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9 years ago

The Craze With Magilim: The Newest Weight Loss Solution In Kenya

Magilim is the latest answer to our prayers for weight loss in Kenya. Magilim is the celebration of all overweight Kenyans who have had access to it. There are testimonies of many Kenyans who have lost up to 8 Kgs within a month of using Magilim product. It comes packed in 500g capsules. It is recommended that one takes two capsules one hour before each meal with 250mls of water.

What are the contents of Magilim? Magilim contains Konjac glucomannan, which is extracted from the Konjac plant.  When ingested, it turns into a gel like substance with the capability to expand to almo  Continue reading ...

9 years ago

Where To Shop For Colognes In Nairobi

I had been doing rounds in the streets of Nairobi in Kenya all day. From Ngara to Gikomba looking for that linen white top that I had wanted to buy for close to a month now. Being a day in January, the sun seemed to have dropped a few degrees down. I then walked along to Mfangano Street in the citybwhere I was to grab a movie from those movie vendors. The movie shop was packed to capacity as usual, and so I stood outside waiting for my turn to be served. A guy came up behind me, tapped my shoulder and said, “Ma’am you smell very good. What cologne are you wearing?”

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