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7 years ago

The Most Leading Magazines in Kenya

Magazines in kenya are mostly read by most of kenyan living in the capital especially magazines that talk about love,pregnacy,celebrities and issues affecing the society.examples of this magazne include;

True Love Magazine

The magazine focuses on love, sex and relationships. This magazine is mostly read by the youths in Kenya as they are mostly affected by such issues in the society. This talks about matters concerning how spouses should relate to one another in order to strengthen their relationship. This helps maintain as people are able to understand one another. This a  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Reasons Why Tradition,Cultures and Languages Are Fading In Kenya

Serious matter should be kept in mind and in consideration is the rate at which traditional cultures and languages of the Kenyan people are fading away slowly as time goes by. It will reach a point in people’s lives where one wouldn’t even remember to say a word or even a sentence in traditional language if we don’t consider this matter.

Day by day the young are introduced to foreign languages first like English and others to French and German compared to the old days where the first language one knew was their own traditional languages. Currently people are adapti  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

The Best Sites For Streaming Live Football Matches (WORLD CUP 2014) In Kenya

Football is one of the most games or sports that the people especially the Kenyan men enjoy. Football is very popular in Kenya as many of the people even in rural areas are able to organize for their own leagues as it may be the favorite sport. However, the most common leagues that has even taken over the world is the Barclays English Premier League which is internationally recognized and played but even the local people enjoy it as they are fans of the various football clubs that participate in the League.

Recently, the advancement in technology have made it possible for the fans t  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Circumcision Ceremony in Luhya Community


The luhya community has been the dominant tribe in the western parts of the country. It is believed to be the second largest after the Agikuyu community. The life of luhyas is characterized by a series of events that make the community to be unique among various tribes found in the country. Circumcision in the tradition of lughyas continues to be a must rite of passage through which one is considered to be a grown up and full member of the society. The process involves a series of events before actual circumcision takes place.

Decision is made

A boy or a you  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Good Places To Record Music in Kenya

In Kenya, music industry is growing at a very fast rate making it necessary to have qualified producers that can deliver music that can do well at the international level stage. The following are some of the best places one can seek to record their music.


The studio has produced some of the country’s biggest hits and musicians. The late E-Sir was one of the top most musicians that used to record their songs at the studio. Currently, ogopa is doing well producing songs for big names such as Marya,Avril and Ringtone. The music is of high quality and new artis  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Favourite Authors for Kenyan Readers


Based in the United States of America, the author has written quite a number of books that are continuing to gain much popularity for the best Kenyan readers. He is the first ever Kenyan to win the Nobel Prize in the field of poetry. He has written a number of books in her mother tongue more especially after he was released from prison after his critical play Ngaathika Ndeenda(To mean he would marry when he felt like or wanted).The novel The devil on the cross was written on a toilet paper during the period in which he was imprisoned. Punte  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Top best sites to download full music in Kenya

Music in Kenya has been one of the influential instrument that most people use to express their feeling and the experience they are going through in their lives. Music has been composed and recorded by many people and from diverse environments and background. Music are of different types depending on the message behind it. Therefore, due to technological advancement people are now able to access music from the web and download them to their local devices for listening in their day-to-day operations. The major sites that offer the download option of the songs are;

Waptrick is one of   Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Popular Stadium in Kenya


The ground for various national activities including public holidays and other major events such as athletics and football. The place is also used to host various rallies conducted by politician’s country wide. Nyayo is big and can accommodate a large number of people making it the favorite place for any big function.


The best in western Kenya, the stadium offers room for different types of functions to be carried out in it. It has hosted major events in the country such as the Cecafa cup challenge that takes place annu  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Best Male Gospel Artistes in Kenya



The Kapungala king that made Kenya be more popular by winning an award in Nigeria. The artiste has composed a lot of songs that are more familiar with Kenyans making him become the best artiste in the gospel field. He has done a lot of collaborations with many other artiste including his own brother Ruff tone, Gideon’s army and Dennis by doing the popular song mbona.


The artiste came into fame by the famous song muhadhara. Jimmy has gone ahead to win the interest of many producers that ha  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Best Comedians in Kenya

The Kenyan comedy industry is growing each and every day. New talents are being observed in the screens and the desire to expand the industry is continually being received well by a good number of people. The Churchill show hosts the best comedians in the country and the following list comprises of the best comedians in the country.


Eric is Kenya’s best comedian known for his funny delivery of content. The comedian has taken part in one of Africa’s biggest shows including the night of a thousand laughs. Eric Omondi is travelling to   Continue reading ...