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7 years ago

Hospitals With Cancer Treatment Facilities In Kenya

Cancer is a dangerous disease which has claimed many lives in Kenya mainly as a result of a deficiency in cancer care services. However, there have been concerted efforts by both the Kenya government and the private sector that have led to a steady rise and improvement in cancer treatment facilites.

The following is a list of hospitals which are equipped to handle different cases of the cancer menace:

Aga Khan University Hospital

This hospital is located along Limuru Road in Parklands, Nairobi. Services offered here include: specialised diagnostics  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Services Provided By Lodwar County Referral Hospital In Kenya.

Lodwar is the current headquarters of Turkana County. Since it is centrally placed many people tend to travel to this town for many services of which health care is one of them. Because it is the only hospital in the entire county that has better health care facilities, it therefore serves referrals from other hospital facilities as a referral hospital.

Lodwar county referral hospital was formerly known as Lodwar district hospital and is located in Lodwar town along Lodwar – Lokichoggio highway. It has a bed capacity of 270 and 36 cots.

The services offered at Lodwar c  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Kenya Cancer Association (KENCASA)

It’s the leading national voluntary run nonprofit making organization in Kenya established in 1995 after Cancer emerged as a leading cause of death in the country. Its main headquarters is Located in Nairobi at the National Nurse Association complex. Some of the functions of the association include:

  • To raise public awareness on Cancer and prevention and early detection

  • Mobilize and lobby stakeholders to prioritize cancer in their programs.

  • To ensure high quality cancer care in Kenya

  • Research and patient  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Herbal Medicine Clinics In Kenya

Kenyan government is still in the arguments for and against traditional healers; it is in the process of regulating herbal medicine. The use of plants as medicine has been used for decades by human beings in healing several ailments which exist among humanity. The processing of the medicine has been passed from generation to generation. Many Kenyans no longer use the herbal medicine due to introduction of pharmaceutical medicine. Most herbalists have testified that the herbal medicine is effective. Some Kenyans believe that herbal medicine is witchcraft since most traditional witchdoctors u  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Services offered At Kenya Home Nursing And Therapy Services In Kenya

Healthcare services to patients or sick people from a hospital require that they be offered in the best environment for their quick recovery from the diseases they were suffering from. Elderly people may also need more attention in the care for their better living. This has therefore made certain companies to offer care and therapy services to ensure that the sick and elderly are given the care services that they need. Kenya Home Nursing and Therapy Services (KEHNTS) is one of the services providers for the elderly and sick in the society and they provides various services which include;Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Popular Rehabilitation Centers In Kenya

A large portion of the Kenya population today is faced with a threat of drug addiction. These comprise of both the youth as well as the elder people in the society. The commonest substances abused in Kenya include narcotics; cocaine, bhang, heroin, tobacco, and other substances that alter the mood of the users. Alcohol is the commonest drug abused in Kenya. To reduce the effects accompanied by abuse of these substances various rehabilitation centers have been put up across Kenya to help the addicts come out of the dangers and continue with their normal life.

The following is a list   Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Out dated Practices In Kenya

Kenya is an inclusive and diverse nation. It is well known that there are 42 tribes in Kenya, all from different origins and different ancient traditions, beliefs and practices. Some activities that our ancestors practiced were simply barbaric, unfair and corrupt and should be stopped straight. Some were okay, and that science and I do not object, they can still be carried on. For example, there is no reason to stop Isukhuti dance an ancient Luhya dance or their bull fighting. Some practices however are simply out of time. Pay attention and let me take you through some of these.

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7 years ago

Inpatient And Outpatient Catholic Rehab Centers In Kenya

Catholic rehab provides two drug and alcohol rehabilitation program options for its clients; inpatient and outpatient rehab. Determining whether to go for either an inpatient catholic rehab or outpatient rehab has various importances. Apart from just determining which choice will serve you better, one will be able to prepare other people which will be directly or indirectly affected by the rehab program. The choice of the rehab type may affect the treatment effectiveness.

Catholic drug and Alcohol Rehab centers

In outpatient catholic rehab centers neither board nor rooms a  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Best Hospitals In Nairobi

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya, It is mainly famous for economic and cultural activities .Besides the two activities, it has well based health centers which offer medical assistance to the East African people.

The Kenyatta National hospital

The hospital has acquired its name from the late Jomo Kenyatta. It was established in 1901 among the first hospitals in Kenya. This health care facility boasts of the best doctors in the country and sometimes it is used as a teaching place for future medical experts. The hospital operates on a 24 hour system enabling patients to b  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Services offered At Batian Medical Centre Kitengela

Batian Medical centre is a private medical clinic located in Kitengela town,Kajiado county a diastance of 40 km from the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi along the Nairobi-Namanga highway.Its located in Red Heron 2nd floor adjacent to Naivas Supermarket,Kitengela. Its headed by Dr.Kiarie and its open for surgical,gynecological,family planning and phychological consultations.

General gynecological consultation-There is multidisciplinary team of experienced clinicians and specialists nurses who strive to provide outpatients with the best care by keeping abre of the fast changing panoram  Continue reading ...