Courses Offered In Technical University Of Kenya In Nairobi

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Technical University of Kenya, popularly known as Kenya Polytechnic College in Nairobi was established in 1961 as a place where majority of the Kenyans can learn useful skill in life. Through the life skills obtained from Technical University of Kenya, the graduates in Kenya can be able to employ themselves and later on create employment for other Kenyans. Kenya Polytechnic College in Kenya was elevated and rebranded in 2007 to Technical University of Kenya by an Act of Parliament in Kenya. With a mission of being the leading technical institution in Kenya and teaching institution in Kenya, Technical University of Kenya has expanded the facility and increased the student enrolment in Kenya per year. Technical University of Kenya provides more Kenyans with educational opportunities and bettering lives in the long run.

Courses offered in Technical University of Kenya 

There are various diploma courses in Kenya that vary widely being offered in Technical University of Kenya which include; Diploma of Accountancy in Kenya, Diploma in Actuarial Science in Kenya, Diploma in Analytical Chemistry in Kenya, Diploma of animation technology and special effects in Kenya, Diploma of applied biology in Kenya, Diploma of auto-electrical in Kenya, Diploma in applied statistics in Kenya, Diploma of archives and record management in Kenya, Diploma in art and design (graphic design option) in Kenya, Diploma in bakery and confectionary technology in Kenya, Diploma in business administration in Kenya, Diploma in biotechnology in Kenya, Diploma in building construction in Kenya, Diploma in cartography in Kenya, Diploma in catering and accommodation in Kenya, Diploma in chemical engineering in Kenya, Diploma in cooperative management in Kenya, Diploma in civil engineering in Kenya, Diploma in construction management in Kenya, Diploma in construction technology in Kenya, Diploma in electrical and electrical engineering in Kenya, Diploma in fashion construction in Kenya, Diploma in fashion design and modeling, Diploma in food and beverage management, Diploma in food technology, Diploma in geo- informatics (GIS), Diploma in graphic design and communication, Diploma in hair design and body adornment, Diploma in highway engineering, Diploma in housekeeping and front office.

Management courses offered in Technical University of Kenya include human resource management course in Kenya, international relations and diplomacy course in Kenya, journalism and public relations and marketing course in Kenya. Higher diploma courses offered in Technical University of Kenya include; Higher Diploma in business management in Kenya, Higher Diploma in molecular and biochemistry in Kenya and Higher Diploma in secretarial management in Kenya.

The Technical University of Kenya institution is also accredited to offer degree courses in Kenya which include; Degree in architecture in Kenya, Degree in management of built environment in real estate or urban design in Kenya, Degree in quantity surveying in Kenya, Degree in engineering in Kenya, Degree in building construction in Kenya, Degree in land policy and administration, Degree in fine arts, Degree in tourism and travelling management, Degree in hotel management, Degree in music, Degree in engineering and Degree in mechanical engineering in Kenya.

Location of Technical University of Kenya

Technical University of Kenya, which is formely the Kenya Polytechnic University College in Kenya, is located along Haile-selassie Avenue in Nairobi. Technical University of Kenya in Nairobi is located near the City Square Post Office in Nairobi, just opposite the Central Bank of Kenya. Prospective candidates can get the Technical University of Kenya application forms at the admission main office at a non-refundable fee of Ksh 2,000. The applicants of Technical University of Kenya can also download the application form at . The Technical University of Kenya administration office can be contacted through P.O Box 52428, Nairobi 00200 or the official telephone number on 020-22219690, landline number on 342425 or through fax at 020-22219689. Technical University of Kenya can also be contacted through the Technical University of Kenya official email address at . For more information visit Technical University of Kenya website at .


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