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7 years ago

Services Available at Aga Khan Hospital Kisumu


Aga Khan Hospital in Kisumu is of the branches of Aga Khan Hospitals in Kenya. This hospital was founded in the year 1952. The hospital provides good medical services and was awarded the Iso 9001:2000 certificate for providing clinical, administrative, diagnostic and support services that conform to the ISO standards. The hospital later upgraded the ISO standards and attained the ISO 9001:2008.

Aga Khan Hospital Kisumu is one of the referral hospitals that serve many hospitals around the western Kenya. It has greatly expanded and has opened various sa  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Services offered by the Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital in Kenya

Health is important to any individual in the society and who are able to take care of their bodies. Most people therefore visit most health centres for their body screening and treatment of the diseases diagnosed. This have therefore ensured that many hospitals and health centres have been established to offer these services to the people.

Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital is one of the best hospitals which offer not only eye services as the name suggests but also other health services to the society. Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital is located in the uptown estate of Loresho in Nairobi. T  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

The best centres offering drug rehabilitation services in Kenya

The modern society has undergone revolutions in many areas and modes of life. This has therefore endangered the society with many harmful and unlawful deeds in the society. For instance, the major dangers which the revolution has caused include the introduction of drugs which are illegal. The people in the society has can now easily access and acquire drugs for their use an abuse. For this reason, many of especially the youth has now began to largely abuse the drugs easily acquired.

This has therefore increased the number of people which need rehabilitation for their survival and br  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Where best to get Gymnasium services for body fitness in Kenya: Samto Fitness Center

Health and fitness is one of the most essential part that all people want to be in their lives. Good health and fitness is a show of how best people take care of their bodies through healthy feeding habits and body exercise. This therefore makes people seek for health and fitness centers for healthy bodies. Most of them prefer body building strategies that will ensure that their bodies are physically fit.

Most people through the knowledge of that has ensured that they establish and setup centres to provide the services required by these people for their fitness. The services they mo  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Services Provided by Kapedo Sub-county Hospital in Kenya.

Kapedo was initially known as Kapedo sub-district hospital Kenya adopted system of county devolution. This hospital is located in a trading centre called Kapedo in Turkana East (Turkana County) and serves a population of around three thousand people from Kapedo and the surrounding. Although majority of people who access the services are form Kapedo (turkana), neighbouring community (pokot) alsoattend the hospital for medical services.

Despite the fact that Kapedo hospital is at sub-county level, it is still headed by a clinical officer with assistance from nurses. The hospital has a  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Services Offered at Mukumu Mission Hospital.


Mukumu mission hospital is a private hospital that is owned by Catholic Church (diocese of Kakamega). It is a famous hospital in western region of Kenya because it admits patients and offers other services to clients that attend this mission hospital. It has a bed capacity of 240 beds and it is estimated to admit a total of six thousand patients on in patient basis and fourteen patients on out patient department annually.

This hospital is surrounded by Isukha and Idakho community and they are the majority of the people who attend the hospital for vari  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

A New Chemotherapy Centre Opened in Kenya.


Cancer has being a killer disease in recent time because of the lives of people it has claimed. In Kenya, there are many people who are suffering from cancer and because they cannot afford treatment, majority die while others are managed with palliative care in the hospital setup while others are taken hospices for continue management of relieving pain.

The treatment of cancer has become a challenge to the government of Kenya because the government cannot be able to purchase the machines required for cancer treatment. The drugs used to treatment cance  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

jaramogi ogingaodinga teaching and referral hospital location, contacts and services offered.


Commonly to many as RasiaHospital,JaramogiOgigaOdinga Teaching and referral Hospital (JOOTRH) is one of the oldest largest hospitals in Kenya. The hospital was founded by the colonial government in early 1900s when Kisumu was by then was known as an inland port. The hospital was fully expanded in the late 1960s to a district hospital serving a great number of people from western Kenya.

JaramogiOgingaOdinga Teaching and Referral Hospital is located in Kisumu city between Kondele and Kibuye along Kisumu- Kakemga highway.Currently this hospital serves mo  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

How You Can Prevent Yourself From Hypertension: How Kenyans Can Live Hypertensive Life Free.

Hypertension is one of the common diseases in adults and it is mostly associated with people above 50 years of age. Most of the old people attending hospital in Kenya have high blood pressure yet they do not know. It is after taking the measurement that the disease is detected.

Hypertension can lead to rupture of small blood vessels, hence eye, renal and heart complications, ascitis, liver failure and so on. It can also lead to coronary heart disease, heart failure, kidney failure, and stroke.

The causes of hypertension are not very clear, but there are some predisposing fac  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Lions eye hospital: The sight first eye hospital

Lion’s sight first hospital is located in a quiet place in a Nairobi uptown estate called Loresho, the hospital started in the year 2005 as a training center for eye specialists. The institution has managed to produce several surgeons in small incision cataract surgery. Lions sight first eye hospital offers several treatment to the following eye complications; cataract, refractive errors, glaucoma, squint, uveitis, squint, computer vision syndrome, ptosis, pediatric ophthalmology, amblyopia, neuro ophthalmology, orbit, oculoplasty, diabetic retinopathy and low vision.

The cata  Continue reading ...