Diploma, Certificate And Short Courses Offered By Masinde Muliro University In Kenya

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Masinde Muliro University of science and technology in Kenya is one of the established public universities in Kenya that as strived to help the community by offering diploma, certificate, and short courses in various fields. These courses in Kenya are offered by the Masinde Muliro University institution under the School of Open Learning And Continuing education (SOLACE).

Diploma courses offered by Masinde Muliro University

The diploma courses offered by MMUST institution in Kenya are diploma in Disaster management, diploma in Ethics and corruption studies, diploma in Public relation and creative advertisement, diploma in Business management (various areas of specialization), diploma in Informational technology, diploma in Criminology and criminal justice, diploma in social work and community development, diploma in Adult and non-formal education, diploma in Sugar agronomy, diploma in Mechanical engineering, Civil and structural engineering, Electrical engineering and Agricultural engineering, diploma in computer technology & E-waste management, diploma in Project management, diploma in School management, diploma in Counselling psychology, diploma in Primary education, and Social development.

Certificate courses offered by Masinde Muliro University in Kenya

Masinde Muliro University in Kenya offer Certificate courses to students in Kenya, and these courses include; certificate in Disaster Management (various options), certificate in Ethics and Corruption studies (various options), certificate in Sugar Technology, certificate in Sugarcane Agronomy, certificate in Global education and Linkages, certificate in Criminology and Criminal Justice, certificate in social work and community development, certificate in Radio broadcasting, certificate in Business management, certificate in Informational technology, bridging certificates in Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology, certificate in Computer proficiency, certificate in Environment impact assessment and environmental audit, certificate in Adult and non-formal education, certificate in Environmental infrastructure and Engineering audit, and certificate in County Governance.

Short courses offered by Masinde Muliro University in Kenya

There are also various short courses in Kenya which are offered by Masinde Muliro University institution, and they include; certificate in team building and life skills training, certificate in Advance management, certificate in Innovation, certificate in Capacity building in ICT and pedagogy, certificate in Leadership and professional development, and certificate in Aerobics instruction, and certificate in Coaching education.

The university in Kenya which is located in Kakamega off Kisumu-Kakamega Road has a wide variety of courses to offer for interested people in Kenya. The Masinde Muliro information on intakes in a year can be retrived from their website www.mmust.ac.ke

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