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Youth Enterprise Development Fund In Kenya

Youth Enterprise Development Fund in Kenya has offices located in National Bank of Kenya Building on 8th Floor. Youth Enterprise Development Fund offices are on Harambee Avenue in Nairobi and can be reached at Fax (020)2211677 or email address

Youth Enterprise Development Fund is also on twitter @Youth_Fund Nairobi and can be found online on their website at

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Nairobi National Museums Of Kenya

Nairobi National Museums in Kenya is located on Museum Hill Road and can be contacted on P.O Box 40658-00200, Nairobi. 

Nairobi National Museum can also be reached via these telephone numbers; (020)8164134 and mobile numbers 0721308485 and 0733 296142.

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Capital Markets Authority In Kenya

Capital Markets Authority in Kenya has offices located in Embankment Plaza on the 3rd Floor. Capital Markets Authority offices are on Longonot Road, off Kilimanjaro Avenue in Upper Hill. 

Capital Markets Authority (CMA) in Nairobi can be reached on P.O Box 74800-0200, Nairobi or via email address at The CMA telephone contacts are (020)2264900, (020)2611464, mobile contacts 0722207767 and 0775516828. Capital Markets Authority website is at Continue reading ...

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Agricultural Development Corporation (ADC) In Nairobi

Agricultural Development Corporation (ADC) has offices in Nairobi and can be reached at P.O Box 47101-00100, Nairobi. You can also contact Agricultural Development Corporation in Kenya through their email address at or via their website at

The Agricultural Development Corporation telephone contacts are (020)2250695, (020)2250185 and mobile contacts are 0733889436, 0724930920, 0734930920 and 0723964414. 

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A.I. Onyango & Co. Advocates in Nairobi

A.I. Onyango & Co. Advocates office is located on Monrovia Street in Nairobi. A.I. Onyango & Co. Advocates is on the 2nd floor of Maendeleo House. You can contact the A.I. Onyango & Co. Advocates office on 2219339 or 2215810.

You use Koinange Street to connect to Monrovia Street from Kenyatta Avenue in Nairobi. 

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Tourism Fund Head Office In Nairobi

The Tourism Fund offices in Nairobi are located in NHIF Building in Community Area in Nairobi. The Tourism Fund Headoffices are on 5th floor of Car Park Towers on Ragati Road in UpperHill area in Nairobi. You get to Upper Hill via buses 7C picked from Kencom Bus Stage in Nairobi.

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Location Of State House In Nairobi City In Kenya

State House in Kenya is the official residence of a Kenyan president sitting in office. State House in Nairobi was built during the colonial era and was then referred to as Government House in Kenya. State House in Kenya was built in 1907 to serve as the residence of the governor of British origin governing the larger British East Africa. During this colonial era in Kenya, the governor would conduct his official business at the Nairobi Provincial Administration Office along Kenyatta Avenue next to Nyayo House in Nairobi&n  Continue reading ...

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Location Of FIDA Offices In Kenya And The Services FIDA Offer To Kenyan Women

Discrimination against women in Kenya has for many years been widespread and widely accepted. Every day we hear of rising cases of injustices based on gender, class, physical disability, sex and religious beliefs in Kenya. Sometimes it goes to extreme cases of sexual harassment against women in Kenya and other times unfortunately domestic violence, where women are beaten senseless by their husbands as a way of them showing their superiority, in which at times the consequences are fatal.

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How To Get First Aid Training And Membership Of St John Ambulance In Kenya

St John Ambulance in Kenya is a charitable organization and an NGO whose headquarters are in Nairobi. St John Ambulance has offices in nine regions in Kenya which are Nakuru, Embu, Nyeri, Mombasa, Kisumu, Isiolo, Kakamega and Garissa. St John Ambulance offices in Nakuru, in Rift Valley part of Kenya are located in Show Ground in Nakuru which is off the Nairobi-Nakuru highway, near Nakuru Provincial General Hospital. St John Ambulance in Kenya has many divisions all over Kenya, with each division having over 40 members, such as Moi University St John Ambulance Division in Eldoret. St John Am  Continue reading ...

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How And Where To Apply For A Passport In Kenya

Our current constitution gives Kenyans rights, or privilege to have dual citizenship. For one to get dual citizenship, you need a passport in Kenya. But still Kenyans need passports while travelling in and out of Kenya whether on business tours or any other business. Many Kenyans go for passports when they get deals outside the country. Okay, am cool with that but to be on the safe side you can always apply and have your passport even before any plans to fly or travel out come up. This will get you out of risk of delay of passport in Kenya, which usua  Continue reading ...