya should be done by 31st May of the same year in Kenya. Late registration of the November/December KASNEB exams in Kenya is allowed up to 30th June of every year, with an additional KASNEB exam fees charge of 50% for late registration in Kenya. The registration fees for CPA exams with KASNEB in Kenya and all other KASNEB exams in Kenya are Ksh 4,900 and Ksh 1,400 KASNEB annual registration renewal fee in Kenya. The KASNEB renewal fees in Kenya is paid from 1st July of every year, therefore, those who register as students in May have to pay advanced KASNEB renewal fees in Kenya.

After registering as a student of Kenya Accountancy and Secretaries National Examinations Board (KASNEB) in Kenya, one still has to enter for exams and pay for exams fees. Exam fees for KASNEB June exams in Kenya are payable by 15th March of every year. The KASNEB December exams are payable by 15th August of every year. KASNEB students in Kenya who just sat exams the previous cycle in Kenya are given special concession to register by 6th April of every year for the June KASNEB Exams, and 6th September for December KASNEB exams in Kenya. KASNEB Exam fees for the CPA exams in Kenya is Ksh 2,400 for each section of CPA part I, Ksh 3,000 for each section of CPA part II and Ksh 4,000 for each section of CPA part III in Kenya.

How to register for KASNEB exams in Kenya

When registering for KASNEB exams in Kenya, there are requisite KASNEB forms that need to be filled. Such KASNEB examination registration forms in Kenya can be obtained from any institution offering KASNEB courses in Kenya, Kenya National Library Services centers in Kenya, KASNEB offices at KASNEB Towers just off Hospital Road in Kenya or downloaded from the KASNEB website at The KASNEB Towers in Nairobi is in Upper Hill just near Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi. You board buses number 7c to Nairobi Community area from Kencom bus stage in Nairobi, to get to KASNEB offices in Nairobi.

Payment of KASNEB fees in Kenya can be done at the training institutions in Kenya or the stipulated KASNEB collection accounts in National Bank, Equity bank, Kenya Post Office Savings Bank and Co-operative bank branches all over Kenya. The forms for KASNEB examination registration and entry for CPA exams in Kenya together with the deposit slips are then left with the bank for delivery to KASNEB offices in Nairobi. This is the easiest mode of paying all your KASNEB fees in Kenya. More information on KASNEB exam fees, KASNEB examination dates, KASNEB eligibility, and mode of registration for KASNEB CPA examinations in Kenya and all other KASNEB exams can be found at the KASNEB website at .


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