Course Offered At Leaders Institute Of Business Studies In Kenya

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Leaders institute of business studies in Kenya is an institution that trains Kenyans interested in business courses. It is a registered college in Kenya and also administers examinations that are governed by recognized examination bodies in Kenya such as KASNEB and KNEC.

This institution is located in Nairobi, the third floor of Braidwood House. The courses offered by Leaders institute of business studies are from certificate level to advance diploma level.

Certificate courses offered 

  • Certificate in management skills.

  • Certificate in sales and marketing.

  • Certificate in front office management.

  • Certificate in accounting.

  • Certificate in business management.

  • Certificate in purchasing and supply management.

  • Certificate in marketing.

  • Certificate in human resource management.

  • Certificate in business administration.

Diploma courses Offered

  • Diploma in sales and marketing.

  • Diploma in human resource management.

  • Diploma in accounting.

  • Diploma in business management.

  • Diploma in management.

  • Diploma in purchasing and supplies management.

  • Diploma in front office management.

  • Diploma in business administration.

  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

  • Kenya accounting and technician certificate (KATC) level I & II

  • Certified Public Secretary (CPS).

Advance diploma courses offered 

  • Advance diploma in business administration.

  • Advance diploma in human resource management.

  • Advance diploma in business management.

  • Higher diploma in security and disaster management.

Contacts of Leaders institute of business studies.

They can be contacted through:

Leaders institute of business studies,

P.O. Box 73076 – 00200, Nairobi, Kenya

Telephone number: 020 251604


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