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Causes and Solutions of Kenyan Poverty

Kenyan poverty is fueled by various factors: unemployment, rural to urban migration, corruption, child labor, tribalism, failing education system which doesn’t guarantee jobs or independency of the customer. The opportunities in the country are very few to satisfy every Kenyan citizen. This has left most Kenyans desperate and increase of idlers and others smoking themselves down with drugs. Kenya has a lot of unutilized opportunities and resources. Kenya has a population of 40% underage the bigger number of this percentage is below 15. One of the great resources Kenya is blessed with   Continue reading ...

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Stages of Enacting Bill into a Law in Kenya

When a bill is passed in parliament, it passes through some major stages before being considered by the legal authorities to be counted as a law in Kenya. The following stages present the exact pathways that a bill passes through before being counted as a law.

Initiation of a Proposal

Several parties can be involved in the initial process. The major parties that initiate a bill into being a law source include among others, the government, ministry and group facing pressure. The groups will come up with several ideas forwarded to the next step.

Publication of the legi  Continue reading ...

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Categories of Laws in Kenya


The Kenya law firm has made quite a number of laws that can be used to guide the various relationships that exist among various individuals. The following are the major classes of law in Kenya.

Public law

The branch of law, regulates the relationship between its citizens and the state in general. The law is also important as it regulates the operation of various organizations in the market system of Kenya. The major categories of public law include constitutional, criminal and administrative law.

Private law

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Best Conflict Resolution Mechanisms


Conflicts among people occur on a daily basis especially where there is power relationship. This may be attributed to various roles that people play in their daily lives. The most important point to note in conflict resolution is interests of each of the conflicting party. If this can be correctly identified then we can say that the mechanism used will be successful.

With the understanding that conflict is a struggle among two or more parties, it is important to find a way to remove the differences among these groups. This can be achieved through eith  Continue reading ...

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Structure of The Court System in Kenya

Supreme Court

Comprises of the chief justice, vice chief justice,5other judges and the president making a total of about seven members. The court has got exclusive jurisdiction and majority and nearly all issues that pertain the electoral petitions. Hears appeals from the high court and also major tribunals. It can play the role of offering advisory opinion to the national government.

Court of Appeal

It is composed of not less than 12judges.Hears discontents from lower courts combined with various tribunals. It includes conducting operations by acts done within t  Continue reading ...

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The Four Presidents of Kenya



He was the first president of Kenya having gone through a lot to fight for freedom in the country. Kenyatta has for a longtime been known to be hard working and would not tolerate any kind of people that tried to drag behind the efforts made by the society in economic development. He is the father to the currently fourth president of Kenya hon.Uhuru Kenyatta.Delivering Kenya from the hands of the white men was one of his major achievements to the country.


He was the second and long  Continue reading ...

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kenya most influential politicians

Kenyan politics has been observed to be successful if only a person can convince huge masses of people that he is actually the right type of candidate for a particular seat offered by the electoral commission. The following groups of politicians are considered to be currently the most influential politicians in the republic of Kenya.


Son of the late mzee JomoKenyatta,Uhuru is believed to have been natured and acquired the politic skills from his father. Having studied abroad, the politician tried much in the 2002 general elections in whi  Continue reading ...

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Effects Of Violence to People Kenya: Violence a Disaster in Kenya.


Disaster is a serious disruption of the functioning of a community or society causing widespread human, material, economic or environmental losses which exceeds the ability of the affected community or society to cope using its own resources.

Examples of disaster are; floods, landslides, heat waves, building collapse, fire, explosion, civil disturbances/violence.

Rift valley is one of the former provinces in Kenya before the enactment of the new constitution of the republics of Kenya. This region has been largely affected by frequent violence   Continue reading ...

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Fall Out During ODM Party Elections Addressed By ODM Party Leader, Raila Odinga

The ODM Party leader, Raila Odinga addressed Press Conference immediately after the failed Orange Democratic Movement Party elections on Friday 28, February, 2014. The ODM leader apologized to all ODM members in Kenya for the fall out during the much awaited elections. Raila Odinga said that there should be no speculations made over what happened, but the room for investigations should be left, which will commence immediately.

The Secretary General of ODM, Professor Anyang` Nyong`o, the two main opponents for the Secretary General seat in ODM, Ababu Namwamba and Agnes Zani and the p  Continue reading ...

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2014 ODM Party Elections Paralyzed And Postponed Until Further Notice

The elections of ODM party were characterized with riots and ballot papers were destroyed today, 28th February, 2014. The delegates of ODM party had convened from all over the country at Kasarani Gymnasium in Nairobi (Currently known as Safaricom Kasarani Stadium) in the morning and the elections were set to start at 2.00 pm. 

The elections of ODM party had kicked off with several guest speakers, among which Secretary General of ODM Professor Anyang` Nyong`o, had addressing the delegates. There were still differences and indecisiveness in which mode was to be used to conduct th  Continue reading ...