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Sykline airline travel authority is located at Machakos town, opposite Ngei road a few kilometers from Machakos was started in 1973 and it operates up to date.

Sykline airline deals with transportation of passengers,good and transportation of good include agricultural products,animal products ,horticultural products.In the cargo we deal with transportation of machinery, fertilizer,metalparts.we also transport currency

In the passenger department there are other small agencies which dealswithdeals with the booking of flights and recording of passenger,and als  Continue reading ...

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How To Obtain A Driving Licence In Kenya

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) defines a driving licence as a permit to drive a vehicle on the road. Acquiring this vital document is a procedural process that is guided by the traffic laws of Kenya. Essentially, licences fall into different categories, and anybody interested in obtaining a driving licence must be aware of the specific one that he or she needs.

Classes of Driving Licences

  • Class \"E\": permit to drive light vehicles only.

  • Class \"B, C and E\": permit for driving of both light and heavy commercial vehicles  Continue reading ...

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A List Of Bus Companies In Kenya

The public transport sector is one of the most lucrative business ventures in Kenya. This has lead to a steady rise in the number of public  service vehicle operators in major citis and on major roads interconnecting the different regions of the country. Here is a list of the most popular bus companies in the country:

  • Africa Commuter Services Limited

  • Coast Bus (Msa) Limited

  • Blue Horizon Travels

  • Arusha Shuttle Bus

  • Blue Line Shuttle Company

  • Bustrack Limited

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Best Air Transport Services In Kenya

Tavelling by air is becoming a growing trend among a large number of kenyan travellors that visit different destinations for the puposes of attending to different kinds of services.It is good that anyone wishing to travel by air should visit the following places that have the best airtransport facilities.

JomoKenyattta International Airport

It is the biggest and most busy airport in the country and has many number of people leaving in and out of the country.Many people use it for flying to different places across the world and the services at the place are among the best o  Continue reading ...

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Revolutions In Road Transport In Kenya

The transport sector in the country has gone through a lot of changes since the incorporation of the late John Michuki into the field. Many changes have come to replace the old ways of doing things making it more lucrative for easy services to be provided to those travelling to various destinations in the world. The following are some of the major revolutions in the transport sector of Kenya

Use of Beba Pay

Initially, people used to give money to turn boys some of which would treat them harshly and avoid giving them back their money. The process was replaced by the use of   Continue reading ...

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Bus Companies Which Operate At Night In Kenya

It was last year when the ministry of transportation burned the idea of night travels. This was attributed by high number of accidents on roads claiming many lives of Kenyans. Therefore the ministry of transportation took an initiative of withdrawing the night travels as a way of reducing the number of accidents.

Although this was a nice idea, it affected the transport sector because people could not travel the same day due to availability of few public service vehicles which can travel to long distance towns such as Mombasa to Kakamega town. The ministry set the rules which need to  Continue reading ...

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Factors Promoting Urbanization in Juja Nairobi

Juja town is one of the fastest growing urban centers in Kenya and several reasons are facilitating the above growth. It is important for the government to focus on the factors promoting the interest of people in a particular area so as to get better ways of working with them eventually enabling economic growth in the long run. The following factors have promoted the fast growth of juja town.

Thika Super Highway

People love settling around places that have good market when they are carrying out business. It is therefore important for the road to attract more people around   Continue reading ...

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Causes Of Road Accidents In Kenya

Kenyan roads are notorious for road accidents. News on road accidents makes headlines for the newsrooms almost daily. Many Kenyans lose their lives, others suffer paralysis, others are amputated while the lucky ones have a painful memory to keep as long as they live. The government has tried, since time immemorial to reduce the bulk of Kenyan lives that expire on Kenyan roads; starting from the famous Michuki Rules to the night travelling ban for public service vehicles. Road accidents however remain untamed phenomena in Kenya, whose solution better be found sooner than later before it clai  Continue reading ...

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Major Causes of Road Accidents in Kenya


Accidents have killed many Kenyans and very little efforts have been made o reduce the causes. It has come to the attention of many that there are some major reasons that result in accidents in Kenya making it hard for th transportation of goods to be effective with time. The following are the major causes of road accidents in Kenya.

