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Role Of The National Council Of Churches In Kenya

The church in Kenya is helping a lot of people to live the kind of life that is expected of them. It has been noticed that the church is stepping up measures and helping the society in the following major ways that continually propel the society to greater levels in life.


It is of no doubt that the church is the main centre of counseling in the country. Many people having difficulties in life continually rush to the church to seek help and get saved from a particular issue that is constantly affecting them. It is encouraged for one to join others in going for co  Continue reading ...

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Various Products And Services Offered By Rivatex East Africa LTD Kenya

In Kenya, there are several agricultural areas which produce cotton as their cash crop. The cotton wool would be used for various uses and mostly in industries. Kenya as it has farmers who produce cotton wool in large scale have been able to establish and develop textile manufacturing industries. Textile manufacturing industries have been able to provide the farmers with a stable source of income as the cotton they produce always have a higher demand.

Rivatex East Africa LTD is one of the leading textile manufacturing industries in Kenya which was developed to process the cotton woo  Continue reading ...

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The most Popular Plastic Products and Plastic Packages Manufacturers in Kenya

Households in Kenya generally use plastic products. The major household equipment include the general utensils such as plastic cups, plates and many more. The other equipment include basins, baskets, buckets and others which are made of plastic. All these products are manufactured in various industries which then supply these products through the Kenyan market.

These companies and manufacturers ensure that they produce quality products to their customers. Below are the major plastic manufacturers in Kenya;

Kenpoly Manufacturers limited

This is one of the leading ma  Continue reading ...

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The Most Popular Water and Sanitation Services boards in Kenya

Water in Kenya is majorly one of the essential commodities that is required for the smooth operations of day-to-day activities. Life can therefore be impossible without water and in fact clean water. Clean water is somehow not available in the local areas and through this therefore, they tend to use water from rivers which could be seasonal and thereby contaminated. Contaminated water eventually diseases which could be prevented by use of clean water.

Kenya through the ministry of water and sanitation has therefore established services boards which ensure that the people regardless   Continue reading ...

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How to import or export Motor vehicles to Kenya

Motor vehicles are the most important automobiles which are required by most of the people for their transportation as well as that of their belongings. This makes it therefore one of the commodity that everyone needs for the smooth running of their life-operations. Motor vehicles are manufactured and made available by certain companies in the country and abroad the popular been General Motors in Kenya. However, other people may want to purchase vehicles from outside Kenya due to various reasons. This has made the acquisition of vehicles from abroad to be given more credit as it has a lot o  Continue reading ...

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Services Provided at Ardhi House

Everyone reaches a stage in life where the need and desire of owning property becomes a necessity. Ask any Kenyan man or woman and they will conform this. However the issue of owning and management is a serious sensitive matter especially with the ever rising issue of corruption cases and fake title deeds. To ensure that the land or property you want to invest in is really the one and it is really on offer one has to have a reliable source center to verify information. Ardhi House is a government corporation that falls under the ministry of lands commission of Kenya. Ardhi House is mandated  Continue reading ...

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The best shops for repair and maintenance of LG products in Kenya

Kenyans are among the best people who like to trend and to have the latest commodities in the market. It is not funny to see the launch of a new gadget or electronic today and the following day, most of Kenyans have the gadgets and electronics at hand. These gadgets can be the latest mobile phones, tablets, laptops or electronics such as Television sets, fridges, microwaves and water dispensers. There are companies therefore which take advantage of this Kenyan behaviours and ensure that they launch new products periodically. The most common companies include Samsung, LG, Nokia and the rest.  Continue reading ...

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Where to Obtain Kenyan Citizenship in Kenya

The issue of citizenship is sensitive in many countries especially here in Kenya. Obtaining Kenyan citizenship is not only mind boggling it’s stressful to say the least especially if you have no idea where to obtain it. As a national identification card is a vital record that documents the nationality of a person, Its importance cannot be over emphasized as only through the producing of this vital document can you get other important documents here in Kenya including passports, visas, bank loans and application for employment or registration for Kenya national examination exams in Ken  Continue reading ...

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The best Centre for care and treatment of cancer in Kenya: Cancer Care Kenya

Hospitals have been established to provide a lot of services to the people of Kenya. These hospitals ensure that the people are better cared for and treated for their various diseases diagnosed in their bodies. Many people suffer from different diseases and therefore those hospitals have variety of departments to offer the different services required by the patients. Cancer is one of the leading diseases that is dangerous and therefore the patients need a lot of care for the treatment. Cancer Care Kenya is a center that was established purely to deal with the cancer patients in the diagnosi  Continue reading ...

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The best places to buy Car parts and Accessories Online in Kenya

Kenya is a country in which there are a lot businesses with variations in the setup and mode of operations. Those businesses are set in the environment in which the business owner feel is the best and which the surrounding provides the best market for the businesses. For instance, most business people will set up a business to sell fishing equipment near a lake or sea where there is ready market from the fishermen available in the lake.

People therefore should consider the environment before setting up their businesses. They should first examine the environment to ensure that it has  Continue reading ...