Certificate and Diploma Courses Offered at Kitale Technical Training Institute

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Kitale Technical Training Institute (KTTI) is located 1 kilometer from the heart of Kitale town along the famous Kipsongo highway. It was founded in early 1980s by the government of Kenya with the help of Swedish government under SIDA as one the technical schools in western Kenya.

The institute includes both borders and day scholars with a population of approximately 2000 students. Kitale institute have well trained staff that deliver their services to students. This staffs are employed by the Teachers service Commission (TSC) while and Board of Governors. Various courses both certificate and diploma programs are offered at different departments that include Electrical and Electronics, Building and Civil Engineering, Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology, and Applied Sciences.

Certificate Courses offered at KTTI

a)     Information Technology

b)    Computer packages

c)     Sales and Marketing

d)    Social work and Community development

e)     Mechanical Theory

f)      Store keeping

g)     Arch Cad

h)    Book keeping and accounts

i)       Motor vehicle systems


Diploma Courses offered at KTTI

a)     Analytical Chemistry

b)    Architecture

c)     Automotive Engineering

d)    Building Technology

e)     Agricultural Mechanics

f)      Accountancy

g)     Applied Biology

h)    Business administration

i)       Computer Science

j)       Civil Engineering

k)    CPA part 1

l)       Environmental Studies

m)  Instrumentation and Control

n)    Information communication Technology

o)    Food and Beverage Management

p)    General Agriculture

q)    KATC

r)      Quality Surveying

s)     Mechanical Engineering

t)      Electrical Engineering

u)    Construction Engineering

v)    Supplies Management

w)  Secretarial studies


Kitale Technical Training Institute also offers craft courses in the following fields;

a)     Wedding Fabrication

b)    Social lab. Technology

c)     Social work and Community development

d)    Road Construction

e)     Food processing Technology

f)      General Agriculture

g)     Carpentry and joinery

h)    Agricultural Automotive Engineering

i)       Electrical installation

j)       Library studies


For more information visit www.kitaletech.ac.ke or contact through:

Tel: 0202380086

Address: P.O Box 2162 Kitale.






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