9 years ago

How To Avoid Traffic Snarl Ups In Nairobi, Kenya

The horrendous traffic situation in the city of Nairobi has been thorn in the skin for most Nairobi residents for quite a while. Most people in Nairobi estates are forced to leave their house as early as 5 a.m. so as to get to their offices in different parts of Nairobi on time. Avoiding the traffic madness in the streets of Nairobi, especially during rainy mornings, is quite a big piece to chew. It is estimated that Kenya loses approximately 37 billion shillings annually in terms of man-power, pollution and fuel attributed to traffic snarl-ups in Nairobi.

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9 years ago

Buses Plying Umoja Route In Nairobi Kenya

The public service industry in Nairobi has been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons from the rampant cases of carjacking to the facing out of 14 seater matatus causing uproar in the city of Kenya. Most 14 seaters were confined to the Muthurwa area in Nairobi while a few were left to linger in town and pick those who opted to ride in them.

The Jogoo road route in Kenya has been home to the carjacking saga. A few weeks ago it was alleged that the City Hoppa operators in Nairobi were working in a cohort with the hijackers. The Inspector General  Continue reading ...