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7 years ago

Effect Of Female Genital Mutilation In Kenya

Female genital mutilation commonly referred to as FGM is the act of intentionally altering or causing injury to the female genital organs for non medical reasons as described by world health organization. This act is said to have no substantial benefit on the girl child but the crusaders of this barbaric act are said to insist that among the many benefits to the girl child is the view of safe guarding his virginity, social cultural status and relevance to the customs which is why amidst of myriad challenges they are up against they have continued to practice this evil deed on their own in s  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Mechanisms Used To Control Waterborne Diseases In Kenya

Waterborne diseases are killing a lot of people in the country and several other dangerous diseases continuing to be persistent in the lives of many. The population of Kenya is encountering a lot of delay and the economic growth is slowly diminishing each and every day of life. Experts have come up with the following measures of controlling waterborne diseases.

Boiling water

It is the most effective water treatment method that cone can use to treat water. Boiling water kills germs and any worms that may be responsible for spreading diseases hence it becomes safe for one to  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Services Offered At Kijabe Hospital

Kijabe hospital is a faith based hospital in Kenya. It is located about 60 kilometers North of Nairobi city. The hospital was started by the missionaries in 1903 during which it was used as an outpost by the missionaries. The hospital initially composed of a facility called Theodera hospital but later changed its name to Kijabe hospital in 19961.

The hospital is owned by the African Inland Church (AIC) of Kenya. It forms part of the four hospitals and 45 dispensaries that are owned and run by the AIC in Kenya. The hospital is mandated to provide quality health services to the commun  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Ways To Prevent Malaria In Kenya

Malaria is a disease that is affecting and eventually killing many kenya citizens. The disease has killed quite a number of people making it hard for them to continue their daily operations in mutual peace and conditions they deserve. It has come to the attention of many people that the disease can kill one within a very short period of time hence should be controlled to avoid further build up of problems. The following sets of steps are the most effective in controlling the disease.

Use of Mosquito Nets

The nets have been designed in such a way that they can inhibit mosqu  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Location, Contacts and Services Offered at Kakamega Hospices.

Hospice is a special program designed to address the needs of terminally ill people. This is done by team health care providers who help the dying people manage pain until they die and also help the family through the process of bereavement once a patient dies.

The team of health care providers who work in hospice involves physicians, nurses, social workers, clergy, home health aids, volunteers, therapist sand family caregivers. The hospice services are available in a hospice facility, nursing homes and hospitals. In most cases the hospice care incorporates principles of palliative   Continue reading ...

7 years ago

The Best Hospitals in Kenya location and contact

Hospitals in Kenya offer best health services. The Doctors are extremely committed in giving the best treatment to the patients. The hospitals have reliable staffs that are ready to assist 24 hours; most hospitals are well equipped with the appropriate medicine and tools for treating the patients.

P.C.E.A Kikuyu Hospital

It is owned by a church called Presbyterian Church of East; the hospital stands to be patients’ best choice due to their perfection in their services. Call +254 020-2044766 or email:

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7 years ago

Problems Affecting The Medical Institution in Kenya

Lack of adequate medical technicians

The country has continued to suffer from the constant ability to produce good experts that can handle various medical problems. Kenyan doctors lack specialized skills and those that show high competence end up being taken to the western countries to cater for their needs. The government is failing in addressing the needs of its doctors as seen in the many number of strikes showing that the field of medicine is flooded with problems.

Poor Training Centers

The country has very little centers that can be used to encourage th  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Services offered at Penda Health center


   Human health is very vital and once an illness arises,immediate action must be taken.Penda Health Center is available to take care of human health.Penda Health Center is located in Kitengela town,along Nairobi-Namanga road and its next to Riva Petrol Station,Kitengela.Penda Health center is a franchised member of the Tunza Family Health network.Its a for-profit social enterprise that aims to provide high quality primary healthcare services for hard to reach populations in Kenya,with a slight emphasis on women’s health.The Penda Health cente  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

The three essentials of health


Its very important to keep the body in good condition/health to allow proper and normal functioning of body’s parts and systems.Health influences mind which in turn influences somebody’s choices and hence character.

Good health is determined by the following three main elements which include:





Our bodies are built up and kept health by the food we eat.There is a constant breaking down of the tissues of the body.Each organ of the body requires its shar  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Services Available at Aga Khan Hospital Kisumu


Aga Khan Hospital in Kisumu is of the branches of Aga Khan Hospitals in Kenya. This hospital was founded in the year 1952. The hospital provides good medical services and was awarded the Iso 9001:2000 certificate for providing clinical, administrative, diagnostic and support services that conform to the ISO standards. The hospital later upgraded the ISO standards and attained the ISO 9001:2008.

Aga Khan Hospital Kisumu is one of the referral hospitals that serve many hospitals around the western Kenya. It has greatly expanded and has opened various sa  Continue reading ...