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Where To Get Agricultural Products In Kenya

Agro vets are one of the best places that one can seek to buy products that deal with farm animals. It is therefore important that agro vets be stocked with a lot of agricultural products to make it easy and convenient for the Kenyan farmer to obtain money and find ways of seeking help when they discover problems with their animals or crops. Some of the products most demanded in agro vets include the following.

Irrigation Pumps

Farmers may ask for the best pumps to help them in watering their crops. One of the best places to obtain such pumps is by taking a visit to variou  Continue reading ...

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Corporate Procurement Guidelines In Kenya

Procurement is the acquisition of goods, services or works from an external source. Based on our basic philosophy that good electronics begin with good components and good components begin with good materials, we at Murata will strengthen collaboration with our partners from the view point of ethical, legal compliance, prioritizing quality and delivery due date, environmental conservation.


ü  Provide general and specific guidelines for managing the buying of items and services.

ü  Establishing a purchasing criteria an  Continue reading ...

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The Most Corrupt Departments/Organisations in Kenya

The Police

The field is considered to be the most corrupt as seen by the rising number of bribe cases that exploit innocent people. The Kenya police is more corrupt especially in the traffic department. Many buses end up giving huge amounts of money to the police so that they can operate and most of them carry out illegal activities. It is therefore important that ways be invented on how the practice can be stopped for the sake of avoiding the exploitation of innocent Kenyans.

The Education Department

It is one of the departments that have increasing cases of cor  Continue reading ...

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Irrigation Farming in Kenya

Mwea Tabere Irrigation Scheme

It is located in Mwea and the best in the country. The irrigation schemes popularly known for the production of rice and is loved by many Kenyans in the outcome. It has since grown by the way in which technology is continually replacing the old ways of providing water to crops. Mwea is playing very important roles in the agricultural development of the country and is since growing to be the best in the east Africa market. It has provided a lot of employment opportunities for Kenyans and continues to accommodate new crop varieties.

Ahero Irrig  Continue reading ...

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Best Tea Factories in Kericho, Kenya


It is located on the right along Bomet-Kericho road. It is one hundred meters before Premier center and a kilometer after Ngoina road in Rift Valley province Kenya. It produces a high quality tea leaves of grade one. It has branded its tea leaves CHAMJI. It has a high power mechanism that operates within the residential of its workers and within the factory itself. It has more than 5000 workers. It also has efficient transport due to tracks and pick-up availability. It also has clean water for the visitors that come to see how the factory operat  Continue reading ...

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Tea Production Areas in Kenya


Farming of tea in Kenya has been proven to be one of the greatest sources of income for Kenyan farmers. The production of tea at both small and large scale is important in a number of ways that can be considered to be of great help in expanding the economic growth of the country. The following are the major tea production areas in Kenya.


The area is one of the largest tea farming regions in the country and has several factories that are carrying out tea manufacturing activities. The place has the cool and wet climate that favours the huge growth and   Continue reading ...

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Problems Facing Tea Farmers in Kenya

Farming in Kenya has been affected by a lot of challenges and the problems continue to flood the Kenyan farmers in many counties. It has come to the realization that most tea farmers in Kenya encounter the following major problems in the production of quality tea.

Pests and Diseases

Some seasons in the year make the prevalence of diseases to be more popular and make the Kenyan farmers to suffer huge loses. The crops continually gets attacks from pests and makes the farmer go huge waste as they attack some parts of whole of the crop making it hard to survive and thrive well  Continue reading ...

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Essentials of a valid Contact in Kenya

Many people have entered into contacts with other parties and have continually failed due to several reasons. The major fact attributed to the failure of their contacts is not considering the essentials offered by a valid contract that includes the following.


A good contact should have an offer that must be definite. The offer should also be expressed and must be communicated to both parties. It must either be specific or general depending on the condition offered by it.


It implies that a certain person i  Continue reading ...

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The Best suppliers in Hybrid Seeds in Kenya

Agriculture in Kenya has been lately developing in all the areas especially rural areas due to many modes of farming and farm tools that are been introduced by the agricultural experts. This tools and technologies ensure that the farmers can be able to develop their farms and produce the best quality of products. This will ensure that they maintain food security in their areas as well as attract some income since high quality agricultural products make people to buy them in a higher price as compared to the low standards products.

Farming is therefore a commitment that the farmers s  Continue reading ...

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Where to buy Farm Equipment, Tools and Inputs: Best Agrovets in Kenya

Farming is one the sectors in Kenya which has most of the benefits when practiced carefully and using standards tools and inputs. Farming ensure that the country has enough food for sale and consumption when agriculture has been put in to considerations by the people and especially the government. The government when providing the farmers with manure and other inputs ensure that the farms will produce enough and high standards output which will benefit the nation as a whole.

From this therefore, the nation and entrepreneurs have invested in agriculture and set up shops to ensure tha  Continue reading ...