Courses Offered At Intraglobal Training Institute.

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Intraglobal training institute was formed in 1989 and grown in terms of academic and infrastructure since that time. This college (main branch) is located in Nairobi city along Moi Avenue in the third floor of Commonwealth House. This ensures that it is able to be accessed by many students because Moi Avenue is always busy.

This institution is accredited by ministry of education and commission of university education and therefore their courses are genuine and meet the demand of the job market. All courses offered by Intraglobal training institute are in artisan, certificate, diploma and higher diploma level so as to accommodate all Kenyans who want to access education. The courses in this college are offered under different department.

Intraglobal training institute can be contacted through:

P.O. Box 9469, Nairobi, Kenya.

Telephone number: 020 2494927 or 0734925462

Email address:


Business and Commerce.

They offer certificate, diploma and higher diploma in the following:

  • Human Resource Management.

  • Secretarial Management.

  • Entrepreneurship Development.

  • Library, Records and Information Management.

  • Business Administration.

  • Sales and Marketing Management.

  • Clearing and Forwarding.

  • Law and Legal Studies.

Accounting, Banking and Finance.

The courses being offered here include:

  • Certified public accountant (CPA) and public certified secretary (CPS).

  • ATC and CCP.

  • Diploma in Accountancy.

  • Diploma in Banking and Finance.

Hotel and Tourism.

They offer certificate, diploma and higher diploma in the following:

  • Hotel and Catering Management.

  • Food and Beverage.

  • Pastry and Bakery.

  • Customer care management.

  • Hospitality Management.

  • Tourism Management and Tour Guide.

  • Air Travel.

  • Telephone and Receptionist.

Engineering and Technical.

They offer artisan, certificate, diploma and higher diploma in the following:

  • Electrical Engineering.

  • Electronic Engineering.

  • Computer Engineering.

  • Automotive Engineering.

  • Telecommunication.

  • Refrigeration Engineering.

Languages and Tests.

This college gives people an opportunity to study different foreign languages. The language courses offered include:

  • Germany.

  • French.

  • Chinese.

  • Spanish.

  • Italian.

  • Japanese.

  • Kiswahili.

  • English.

There are international recognized tests which are also offered and they include:


  • GMAT.

  • SAT.

  • GRE.


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