How To Apply for Scholarships (2014-2015Academic Year) in Mount Kenya University (MKU).

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Mount Kenya University (MKU) is a private university in kenya and it is one of the universities that have been accredited to offer courses from certificate to doctor of philosophy level by commission of higher education. Its main campus (MKU) is located along Gen Kago road in Thika town.

This university (MKU) has grown so tremendously and now has established campuses in majority of towns in Kenya such as Eldoret, Nakuru, Kakamega, Kitale, Lodwar and many other towns. Mount Kenya university has commitment in promoting access of higher education to many Kenyans and to achieve this, it has established scholarship for the 2014-2015 academic year. These scholarships are categorized into two; scholarships and Student Discretionary Tuition Waiver.

Scholarship is meant for the first time applicants (those who want to join mount Kenya university for any programme) while Student Discretional Tuition Waiver is for those who have already enrolled for various courses in the university (MKU).

Those eligible for scholarship must have applied for programmes to join MKU, must have qualified for degree programmes applied, must have filled the scholarship application form and must be a person who finished Kenya certificate of secondary education (KCSE) examination in 2013. The applicants eligible for Student Discretional Tuition Waiver must be a student of MKU for more than two semesters, must complete the application form and must be a full time student of MKU programmes (diploma and certificate).

The criteria being used to awards scholarship by Mount Kenya University (MKU) is based on the following:

  • Academic competence of the applicant.
  • Gender balance for those applying.
  • Financial challenges of the applicants.
  • Regional balance of applicants in terms of counties in Kenya.
  • Talents exhibited by the applicants.
  • Recommendation of the applicants by recognized organization.

How to apply for scholarship in MKU.

Download application form from the university (MKU) website at Once downloaded, it should be filled and then send to registrar before 26th June, 2014. It should be addressed to:

The Registrar, Academic Affairs

Mount Kenya University

P.O. Box 342 – 01000, Thika, Kenya.


The applicant should make sure that they have indicated clearly whether it is ‘scholarship’ or ‘student discretionary tuition waiver on the top of envelop. For more information, you can check the MKU university site at


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