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7 years ago

Top Radio Presenters and Shows in Kenya

Goteana Show

The show is hosted by Mbusi and Bonoko on Ghetto Radio. Mbusi and his partner use sheng and Jamaican patois to win the attention of listeners. The show has achieved a lot including a nomination at the Chaguo La Teeniz Awards for the best radio show in the country. The youths have attracted by the funny phrases which one of the famous one is ‘’Hakuna Mbbrcha’’.It enjoyes a large fun base

The Big Breakfast

The show is hosted by Caroline Mutoko and Chipukeeky.Chipukeezy who is a comedian adds humor to the show while Caroline is s  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

How To Have A Song Played On Media In Kenya

It is every artists dream to have their song being played on radio. The artists therefore struggle as much as possible to get to that pint but most of them do it the wrong way. There are steps that must be taken if one is to make it in the music industry.

Look for promoters

Those artists those are new in the industry, should look for these guys although not most of them are honest. When looking for the best promoters, the artists need to consult wide with other artists who have made it.

Time for releasing songs

Timing is a key factor in t  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Most Influencial Journalists In Kenya

These are the journalists in Kenya who have braved the odds and nobody should be surprised when they achieve so much.

John Allan Namu

He won the CNN Multichoice African Journalist Award in 2009. He was recruited by KTN (Kenya Television Network) after his graduation from USIU (united States International University). He was most influential when it came to the highlighting of the 2007/2008 post-election violence in Kenya. He is a courageous journalist who has done amazing coverage that exposed corruption in high echelons of power, terrorism and also drug t  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

The Most Rich Musicians In Kenya

Most, if not all of Kenyan musicians have not declared their worth. The only way to find out how much they have is going through MCSK ( Music Copyright Societies of Kenya) archives. We can now comfortably list down the top 10 wealthiest musicians in Kenya.


Jaguar is among the finest artists in Kenya. He has been in the Kenyan industry since its infancy. He is an entrepreneur with a taxi firm, security company, auto garage and real estate. Jaguar recently received the MCSK award where he bagged millions from the event, Air Jaguar is Jaguar’s plane, which   Continue reading ...

7 years ago

List Of Football Clubs In Kenya


  •    A.F.C. Leopards- Nairobi

  •    Bandari- Mombasa

  •    Chemelil Sugar- Chemelil Nyanza

  •    Gor Mahia- Nairobi

  •    K.C.B. - Nakuru

  •    K.R.A. - Nairobi

  •    Mathare United- Nairobi

  •    Muhoroni Youth-Muhoroni Nyanza

  •    Nairobi City Stars- Nairobi

  •    Sofapaka- Mach  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Challenges Facing Music Industry In Kenya

Kenyan musicians have had a lot of hard times for the last few years and it is something that is connected with problems in the music industry. The government has done little to promote the talents of various artistes in the country making it really hard for them to cope up with the challenges. Among others, the following are some of the major problems affecting the music industry in the country.

Lack of originality

It has been observed that a lot of Kenyan musicians do not have their way of singing and will often try to copy the style of other musicians from the global wo  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Popular Ladies in Kenya

Vera Sedika

The woman came into fame after featuring in the popular video by the best Kenyan group p unit. She has since gotten a lot of attention from the public and continues to do more other projects. The lady continues to grow daily and is getting a lot of interview invitation to the various radio and television stations. Her popularity is also making a lot of musicians want to include her in their videos.

Ngina Kenyatta

She is the daughter of the current president of Kenya Hon.Uhuru Kenyatta.The lady came into fame during the day her father was declared the   Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Maasai Culture In Kenya

The Maasai represents Africa traditional culture despite the modern western culture which is being adopted by most African countries, the Maasai tribe has remained firm. The tribe is famous worldwide because of keeping their tradition. They produce art and craft products including the beading and jewelry. The Maasai beading design is popular that many cultures many producers have used it to make shoes and even hand bags.

Most of the Maasai people live in the Southern part of Kenya, the tribe occupied a wide land in the past and they lived in southern and Central Kenya practicing the  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Television Programs Mostly Watched By Kenyans

Television is Kenya’s first hand source of entertainment that appeals to everyone due to its special characteristics like affordability and wide scope of programs that are most likely to appeal to someone if not everyone. With a number of TV stations now broadcast in Kenya it is important to note that Kenyans are fond of specific programs aired on the local channels and even though it may be hard to watch everything the ideal Kenyan would by all means make up time to watch his or her most favorite program. Truth be told as Kenyans continue enjoying the world cup which is a form of sea  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Why Kenyans Would Watch The Word Cup

Kenyans for many years have failed to produce a team to represent them in any football tournament with the Kenya football team only managing to participate in the annual compulsory CECAFA tourney. The team has not qualified for any tournament since the 2005 cup of nations and has never managed to participate in the great prestigious tournament the word cup losing in qualifier’s every time. This however has not killed the spirit if Kenyans as they all cheer and support football despite once being dubbed as everlasting fans by a popular pundit Carol Radul due to what she called performa  Continue reading ...