Over speeding

Many drivers will never obey the common rule of driving within a certain limit of speed allowed by the public. Majority of them will go ahead and drive at speeds that make it easy for accidents to occur and take pla  Continue reading ...

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Major Bus Routes and Their Numbers


A person willing to travel to the town can first find the suitable matatu buy heading to the railway centre in Nairobi. The matatus will be seen by their numbers indicated on the mirror just near the driver’s seat. The number can also be used by people wishing to travel to carnivore grounds, lang’ata cemetery and Karen. Furthermore other universities such as multimedia and catholic university of east Africa can be reached using the number.

Embakasi 33

The matatus are found in Nairobi around the Kenya archiv  Continue reading ...

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Best Roads in Kenya


The road is the best in Kenya joining Nairobi city and the industrial town Thika. It is well built by the experts from China and it’s also an 8lane road. Several businesses surround the road making entrepreneurs to be interested in the areas around the road. The road serves several functions including video shooting for majority of Kenyan musicians. Several universities, including Jomo Kenyatta and Kenyatta University are also found along the road.It is 40km in length.


The road begins in   Continue reading ...

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Bus Companies in Kenya


The company is considered to be the largest in Kenya mostly because of being popular in number and it’s loved by many Kenyans. The company has fair prices in the way they charge their customers and this makes them attract many clients. Furthermore, they have well trained drivers and touts that respect the needs of travelers attending well to their complaints.


The company has specialized in dealing with travelers that go to the coastal regions of the country. It has well designed facilities that provide a lot of comfort to the trave  Continue reading ...

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The best site to book a bus ticket online in Kenya

Most Kenyans view travelling as a hobby and therefore the transport sector in Kenya is somehow one of the most profitable as they always have customers. This has made most people to invest in this sector by buying buses, minibuses, Nissans to be able to transport people and goods from one location to another. Some have even gone to an extent of grouping their vehicles and forming a transportation company.

On the other hand, to travel, people need bus tickets which sometimes turn out to be a nightmare to comfortably acquire especially when there is an influx of travelers. From this,   Continue reading ...

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The Technical University Of Kenya School Of Mathematics And Statistics Admission Criteria

In this coming September, a lot of students in Kenya will be pursuing further education in various fields of study and from various schools. The Technical University of Kenya is prepared for recruitment for its September intake. Students are encouraged to apply to the school before 14th June 2014. There are various courses offered at the School of Mathematics and Statistics:

  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Individuals who want to pursue Bachelor of Science in Mathematics should have achieved the following criteria: individuals should have acqui  Continue reading ...

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Driving School Test Questions TEST SIGNS ANSWERS

1. The sign within a red triangle. It warns of hazard that is not yet visible e.g a bend or hill.

2. Red Circle shows what you must not do. The blue circle shows what you must do. 

3. a) Two way traffic ahead b) Priority over oncoming traffic c) Overtaking

4. a) Give priority to oncoming traffic b) cycle route ahead

5. Red and amber, then green

6. a) You should stop even if the traffic is clear

    b) No through way/road

7. a) Mini Roundabout ahead 

    b)  No sto  Continue reading ...

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Driving School Test Questions TEST VII

1. What is the meaning of a yellow painted kerb?

2. What does a double continuous line on the center of the road mean?

3. State 5 ways to keep your vehicle roadworthy

4. From which road to which road are you not allowed to reverse?

5. During dark hours, what controls the speed of the vehicle?

6. When driving past animals, what would you do?

7. During the night, if the oncoming vehicle does not dip the lights, what should you do?

8. Describe any indicators which may warn you of an accident ahead

9. Describe the arm signal, you s  Continue reading ...

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Driving School Test Questions TEST VII ANSWERS

1. No parking, No waiting, also No stopping in some places

2. It means that you CANNOT cross the lines too overtake. Keep to your side.

3. Regularservicing of the vehicle, Check up the following Steering, brakes, wheels, mirrors, wipers and lights

4. You are not allowed to reverse from a side road to a main road

5. The speed of the vehicle during dark hours is controlled by the lights

6. You should drive slowly giving them plenty of room and you should not hoot

7. You should slow down, flash your lights three times, dip them and if possible st  Continue reading ...

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Driving School Test Questions TEST VI

