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How To Start And Operate A Bar In Kenya Sucessfully

The vision in your mind in starting a Bar should be celebrations, laughter, friends and entertainment and generally fun. You should imagine rooms full of friendly talk, people having fun and music. Some bars give a big detail to games so if you want people to be watching games in your bar then think of purchasing big screens and perfect sounds installed. Everything comes with benefits and challenges, a bar will mean working for long hours, working during vacations and weekends and dealing with drunkards. If you are ready to meet the challenges then you are better placed in this kind of busi  Continue reading ...

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Location and Contacts of Wholesale Stores In Nairobi, Kenya

Wholesale businesses in kenya come from small scale retailers or distributer who has already built up customer base. The wholesaler should be sure of the storage facility because different goods need the appropriate storage conditions. Wholesale store will operate well where the land is available to construct one or the housing rent is low at the area of operation, the business needs spacious rooms. Upon opening the business and making customer base, the business will be great and give you good money in return. Whole sale business will need several workers like sore keepers, workers for car  Continue reading ...

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Most Popular Open Markets In Kenya

Open markets are market stores that are located outside a building in a marked area where business men are required to bid for the stalls which are owned by the county government. Open markets are the main Centre’s of business in the city due to their preference by several groups of people in the society mostly the middle class and the poor which comprise of more than two thirds of Kenya’s population and although business in this markets has of late been threatened by terror attacks witnessed in two of the markets Gikomba and Garissa Lodge Nairobi open markets remain the heart o  Continue reading ...

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Jubilant Kenya Limited

The company is powerd by the ndovu cash community in kenya.It was formed for the purpose of introducing the student entreprenuership empowerment programs that could play great roles in helping students get skills of carrying out business.The company operates by following a certain procedure and the following list provides the best options as to how the process is carriedd out.

Firstly,an individual gets two friends and ends up registering a group with them on the mobile based on the virtual platform that is ofetn given during the careers fair.

Save about 100kenya shillings e  Continue reading ...

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Uses Of National Income Statistics In Kenya

In kenya,the national income statistics is charged with the following responsibilities of ensuring that the income benerated by the public is put to good use and that it will not have a negative impact on the lives of kenyans.Therefore from the above,the following are some of the major uses of the natinal income statistics in the country.

Economic Planning

It helps the government in conomic planning by simply outlining the more productive areas as well as showing the ones that perormed the worst.The body helps to manage this by showing the major trends in consumption of th  Continue reading ...

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Principles Governing Cooperative Societies In Kenya

Cooperative societies in the country are rapidly growing to cater for the many number of customers joining them. Members belonging to any cooperative society in Kenya must observe the following principles that govern cooperative societies in the country.

Membership is open and voluntary

The firms are voluntary organizations that allow a person to join them and can be willing to be of great support in propelling the organization forward and ensuring that it achieves its set of objectives. No one is forced to join any cooperative in Kenya.

Democratic control by memb  Continue reading ...

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Services Available At Nakumatt Lifestyle Kenya

Nakumatt lifestyle mall is one of the biggest malls within the Nairobi County in Kenya. It is situated within the heart and soul of the Nairobi city, the capital city of Kenya, and is located along Monrovia Street.The various services being offered in nakumatt lifestyle include;


This mainly features nakumatt supermarket where it offers a wide variety of common goods and services found all over the country hence a must go shopping area. It was established in 1987 and has been rapidly expanding ever since, thus now offers a wide variety of goods  Continue reading ...

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How Online Marketing Is Putting Down Other Marketing Tools In Kenya

Online marketing is rapidly growing in the Kenyan Market with most companies and entities using internet to get their business known and creating awareness to the consumers. Most companies are using the web and email. Kenyan consumers find it convenient to use internet search engine by simply using their internet connected gadgets. Online Marketing companies in Kenya have grown from 8678 last year (2013) to 10034 this year (2014).

Apart from the marketing companies which market other entities through advertisement of jobs or their goods and services, each of the Kenyan company, enti  Continue reading ...

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Crown Paints Kenya Ltd, The Kenya leading Paint Products Manufacturer

Most of the Kenyans have seen the importance and the benefits of investing in the real estate sector. This sector thus involves a lot of building of structures in form of all types and designs of houses which require many equipment through their completion. The major equipment and tools required may include cement, stones, sand, bricks or blocks, iron sheets, pillars, paints and much more tools.

This therefore require the investor or the person trying to build their houses be ready for the provision of all these tools and requirements. The most of the important part in the building   Continue reading ...

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For one to register a company in Kenya, one need to first write a letter to the registrar to reserve his or her desired name which may be accepted or rejected on the basis of either a similarly named business or offending the rules on name reservation. This may takes two to three days. If it is accepted the registrar will reserve the name for 30 days. Secondly, there is preparation of Memorandum and Article of Association and Statement of Nominal Capital. These documents are prepared by the advocate describing the objectives, rules, subscribers and authorized share capital   Continue reading ...