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In 1997, Makini College became operational as the tertiary education and training arm of Makini School. Since then it has been on the forefront of providing quality education and has won various accolades in the field of education. In 2000, the college was accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology. The following Diploma courses are offered at Makini College.

Diploma in Digital Marketing

Online marketing has had enormous success in recent years. Both physical and online businesses are embracing digital marketing to stay ahead of the competition. The Diploma in Digital Marketing course covers carious subjects such as affiliate marketing, online advertizing, search engine optimization, online PR and social media among others. Individuals who undertake the course will cover the following areas:

  • Digital Marketing essentials

  • Digital Marketing Planning

  • Marketing and Consumer behavior

Professional Diploma in Marketing

The Professional Diploma in Marketing is designed to enable individuals to acquire the needed skills and knowledge that will put them at the forefront in the marketing world. The course duration is one year. Individuals who want to pursue Professional Diploma in Marketing should have obtained a pass in CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing. Individuals who have obtained a degree with a focus on marketing and who have at least two years work experience are also eligible to undertake the course. The course will cover the following areas:

  • Marketing Planning Process

  • Delivering Customer value through marketing

  • Managing Marketing

  • Project Management Marketing

Diploma in Marketing Communication

Marketing and communication go hand in hand as it is through communication that marketing takes place. The Diploma in Marketing Communication course gives individuals the knowledge to identify and thoroughly understand the various communication methods essential to meeting business objectives. Individuals pursuing the course will cover the following areas:

  • Advertising

  • Direct Marketing and Sales Promotion

  • Integrated Media

  • Public Relations

  • Marketing and Consumer Behaviour

Diploma in CIPR

This is a part time post graduate course. It is designed to enable individuals to enhance their communication management skills and develop their PR planning strategy. Individuals who want to pursue Diploma in CIPR should have obtained the CIPR Advanced Certificate in Public Relations. Individuals who have obtained the CIPR Internal Communication Certificate and who have at least a five year work experience in a PR related field are also eligible to apply. Individuals with a post-graduate qualification in a related discipline and who have a minimum of five years in public relations can also apply. The course duration is nine months. Individuals pursuing the course will cover the following areas:

  • Corporate Responsibility and Stakeholder Theory

  • Issues and Crisis Management

  • PR Planning

  • PR as a Management Function

  • Reputation Management

  • Theoretical approaches

For more information, individuals can contact:

Makini College

Kaboke House along State House Avenue

P.O. Box 47437-00100

Nairobi, Kenya.


Telephone: 020 2322381, 2322409, 2224117

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