How To Get To Strathmore University In Nairobi Madaraka Estate, Kenya

by Lotela Paul  - February 6, 2022

Educational levels in Kenya are on the rise especially post – secondary education. Many students after the completion of their fourth form in Kenya, consider joining institutions of high learning in Kenya- either colleges in Kenya or universities in Kenya. This has increased demand for the establishment of more universities in Kenya and colleges in Kenya. From this spirit, private universities in Kenya have been established , and they offer courses in Kenya practically and very innovatively. Common private universities in Kenya include Mt. Kenya University in Kenya, Daystar University in Kenya, Strathmore University in Nairobi and many more upcoming private universities.

Strathmore University in Kenya is a leading fully chartered Private University based in Nairobi. Strathmore University in Kenya has a main aim of providing quality education in Kenya in a Conducive atmosphere, with all forms of university research and teaching mechanisms being employed to develop social and ethics services in the society. Strathmore University in Kenya was started in 1961 as an advanced form six college in Kenya and offered only science and arts subjects then. Strathmore University in Kenya later developed to an accountancy college in Kenya in 1966 where students enrolled for CPA course in Kenya. The CPA course in Kenya was prepared then by the UK Association of Chattered Certified Accountants (ACCA). Strathmore University, however, became a full university in Kenya after the issuance of the Letter of the interim authority from the commission of higher education in Kenya in 2002. In 2002, Strathmore University in Kenya had only the Faculty of Commerce and Information Technology in Kenya, and later in 2007, Strathmore University in Nairobi was awarded with a University charter by Kenya commission for higher education.

Strathmore University in Nairobi therefore, operates as a normal university in Kenya with different administration positions, governance and establishment staff due to the charter and has lead to its fast development. Strathmore University in Kenya is sponsored by the Strathmore Educational Registered Trustees (SERT). Strathmore University in Kenya has partnered with various associations and institutions in Kenya which can promote their aims and objective and support them in all the steps of education provision. The Strathmore University partners include University of Navarra business school- for the provision of business educational materials in Kenya for Strathmore University business faculty, OECD which is a higher education programme and many more.

Strathmore University in Kenya is also part of various associations which help them in development of their education standards which include; Kenya Education Network Trust (KENET), Associations of African Universities (AAU), Kenya Association of Private Universities (KAPU) and The International Association of Universities (IAU).

Directions to Strathmore University Main Campus in Nairobi, Kenya

Strathmore University is based in Nairobi Madaraka Estate on a 40 acres land area. Madaraka Estate in Nairobi is situated along Ole Sangale Road in Nairobi. To get to Strathmore University from Nairobi city centre, you board a matatu on Route number 14 or 15 from the Nairobi railways bus station. There is matatus which operate in Madaraka Estate Route in Nairobi from Nairobi city centre to Strathmore University in Kenya. The matatu to Strathmore University usually charge Ksh 40 from Nairobi city centre. The matatu drop you off at the Madaraka Estate bus stop in Nairobi just opposite the Strathmore University main gate in Nairobi.

Driving to Strathmore University in Nairobi from the Nairobi city centre, you use Uhuru Highway straight towards Nyayo Sports Complex in Nairobi. You turn right to join the Lang’ata Road in Nairobi and drive for 500 metres from the Junction. On the Madaraka Roundabout in Nairobi, you take the exit to Ole Sangale Avenue and drive approximately 300 metres to Strathmore University in Madaraka Estate.

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