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Various Department available for Services at Coffee Research Foundation

Coffee is a cash crop grown in Kenya mostly in the central part of Kenya and among the major sources of revenue for Kenya as a country. The farming of coffee therefore is not taken for granted as the quality of the coffee products is the major determinant of the amount of revenue gained from coffee. This therefore makes the government ensure that the coffee farmers are provided with the necessary equipment and farm input for quality guarantee.

Kenya has also established an institution which enable the farmers of coffee in Kenya to have the best knowledge on how to tackle the challen  Continue reading ...

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UNIPESA Bill Payment System Services available in Kenya

Kenya has been one of the African countries to be advanced in almost all sectors of the economy. Through the advancement in technology, many beneficial services have been introduced in Kenya and cannot be found in any other Africa country. For instance, Kenya is the main discoverers of mobile banking and mobile fund transfer services such as M-PESA, Orange Money, Yu cash and many more mobile banking services.

On the hand, Kenyans have a lot of utility bills to pay periodically and this has been a major challenge since they have to flock in banks to be able to pay the utility bills o  Continue reading ...

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Products and Services offered by Waterways Africa in Kenya

Kenyans are among people in the world would like parties and holidays mostly when they are out of work. These have therefore made people to find best places to spend their weekends away from their homes. The best places that they can find best for the whole family are in recreational centres which basically have a swimming pool. Swimming pools provide the best pleasure and relaxation experience to almost every member of the society.

Institutions in Kenya have established swimming pools, Steam baths, Sauna and Spa to provide the services that are required by the people visiting these  Continue reading ...

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Private security companies in Kenya

No one want to dwell on the thought of possible disaster or insecurity in Kenya hence the creation of companies offering security personnel at fee to protect your homes, place of work and maybe even yourself as you travel/walk .

Security is a major concern to each one individual and due to insecurity in Kenya. Many companies have grown offering alternative way of conquering insecurity related issue. They include;

Kk security - it has branches all over Kenya main cities, its headquarters are in industrial area in Nairobi. One can call +254(0)20 4245000 or +254 (0)734 62226 or  Continue reading ...

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Micro Insurance Policy Offered by Faulu Microfinance Bank Limited:

Finances in Kenya especially for the unemployed or underemployed could be a major challenge when it comes to its use. Money may be scarce and therefore require proper budget before on how it is to be spend. However, in the world today, there are different organizations which has offered to provide the needy with some loans and microfinances for them to be able to set small businesses which will in the long run benefit them as well as the society.

Faulu Microfinance Bank Limited is one of these institutions which is a duly liability company incorporated in Kenya to provide loans and   Continue reading ...

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Using the M-PESA (safaricom)money transfer:

On the M-PESA menu:

  • select pay bill option

  • enter HELB business number e.g200800

  • enter your national ID number as your account number

  • enter amount you want to pay

  • enter your secret PIN number

  • confirm transaction and send

  • wait for SMS confirmation


Ensure that you include your national ID number as your account reference number:<  Continue reading ...

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Best Companies Offering Transport Services in Kenya

The transport sector in Kenya is one of the major sectors of the economy which provides services to almost all the other sectors of economy. The transport sector offers rampant services to the urban centres and may involve Matatus, Cabs and other transport services such as those on luggage and other commodities.

In Kenya, there are several companies which ensure that the transport sector is smooth running by providing transport services of luggage and other commodities such as sand, spare parts and others through containers and for long distances. These companies are available in th  Continue reading ...

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The Best Children Home In Kenya

Kenya as a country has a large population and as a matter of fact, many people are unemployed especially the youths. On the other hand, poverty has led the unemployed to find sources of income which could be the dangerous and disastrous to their health and well-being. Many youths especially women has resorted to prostitution in order to cater for different needs that they may have. This has therefore led to unwanted pregnancies as well as diseases.

In the area of unwanted pregnancies, the women therefore since they are unable to support and bring up the children they got unexpected,  Continue reading ...

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Best Funeral Service Provider In Kenya

In Kenya, there are many reasons why people may die and be departed by their loved ones. People may die from road accidents which have been rampant in Kenya, prolonged sickness which is also common as well as other related causes and reasons such as suicides and court ruling for hanging of the any people involved in serious illegal deeds where the only judgment is through hanging. All of these reasons may lead to their loved ones and people involved in the deaths organize for the respective funerals for their loved ones be laid in peace.

