8 years ago

Tips On The Rational Steps To Take When A Grievous Accusation Is Made In Kenya

Deny! Deny! Deny! That seems to be the motto whenever a serious accusation or a dispute in Kenya is brought to the attention of those in a position of authority in Kenya. The culture of impunity in Kenya still rides high despite efforts to terminate it. The name of an institution in Kenya is often placed first and those who seek to report a serious matter are often criticized for ‘wanting to ruin the good name’ of the said institution. However, as more Kenyans get to know their rights in Kenya, simply brushing off a grievous matter will not be enough. So, as an institution, what  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Tips On How To Pull A Business Casual Look To The Office In Kenya

Many Kenyan people out there think that you have to wear suits and suffocate yourself with a tie all week. For some people, this is a personal preference but for those with a rather wild spirit, you could experiment a few looks and actually get away with it depending on time with respect to the day of the week in most offices in Kenya. Monday to Thursday is easy to dress up but what happens on Friday, or on that Saturday when you have a meeting to attend in the office? You clad in business casual! You want to look casual and relaxed, it being on a weekend and at the same time you want to lo  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Teachers Service Commission Location In Upper Hill, Nairobi Kenya

Teachers Service Commission is now located in Upper Hill community area in Nairobi City in Kenya. Teachers Service Commission is located on Kilimanjaro Avenue, Nairobi. Kilimanjaro Avenue is adjacent Longonot Avenue in Nairobi Community Area. TSC is now located just past Crowne Plaza and National Bank in Upper Hill. Teachers service commission office is now found in Upper Hill opposite cooperative bank. The nearest landmarks include Shelter Afrique Centre, Coca Cola East Africa and Central Africa, Upper Hill Secondary school playground, The Nairobi club, The Arabian Cuisine and Autoscope Li  Continue reading ...