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Undergraduate Programmes Offered At Jodan College In Kenya

Since independence, Kenya has been trying to root out illiteracy. There have been a number of colleges and universities that have been established to cater to the growing demand of education. Jodan College is one such institution. The institution focuses on ensuring its students excel beyond their expectations and transform into individuals who can come up with ideas that can change the world. Jodan College is open to both the East African community and the international community. The college offers various degree courses such as:

Bachelor of Education (Arts)

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ECampus programmes Offered At Maseno University

Programmes at the eCampus are primarily offered through eLearning.Students access their course material,course activities and continuous assessment tests online.However the students are required to sit end-of-semester examinations at designated centres in Nairobi,Mombasa,Kisumu and Eldoret.The introduction of ecampus programmes in Maseno University has easened the learning of those students that study at the same working and also distant learners since they do not need to be physically available in the lecture rooms but only learn through the internet wherever they are and at any time of th  Continue reading ...

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Various Course Offered At Machakos University College

Education in Kenya have taken another level in terms of its growth and technological embracement and usage in the content delivery. This has seen many people opt for education and especially higher education. Many have got the interest to join higher education learning institutions to mostly acquire the vocational skills that they offer and thereby increasing the demand of education. For the meeting of this high educational demand, a lot of institutions have been established to accommodate and offer education to the students and overall people interested in it.

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Contribution Of Jomo Kenyatta University Of Agriculture And Technology To The Society

Jkuat university as many would call it is one of the best universities one can obtain higher education around east Africa today with most research work ranking the university among the best ten in the region. The university’s main campus is located just over 45km from the capital city Nairobi along Thika super highway in the small town of Juja. Other than just producing the best professionals in the field of agriculture, technology,information technology and business the university staff and students have earned accolades both locally and internationally for their innovation in trying  Continue reading ...

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Courses Offered At Narok University College

Narok university is a private university in kenya and  invites qualified candidates to pursue Certificate, Diploma and Degree programs. The Diploma and Certificate programs commence in the month of May and Degree programs commence in the month of September. The University is a constituent of Moi University.

School of Science

  • Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), the applicant must have a minimum of C+ in KCSE and at least C+ in Mathematics, physics or physical sciences, the mode of study is full time.

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Contributions Of Strikes in Universities

Strikes have become very frequent in learning institutions over the past few years making it give parents hard times in trying to take their children to campuses that have less record of strikes the best public being Jomokenyatta.However experts have attributed the following to be the major reasons that prompt higher education students to strike.

Price Increase

Raising prices is another way of making university students to give up ith their education and look for the possible ways of catering for their basic needs and essentials.Raising prices makes it hard for the student  Continue reading ...

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List Of Secondary Schools In West Pokot County.

Boys secondary schools in West Pokot County.

  • Chewoyet high school – it is a boarding school.

  • Kapenguria boys high school – boarding.

  • Kamito boys’ secondary school – boarding.

  • Chepkorniswo boys’ secondary school – boarding.

  • Karenger boys’ secondary school – boarding.

  • Sook boys secondary school – boarding.

  • St. Comboni Amakuriat secondary school – boarding.

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Courses Offered At Nakuru College Of Health Sciences In Kenya.

Nakuru is one of the growing towns in Kenya and due to its big population, many people engage in businesses to earn a living. Where there is a group of people, there need to be an improved health status of such group and that is why Nakuru College of health sciences decided to specialize in health courses. Since Nakuru is and agricultural town in Kenya there was also needed for the same college to integrate business courses alongside the medical courses offered.

Higher diploma courses offered

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How To Become The Best Freelance Writer in Kenya

Freelance writing is attracting the interest of many young Kenyans that are simply wishing to find part time jobs and earn money while working online. Anyone wishing to make money from the job must adhere to some basic conditions that are essential in propelling them forward in order to achieve some important things in life. The following tips will help many Kenyan freelancers find jobs and maintain quality work.

Freelance writing requires one to have the basic tools that can help that access the internet at a more regular basis. It is good if one uses their computers and reliable i  Continue reading ...

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Courses Offered And Entry Requirements At Kabianga University College

The college is located in the famous and lashes Tea growing Highlands of Kericho District, this is in the Southern end of Rift Valley province of Kenya, it is about 26 kilometers from Kericho town and 6 Kilometers off Kericho- Kisii road. The college is a constituent of Moi University, the vision of the college is Naturing Innovation and Talent. The Kabianga history date back in the 1950’s it has been a training complex including Kabianga Primary School andn Kabianga Secondary School, it has been a training center for excellence for farmers. The current Kericho teachers training colle  Continue reading ...