Courses offered in Kabarak University

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The University is located along the Nakuru, Eldama ravine highway which is 20 Kilometers North of Nukuru town. It has Christian basis and it is chartered Institution of higher Education, it offers its services in a holistic and Biblical perspective. The environment is conducive for learning.

School of Theology

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Theology.

  • Bachelor of Education in Mathematics and physics.

  • Bachelor of Education in Mathematics and chemistry.

  • Bachelor of Education in Mathematics and computer studies.

  • Bachelor of Education in Biology and Chemistry.

  • Bachelor of Education in Biology and Computer Sciences.

School of Engineering, Science and Technology

  • Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications.

  • Bachelor of Science in Environment.

  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

  • Diploma in Computer studies.

  • Diploma in Information Technology.

School of Business studies

  • Bachelor of Commerce with specialization in areas of Accounting, Human Resource and Finance.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Economic.

  • Bachelor of Science in Economy and Mathematics.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration and Management.

  • Bachelor of Business Information and Management.

New courses

  • Bachelor of Medicine in Surgery.

  • Master’s Degree in Christian leadership.

  • Master’s Degree in Education.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Chaplaincy.

  • Bachelor of law.

  • Bachelor in Leadership.

  • Bachelor of Education (arts).

  • Courses in Certified Public Accountants (CPA).

  • MBA Masters in Business Administration.

  • Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurship, Banking and money, logistics and supplies, Hospitality Administration and Management.



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