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Causes Of Teenage Pregnancies In Kenya

Teenage Pregnancy in Kenya amongst school going  girls has become a worrying trend. Young girls drop out of school due to pregnancy and may not continue with their education.

Teenage pregnancy refers to girls becoming pregnant when in either primary school or high school, basically below 18 years of age.This means they have to drop out of school to first take care of themselves and the baby when it is born.These cases of early teenage pregnancy in Kenya have diverse effects not only to the individual but also the community as a whole.

This causes include:

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Scholarships And Financial Aid Programmes Offered By Daystar University

Universities is Kenya have been on the rise in their development and admission due to the high demand that the students and learners pose. University education has been able to be accessed by many people even from the rural areas as the established institutions open up branches and constituent college to ensure that they bring access to education closer to the society. This therefore has ensured that the learners can be able to enjoy the education without constraints or additional costs of transport to the institutions based in the popular Kenyan towns.

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Religion’s In Kenya

In Kenya, majority of the people or population are Christians. The constitution of Kenya guarantees freedom of religion and worship to its people .The Christians of Kenya comprises of the Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches as the most established Christian denominations, other well established Kenyan religions and denominations include the Africa Inland Church (AIC), Seventh Day Adventists (SDA), and the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA). In addition, there are number of Evangelical Churches and Independent Kenyan Christian churches. A good example is Uzima-Tele in Kasarani.

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Kiambu Institute Of Hotels And Catering In Kenya

Kenya is a country in the world that still observes cultural practices and still practice it. It is a taboo in many cultural tribes for a man to cook. Due to emergence of tourism sector in Kenya, hotel and catering has been on demand and young Kenyans from different tribes in Kenya have decided to study in hotel and catering management related courses so as to earn a living because tourism in Kenya was the sector that earned the country a lot of revenues due many tourists visiting Kenya throughout the year.

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Programs Offered At Laikipia University in Kenya.

Gone are those days’ people of Kenya used to go to Nairobi for education purposes and end up spending a lot of money for accommodation. Kenya now has institutions of learning almost every county and Laikipia County is not left out because it has an established public university known as Laikipia University that offers education to the people of Laikipia County and other Kenyans from other counties.

Laikipia university was established in 2013 by the third president of the republic of Kenya; Hon. Mwai Kibaki. It was initially the constituent college of Egerton university. Since   Continue reading ...

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Courses Offered At Tsavo Park Hotel Institute In Kenya.

Voi town is a famous town in Kenya because it has one of the biggest national park in Kenya that attracts tourists. This national park is known as Tsavo national park and it is divided into two; Tsavo east national park and Tsavo west national park. Due to presence of these national parks in Voi town, there was need for establishment of an institution that will trains people to experts in tourism sector.

Tsavo national park is a tourist attraction site in Kenya and therefore many tourists will approach the town so as to visit the national park (Tsavo). Those who do jobs in any natio  Continue reading ...

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Steps Of Creating A Student Account On KASNEB Student Portal

All Kasneb students are required to open a student account on the kasneb website. The following are some of the major ways that a students can follow to open the account.

  • Click on student login  link then choose the student icon or proceed to click the student icon if you use the direct link( the student portal.

  • Click on the create account and select whether you have a student registration number or not and proceed to provide names, preferred email address and  Continue reading ...

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Courses Offered At South Eastern Kenya University

Agriculture plays a major role as far as Kenya’s economy is concerned. However, not all areas in Kenya are conducive for engaging in the various forms of Agriculture. South Eastern Kenya University offers various courses under the Department of Dry-land Agriculture to ensure that individuals are well acquainted with different agricultural methods. It offers degree courses as well as diploma and certificate courses.

Degree programs

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Effects Of Migration And Settlement Of Groups In Kenya

The migration and settlement of different people from various language groups in Kenya has had many different effects to the society some of which are incidental while most are intentional. Some of these effects are described as follows;

Settlement in new areas after migration has in some instances led to war between the people who are migrating and the people whom they find there. Some of these wars are mostly because of the feeling that the visitors are intruding into the privacy of the local communities in the area and if not solved, it can lead to deaths and loss of property.Continue reading ...

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Functions Of Mombasa Town

It is an administrative centre and the headquarters of Mombasa County with the county offices located in the towns centre. Some embassies have branch offices in Mombasa town.

Mombasa is an industrial centre and the main industries found in Mombasa include ship repairing , vehicle assembly , oil refining, cement manufacturing, textile manufacturing, light engineering, fish processing and glue making.

It is a residential centre as the town has a population of more than half a million residents. Nyali, likoni and changamwe are the main residential areas outside of Mombasa Town   Continue reading ...