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Government Parastatals In Kenya

Parastatals are government owned companies, boards or organizations which help the government to run essentials functions of the government. And they provide very important services to the people of Kenya. The Parastatals are usually managed by board of directors who are appointed by the president of the republic of Kenya.

These Parastatals of the government of Kenya are usually managed and funded through the respective ministries of the government. Some of these governmental Parastatals also source of revenue to the government of Kenya such as Kenya meat commission, new Kenya co-op  Continue reading ...

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Political Assasinations In Kenya

Assassination as defined by the Oxford dictionary means to terminate one’s life or murder of a person mostly a public figure or politician which is mostly done secretly by hired hutment in a quest to eliminate an opponent in a political battle. Since independence Kenya has experienced a number of political assassinations over the 51 years but it has never confirmed to establish the alleged assassins. The following are the heroes who lost their lives in what they thought were the fight for Kenyan rights:


He was the Member of Parliament for Parkland  Continue reading ...

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Roles Of The Chief justice In Kenya

The chief justice in the republic of Kenya is Avery senior person and is often described as the head of the judiciary. The person presides over the Supreme Court and further has various roles including the administrative duties found in the Kenyan court system. Basing on the above description, the following roles and responsibilities are attributed to the chief justice in Kenya.

Judicial Function

Being the head of judiciary, the person is responsible for being senior person over all the judges. He is currently the high court judge and is responsible for presiding in the su  Continue reading ...

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Functions Of IEBC In Kenya

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries commission is an independent body charged with conducting free, fair and transparent elections. It is charged with all matters pertaining elections according to the law.  Ahmed Isaac Hassan is the current chairman. Here are some of its functions;

Supervising elections

It is charged with ensuring that elections are undertaken according to expectances. The body provides the necessary equipments needed for supervision. The equipments also include security to make that there is no disputes experienced. They make sure there are no i  Continue reading ...

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Fighting Terrorism In Kenya

Terrorism is referred to as the use of force or violence for political purpose. It has become frequent in Kenya due to the presence of Kenya Defense forces in Somali. The terrorists have staged attacks on various parts of the country with the intention of killing. They have constantly taken responsibilities on a number of occasions. The most daring was the Westgate attack which gunmen entered and started firing at innocent civilians leading to many deaths.

Due to these attacks it is important to put out measures to ensure that terrorism is dealt with. The first measure involves empl  Continue reading ...

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Devolution In Kenya

Devolution is the statutory granting of powers from the central government of a sovereign state to government at a subnational level, such as a regional, local, or state level. It’s a form of decentralization because the devolved territories have the power to make legislation relevant to the area .legislation creating devolved parliaments or assemblies can be revealed or amended by central government in the same way as any statute.Devolution has three partsThe transfer of power to a subordinate elected bodyThe transfer of power on geographical basisThe transfer of functions at pr  Continue reading ...

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Merits Of The Kibaki Presidency

The immediate former President of the Republic of Kenya, Emilio Mwai Kibaki took over office from Daniel Torotich Arap Moi, ending his twenty four year rule in 2002. Soon after, Kenya was rated the most optimistic nation under the leadership of Kibaki. His leadership marked a new beginning to the Kenyan society and the joy upon his inauguration at Nyayo Stadium, Nairobi is indescribable. Sworn in as Commander in Chief after surviving a terrible accident, the 10 year presidency of Mwai Kibaki has set the bar high for the current president, Uhuru Kenyatta. The following are fields of his meri  Continue reading ...

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Outcomes Of The Post Election Violence In Kenya

The post election violence in kenya had very many effects to the people of the country.The following are some of the outcomes that came from the elctions.


Many innocent kenyans lost alot of lives as they were attacked and killed by peopple from other communities that belived that they voted for the wrong type of leader.Several wars took place that saw alot of blood being spilled and many other innocent kenyans being killed in the entire process.Alot of lives were hence lost from the process.

Property Destruction

Apart from just people being killed,  Continue reading ...

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opposition leadership in kenya


Many people refer to politics as dirt game’. This was a saying heard from many people who discuss about politics both at national level and also at the global level. This argument has been said to be supported by the hate words which are heard during political rallies. It is with no doubt that this words are from opposition parties. It has been the song of each day since when elections were firstly done in Kenya and also when multi part leadership was included to the Kenyan constitution.

It is true that opposition has helped in controlling the working of the Ken  Continue reading ...

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Sources of law in kenya

The government of Kenya has a lot of places that it uses to pass and amend the laws to be followed by the citizens of the country. The following list comprises some of the major sources of law in the country.

The constitution

It is a formal document that defined the rules and regulations, functions and roles of the various government state bodies and the relation between them and the public. It comes first in the country and any matters that need emergency response are handled according to the requirements provided by the constitution. It is therefore important for one to   Continue reading ...