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6 years ago

Why you should visit Kenya

Kenya offers many reasons as to why a foreigner should visit. There are a couple of things that promote and encourage people to visit kenya,and this include:


The cultures of different tribes in Kenya are unique in their own way. Like the Maasai and Samburu kept livestock which was believed that the more cattle one had the wealthier and respected one was in the society.The Kikuyus practiced farming for different crops as maize, beans, millets and sorghum.The Akamba practiced long distance trading and much more for the other tribes with their cultures.

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6 years ago

Where to get low cost airline travel locally in Kenya: FLY540

Where to get low cost airline travel locally in Kenya: FLY540

Traveling in Kenya is one of the most essential services in Kenya that most people access from different parts. Traveling range from road transport in form of vehicles, trains or any auto mobile using the roads, water transport where there is the use of boats and motorboats as well as air transport which involve the use of airplanes. Air transport is most used by people who have urgent business as it is the fastest form of transport.

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6 years ago

Contacts Of Kenya Airport Authority Offices

Kenya Airport Authority (KAA) Offices in Nairobi are located in Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Premises on Airport South Road in Nairobi. 


The Kenya Airport Authority postal address is P.O. Box 19001-00501, Nairobi.

The email address of Kenya Airport Authority Offices is

The telephone contacts of Kenya Airport Authority Offices in Kenya are (020)6611000 and 0722205061. 

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6 years ago

Top Massage Parlors In Nairobi

A massage is a service given to relax muscles or relieve from aches. There are various places where one can access massage services in Nairobi, though there are those places known for the best treats. You can access the massage treatments from these Nairobi joints:

1. Rejuvenate Day Spa in Third Ngong Avenue in Nairobi

Offers Massage services such as Swedish massage, Aromatherapy, Deep tissue massage and Indian head massage in Nairobi. You can contact the Day Spa in Nairobi via Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Airport Telephone Contacts In Kenya

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi ... 6611000

Wilson Airport in Kenya ................................... 6003260

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6 years ago

Newly Enforced KWS National Park Charges In Kenya

Kenya tourism sector has undergone changes recently in January 2014, following the introduction of the 16% VAT on tourism services which marked increase in conservation fees. This led to increased park rates including:

Entry Fee to National Parks in Kenya

The entry charges at Amboseli National Park in Kenya and Nakuru National Park in Kenya are USD 90 per person per night and USD 55 per child per night. The entry charges to Meru National Park in Kenya and Kora National park in Kenya are USD 75 per person per night and USD 40 per child per night. The entry charges to Nairob  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Malindi Marine Park And Reserve In Kenya: A Tourist Attraction In Coast Kenya

Kenya is a country in Africa that is well known as a tourist destination for obvious reasons- such as Kenya`s immense diversity in both flora and marine creations. There are various reserves in Kenya that ensure that diverse creatures are well protected. One such reserve in Kenya is the Malindi Marine Park and Reserve in Coast of Kenya. The word beauty falls short of describing this splendid Malindi Marine Park and Reserve in Kenya. Malindi Marine Park and Reserve in Malindi town in Kenya is home to coral gardens, mangroves and sea grass bed  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Entry Charges To Nyahururu Thomsons Falls In Nyahururu Town, Kenya

Thomsons falls in Kenya is a tourist attraction site found in Nyahururu town in Kenya. Nyahururu town is approximately 240 km from Nairobi city of Kenya. Nyahururu Town in Kenya is found in Laikipia County in Kenya. Nyahururu is the highest town in Kenya at about 2360 m above sea level and it is near the Equator. Thomsons Falls in Nyahururu town is located on Nyahururu-Nyeri High way, just 2km from Nyahururu Town in Kenya. To get to Nyahururu Thomsons falls in Nyahururu from Nyahururu town, you can walk a distance of about 1km or you can board a taxi to the falls in Nyahururu that are   Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Location Of Gedi Ruins In Malindi And The Entry Charges To The Gedi Ruins In Kenya

Imagine going to a town in Kenya where everything is there; all architectural structural configurations and expectations of a town are there- a place to worship, large stone houses, a trading place, a magnificent palace. The houses have complex designs and they face each other at ninety degree angles. The anticipation is that there would be vibrant people living in such a well thought place but not so for Gedi town in Kenya. Gedi town in Kenya is located deep within the great Arabuko sokoke forest in Kenya and is famously known as the Gedi ruins in Kenya. Gedi   Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Accommodation Available At The Lake Naivasha Panorama Hotel In Naivasha Town, Kenya

The Lake Naivasha Panorama Park in Kenya had been under construction for close to three years when it finally opened its doors to the public in 2007. There was a need to increase accommodation in The Lake Naivasha Panorama Park for the tourists in Kenya who came to visit the nearby Lake Naivasha as well as other tourist attractions sites within Naivasha town in Kenya.

The Lake Naivasha Panorama Hotel  in Naivasha town part of Kenya offers modern sophistication embedded in the deep and rich Kenyan tradition. The Lake Naivasha Pan  Continue reading ...