How To Access Orange Services Along Thika Road In Nairobi

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Orange Kenya is a communication service in Kenya that has been in the market for a while. Orange Kenya has a main aim getting the country connected. However, when you are in interior places away from major towns in Kenya, you are not likely to get Orange services in Kenya easily accessible. The main Orange shops are in Nairobi town, along Haile Selassie Avenue, near Co-operative Bank headquarters in Nairobi-Orange House in Nairobi city. The other Orange shop in Nairobi is behind GPO on Telkom House in Nairobi. Telkom House Orange shop and Orange House Orange shop in Nairobi are the headquarters of Orange where you find all the services  and customer care in Kenya you need. The customer care service in Orange is excellent with people who are willing to assist you in any way.

How about a person who is so far from Nairobi town? Well, today am along Thika Road in Nairobi, and I need assistance from Orange Kenya. But going all the way to Nairobi town is just too much hustle. So, I get on Facebook, and I search for Orange Kenya official facebook page. I write on their wall enquiring about their Orange services along Thika Road especially in Kasarani, Githurai and Roy-Sambu areas in Nairobi. Just as I wait for an answer, I happen to come across a post of a client which dates back to February 2013. He had enquired about the same, the location of orange shops in Kasarani in Nairobi, and the answer was, he can only get the Orange services from Nairobi town. A heart-broken me get off the site and goes on with my usual work.

A few minutes later however, I get a reply from Orange Kenya on Facebook, they have an Orange MobiCom outlet along Kasarani-Mwiki Road, just next to Monaco Restaurant in Nairobi. Well, doing my maths, 9 months after February, Orange Company in Kenya has made it to avail Orange services to this area. It is a small start, but we Kenyans aren’t complaining! The Orange Company in Kenya is growing rapidly and soon it might be the next big thing, availing all their Orange Customer Care services in every town and centre in Kenya! Orange Kenya has services such as local calls, bundles for surfing, and international access through calls, SMS and MMS usage, mobile banking on Orange Money among many others.

Therefore, the next time you want any Orange service when in this area or near Thika Road in Nairobi, you now know you don’t have to go all the way to Nairobi town! The Orange services provided in orange shops and MobiComs in Kenya include customer service, registration of SIM cards, unblocking of blocked lines, sale of Orange gadgets such as modems, Orange Money services and enquiries, general enquiries and any other service needed by clients of Orange in Kenya. The Orange customer care in Kenya is up to standard, are friendly and assistive.

Orange Kenya is getting you connected countrywide!



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