1. Name 8 places you CANNOT overtake.

2. Name few major causes of accidents on Kenyan roads.

3. State the procedure to approach uncontrolled railway crossing during the 

a) Day time b) At Night

4. How many lights does a saloon car have?

5. When should you use the mirror while driving?

6. How would you park your vehicle on a steep hill:

a) Facing uphill b) Downhill

7. Within what distance should you be able to stop your vehicle:

   a) During the day b) At night

8. What is  Continue reading ...

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Driving School Test Questions TEST VI ANSWERS

1. When approaching a pedestrian crossing

    - When approaching a bridge

    - At sharp bends

    - At a junction

    - When approaching a railway crossing

    - Where the road is marked single or double continuous lines on the center of the road

    - When the road is narrow

    - When approaching the brow of a hill

2. Driving of unroadworthy vehicles

    - Driving of overloaded vehicles

    - Driving at a igh speed hence  Continue reading ...

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Driving School Test Questions TEST V ANSWERS

1. It is driving a vehicle for long with one gear

2. It is to drive a vehicle facing opposite direction with use of reverse and forward gear.

3. They are red in colour, triangular in shape and with apex facing upwards.

4. a) Side Car b) Mobile toilet

5. Warning

6. Headlights, parking lights, brake lights, reverse lights, indicators, number plate lights, interior lights, and hazard lights

7. For security purposes

8. Provisional driving license

9. To maintain a specific speed given on highway according to the vehicle you are driv  Continue reading ...

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Driving School Test Questions TEST V

Driving TEST V

1. What is coasting?_________________________

2. What is a three point turn? _________________________

3. Describe the warning sign _________________________

4. List down two examples of caravans a) _________________________ b) _________________________

5. Which type of hooting is normally done once? _________________________

6. Write down all mechanical signals of a salon car a) _________________________ b) _________________________

c) _________________________ d) ___________  Continue reading ...

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Driving School Test Questions TEST IV ANSWERS

Driving Test IV ANSWERS

1. Gear number One because it is stronger than gear number Two

2. Globe Cinema Round About

3. To make sure they are in good condition and road worthy

4. MS means Mechanical Signal

5. When riding a motorbike, the headlights should always be on for them to be seen by other road users

6. a) Mandatory or regulartory signs

    b) Warning, hazard or cautionary signs

    c) Warning signs

7. Because they are signs to be observed

8. Priority signs

9. Heavy commercial ve  Continue reading ...

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Driving School Test Questions TEST IV

Driving Test IV

1. Which gear should we use to start a loaded lorry and Why? _________________________

2. Which is the biggest Roundabout in East Africa? _________________________

3. Why are commercial vehicles taken for inspection? _________________________

4. What is the meaning of MS in driving? _________________________

5. Why is the headlight of motorbikes on always even during the day time? _________________________

6. a) Which signs are circles? _________________________

    b) Which sighs are   Continue reading ...

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Driving School Test Questions TEST III ANSWERS

Driving Test III ANSWERS

1. a) At the center of the road

    b) Where there is a No Parking sign

    c) At the junction

    d) At the bus stops

2. It`s a mobile car without engine pulled with an engine car and it can be used for accommodation

3. a) Night- Stop, deem light, listen, if there is no sound, proceed

    b) Day time- Stop, look left and right, listen if there is no sound, proceed

4. a) Approaching the Round about with wrong lane

    b) Changing lanes on the rou  Continue reading ...

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Driving School Test Questions TEST III

Driving Test III Questions

1. Where are you NOT allowed to park? a) ___________________________ b) ___________________________

c) ___________________________ d) ___________________________

2. What is a caravan? ___________________________

3. What should you do when approaching uncontrolled railway crossing at:

a) Night ______________________________________________________

b) Day time ______________________________________________________

4. Which are the four common mistakes made when approaching a r  Continue reading ...

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Driving School Test Questions TEST II ANSWERS

Driving Test II ANSWERS

1. a) On roundabout

    b) At the junction

    c) At the centre of the road

    d) Where there is no stopping sign

2. It is an automobile power driven machine

3. It is a path to be followed by the vehicle

4. a) At the junction

    b) Where there is no overtaking sign

    c) On the roundabout

5. a) At the stop sign

    b) When ordered by the police

    c) When the traffick lights change to red

6.   Continue reading ...

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Driving School Test Questions TEST II

Driving Test II

1. Name four places you can NOT stop?

a) _____________________ b) _____________________ c) _____________________

d) _____________________

2. What is a vehicle? __________________________________________

3. What is a lane? __________________________________________

4. Where should you NOT overtake? a) _____________________ b) _____________________

c) _____________________

5. Where does the law require you to stop?

a) __________  Continue reading ...

