How To Check 2014 Form One Admission Details Online In Kenya

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Kenya, one of the countries in Africa, has embraced new technology and have incorporated this technology in several of their systems in all sectors of the country. The sectors which have evidently used the new technology in Kenya for their success include Kenya education sector. The KCSE and KCPE results in Kenya can be checked online by the candidates involved nowadys. The transportation sector in Kenya has also embraced new technology where there is use of automated traffic lights which control traffic in Kenyan towns.

Through technology use in education sector, the education standards in Kenya have been upgraded to ensure that the pupils in Kenya and students in Kenya can learn through ICT, where they get notes and reading materials online in Kenya. The advancement in technology has also enabled E-learning in Kenya where the students in Kenya study online, and the teacher just appear in class for any form of assistance.

The release of the 2013 KCPE results in Kenya on the 31st December 2013 by the Education Cabinet Secretary in Kenya, Jacob Kaimenyi, made pupils in Kenya who had sat for the examination have all sorts of thoughts on how they will better their future life. Most of the KCPE candidates in Kenya are optimistic to joining secondary schools in Kenya whereas others opt to join technical colleges in Kenya. Technical courses in Kenya offered in Technical Colleges include; Masonry skills in Kenya, Carpentry course in Kenya, Tailoring course in Kenya, driving skills in Kenya and more skills.

After the release of the KCPE results in Kenya, the ministry of education in Kenya recently launched the form one admission process in Kenya on January 14, 2014 to categorize the pupils in the various secondary schools slots available in Kenya. Only 77% of the pupils in Kenya who sat for the KCPE examination secured admission to secondary schools in Kenya out of the 844,475 KCPE candidates. The rest of the group of pupils in Kenya, who could not be admitted to any secondary school in Kenya, are encouraged to opt for the technical institutions admission in Kenya.

The secondary school selection in Kenya is in category of National Secondary Schools in Kenya, County Secondary Schools in Kenya to Sub-county Secondary schools in Kenya which have admission slots with increasing numbers from the national schools to the sub-county schools. The secondary school selection in Kenya is done on merit, equity and personal selection. The national secondary schools in Kenya first selected the KCPE candidates who qualified for their admission. The prioritized national secondary schools in Kenya during the selection included Starehe Boys School and Centre in Nairobi, Starehe Girls’ School and Centre in Nairobi, Moi forces Academy Lanet in Kenya and Utumishi Academy in Kenya.

The Secondary school selection process in Kenya was computerized to ensure that the process was open and fair to the students in Kenya. The Secondary School reporting dates in Kenya for the Form one students in Kenya to the secondary schools should begin on February 3, 2014 with the last reporting on March 20, 2014. The secondary schools in Kenya are allowed to replace the form one student slot in Kenya after the March 20, 2014.

How to Check Form One Admission details Online in Kenya

The results of the Form one admission process in Kenya could be checked online by parents and students in Kenya through the education website in Kenya. The education website is accessed through the URL  and typing the index numbers of the KCPE candidate to know which school they have secured a slot. Students in Kenya can also send text messages with their Index numbers to the SMS line 20042 to get the Form One admission secondary school details in Kenya.


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