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Driving School Test Questions TEST I ANSWERS

Driving Test I Answers

1. To keep left unless overtaking

2. a) Valid driving license

    b) Valid insurance certificate

    c) Valid vehicle inspection certificate

3. Right side

4. a) When it is foggy

    b) During heavy rainfall

    c) When it is misty

    d) During emergency

5. a) Ambulance with a siren

    b) Fire Engine with a siren

    c) Presidential escort with a siren

    d) Police car with a siren

  Continue reading ...

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Driving School Test Questions TEST I

Driving Test I

1. What is the rule of the Road in Kenya? ___________________

2. Name three documents which must be valid before you are allowed to drive

a)  ___________________ b)  ___________________ c)  ___________________

3. Which side do you overtake from?  ___________________

4. When can you put on the lights during the day?

a)  ___________________ b)  ___________________ c) ___________________

5. Which Vehicles have the right of way

a)  ___________  Continue reading ...

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Location Of Tea Room Matatu Terminus In Nairobi City, Kenya

The Tearoom stage in Nairobi is one of the most popular stages in Nairobi city following closely after the Machakos Country Bus <  Continue reading ...

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Sakai Trading Limited Company In Nairobi- Providing Quality Automobiles To Kenyans

Since childhood, it’s the dream of many Kenyans to own a car for their personal use. Sometimes, however, circumstances often forces someone to acquire an automobile, maybe you have just reached that stage in your life that obtaining an automobile isn’t a luxury anymore but a necessity, or you have a new born, and you don’t want the struggles and dangerous exposures that are associated with boarding public means of transport in Kenya to get you from one location to another. Kenyans also need to buy new personal vehicles from dealing copmanies in Kenya du  Continue reading ...

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Where To Access Rail Transport Within Nairobi City And In Nairobi Estates

Nairobi City has been mauled by rampant vehicular traffic attributed to the many cars on the rather lean roads in Kenya. This has driven most people to opt for the rail transport in Nairobi over road transport in Nairobi. Rail transport in Nairobi is not only cheaper but also more convenient as there are no traffic snarl ups encountered. In the recent past, there are three new railway stations in Nairobi city that have been opened. These new railway stations newly opened in Nairobi are:

Makadara Railway station in Nairobi<  Continue reading ...

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Location Of The Three Main Bus/Matatu Terminals In Nyeri Town In Kenya

There are many people who have no direct access to private means of movement in most parts of Kenya including Nyeri town. Again, there are those who own personal means of transporation in Kenya, but they find it rather cumbersome to use their cars every time they need to access Nyeri town in Kenya or travel to nearby areas. This is the sole reason for the very existence of public service vehicles in Nyeri town in Kenya. The public vehicles in Nyeri town in Kenya aid in movement for those that lack means of private transportation in Nyer  Continue reading ...

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Location Of The Eldoret International Airport In Kenya

The Eldoret International Airport in Kenya is located in the Rift Valley. The airport in Eldoret is located in the southwestern part of Kenya close to the Ugandan border. The Eldoret International Airport is approximately 17 kilometers away from Eldoret town in Kenya along the Kisumu highway. The Eldoret International Airport is managed by the Kenya Airports Authority in Kenya and was established in 1995.

The Eldoret airport is usually open 7 days a week. Eldoret International Airport in Kenya usually open its doors to the public at 0330 hrs and closes at 1730hrs. However the time r  Continue reading ...

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How To Get To Yaya Centre From Nairobi City Centre In Kenya

Yaya Centre in Kenya is one of the major shopping malls in Nairobi and the most preferred shopping mall for those people residing in Hurlingham and Kilimani areas of Nairobi. Yaya Centre in Nairobi was put up in late 1980`s, and over the years, it has become one of the leading shopping malls in Nairobi, very close to the league of Sarit Centre in Nairobi and the like. Behind the Yaya Centre shopping mall in Nairobi, there are about 100 furnished apartments for short term and long term accommodation in Nairobi. Yaya Centre in Nairobi is located to the east of Ring Road Kilimani and to the so  Continue reading ...

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How To Use Your BebaPay Card To Pay For Public Transport In Kenya

Equity bank in Kenya liaised with Google to come up with Bebapay service for Kenyans. BebaPay in Kenya is a payment card that helps you make it easier to pay for your travelling allowance. BebaPay service in Kenya is excellent for people who commute to work. With a BebaPay card in Nairobi, you can pay for your bus ride to and from work without having to carry loose change. BebaPay also ensures that you do not keep receipts of payment in your bag. BebaPay service in Nairobi is available in buses going on Nairobi routes like Githurai 45 (Unified Poa Buses), Riruta, Karen, Jogoo Road and Ngong  Continue reading ...

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Car Hiring Services In Nairobi, Kenya

The car hiring business has grown in leaps and bounds in Kenya and more so Nairobi. Car Hiring is one the booming businesses in Kenya today. Somehow a solution has been found to persons who want to chauffeur themselves but do not have their own cars in Nairobi. Nowadays, with the cash in hand, you can rent a car in Nairobi for as long as you want. This saves you the hustle and bustle experienced by public service car users in Kenya.

Hiring a car in Nairobi goes for as little as KSH 2,500 per day depending on the car hiring company and the make of the car you want to hire. This cost   Continue reading ...

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BebaPay Card Use On Matatu Transportation Within Nairobi In Kenya

Kenya keep on revolving and becoming a technologically proficient country as time goes by. Equity bank in Kenya, together with Google has provided Kenyans with a chance to pay for matatus and merchandise using cards in Kenya. This is an easier way of making the bulky way of carrying around cash escapable in Kenya. One can now just carry a card and electronically pay for everything using it, without having to withdraw cash from banks or mobile phones in Kenya to do so.

Kenya is now catching up on levels of innovations especially where Consumers can now enjoy quick and easy cashless b  Continue reading ...

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Most Popular Driving Schools In Nairobi

The rampant cases of road carnage in Kenya are a point of concern. Statistics in Kenya show that over 2000 deaths had been recorded as at the end of September 2013 in Kenya. Most of the fatalities are recorded among pedestrians and passengers in Kenya. These numbers are deeply alarming.

Most of these accidents on our Kenyan roads are caused by reckless drivers who do not mind the safety of the passengers on board. Over speeding is yet another cause of most accidents in Kenya. With speeds above 120km/ hour the driver can very easily lose control of the car. A feature w  Continue reading ...

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Roads In Nairobi With The Heaviest Traffic Jam During Peak Hours

Nairobi, Kenya’s capital is best known for traffic and congestion, mainly in the morning and at peak hours in the evenings. This issue of traffic jams and congestion in Kenya is what led to Nairobi being classified as the second worst city to live and drive in all over the world. This is according to a report in Kenya that was released earlier this year. Apparently, the issue of traffic jams seems not to be getting a proper solution any time soon from the government of Kenya. The city of Nairobi is already congested with residential premises, businesses and commercial centers. Most ro  Continue reading ...

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How To Avoid Traffic Snarl Ups In Nairobi, Kenya

The horrendous traffic situation in the city of Nairobi has been thorn in the skin for most Nairobi residents for quite a while. Most people in Nairobi estates are forced to leave their house as early as 5 a.m. so as to get to their offices in different parts of Nairobi on time. Avoiding the traffic madness in the streets of Nairobi, especially during rainy mornings, is quite a big piece to chew. It is estimated that Kenya loses approximately 37 billion shillings annually in terms of man-power, pollution and fuel attributed to traffic snarl-ups in Nairobi.

The population in Nairobi   Continue reading ...

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Buses Plying Umoja Route In Nairobi Kenya

The public service industry in Nairobi has been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons from the rampant cases of carjacking to the facing out of 14 seater matatus causing uproar in the city of Kenya. Most 14 seaters were confined to the Muthurwa area in Nairobi while a few were left to linger in town and pick those who opted to ride in them.

The Jogoo road route in Kenya has been home to the carjacking saga. A few weeks ago it was alleged that the City Hoppa operators in Nairobi were working in a cohort with the hijackers. The Inspector General  Continue reading ...