The funeral organization period may be the mo  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of Building and Contractors Companies in Kenya

Kenya is a growing nation and much is required in putting up more infrastructures including buildings and roads. Many building and contractor firms have been set up in Kenya to provide services to both private companies and the Kenyan government. These firms are distributed across Kenya especially in larger cities; including Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu. They include:

  • Aqua Boil Contractors

Tel: 0722334777

  • Alikim Painting Contractors

Tel: 0712224830

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Programs Offered At Olives Rehabilitation Centre In Mombasa

Olives Rehabilitation centre is based in Mombasa Kenya. It is a Christian based program whole programs are aimed at helping the children that are vulnerable to abuse, neglect, and poor health due to poor diet and extreme poverty. The rehab achieves its objectives through resources mobilization, which are usually locally available to care for, educate and feed the targeted children in the community.

The rehab centre has really expanded after its establishment. It has a large staff that consists of volunteers, interns, college students and expertise which include those from Kenya and   Continue reading ...

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Companies That Offer Garbage Collection Services In Kenya

Sanitation and community health is one of the major essential areas that are important and should be looked upon by relevant authority for their splendid conditions. These areas should be well established to make sure that the health conditions are of the highest quality. The services which could minimize, avoid or reduce the impacts of poor sanitation is the building of latrines, garbage pits and periodically collection of garbage and waste material.

Poor sanitation in areas may cause outbreak of diseases and epidemic where it may lead to death, displacement among other effects. Th  Continue reading ...

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Security Services Offered By Kleen Homes Security Services Ltd

Kenya is one of Africa countries which have been challenged by the alarming rates of insecurity. This is majorly linked to the illegal militia group such as Al-shabaab from Somalia, Mungiki Sect, Mombasa Republican Council (MRC) and many more groups in Kenya and outside Kenya which attack Kenyans for various reasons. The insecurity has thereby seen a lot of people killed, injured and property destroyed and therefore every Kenyan have to take a step in the protection of their selves as well as for their loved ones.

Companies in Kenya were and are still been established that specializ  Continue reading ...

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Banking Services Available In Kakamega Town.

Kakamega town is located in western region which has larger population of people. Apart from this, this town has various education institutions (colleges and universities) where students converge from all corners of Kenya. The students from the colleges and universities pay their fees and therefore there was need to have banks that will keep these fees save.

The students also need to be accommodated while school. Therefore the accommodation services to the students are provided by the people of Kakamega town hence they need to save the money they get from these students. All the inv  Continue reading ...

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Insurance Companies In Kenya

Kenya is one of the countries in Africa which has the most population which reside in overcrowded areas mostly in urban centres. Urban centres in Kenya such as Nairobi has a very high population which even exceed the available resources for the benefits of all the residents. The resources which are overwhelmed by the high population include health facilities and medical centres, better housing facilities and general infrastructure. This overcrowding is therefore the sole reason of unemployment in the urban areas which have become very rampant and the major challenge.

The overcrowdin  Continue reading ...

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Best Places To Order And Purchase Cakes In Kenya

Festive seasons in Kenya are of various types and are accompanied by a lot of special foods and snacks. The festive seasons involves weddings, birthdays, thanksgiving and many more festive seasons. All these festive seasons require preparations for a certain period of time to enable the planning of how the event will take place. It is during this period that the event planner will have to plan on the specific place that the most important snack, cake would be acquired.

Cakes are the most important and essential snack that are used for the special occasions as they can be decorate to  Continue reading ...

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Companies That Manufacture And Supply Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) In Kenya

In Kenya, many households especially in the urban areas face many challenges by the methods and techniques that they require for preparation of their meals. Most of them are forced to use charcoal and paraffin stoves which are not only expensive but they also pose health threats to the occupants of the houses. Charcoal also pollute the environment as its combustion produce carbon monoxide which is a respiratory poison to the human body.

This therefore makes the people to search for more ways which are environmentally safe and which will be pocket-friendly. Most of the urban areas re  Continue reading ...

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Water Borehole Drilling Companies In Kenya

Water is one of the most essential entities that people could not survive without. Water is a natural resource that has the most purposes on the modes of life. Water can be used for domestic purposes such as drinking, cleaning and bathing, for irrigation in agricultural lands and schemes, for industrial processes and many more purposes. The source of water may also vary from place to place. There are companies that have specialized in the provision of piped water in the residents and people. However, other use dams, rivers, lakes and boreholes.

For use of a borehole, there should be  Continue reading ...

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Most Popular Hospitality Service Providers In Kenya

Kenya as a country have been able to develop the tourism sector as it possess a lot of tourist attraction sites such as the Game Parks and Reserves, beaches, Warden and much more which are distributed all over the country. This sees tourists from different parts of the world visiting Kenya for these attraction sites at the coast or anywhere they exist. As they are visiting, there should be accommodation which will enable them to be comfortable through their touring.

In respect to this, Kenya has been able to develop the best hotels and accommodation facilities to accommodate and pro  Continue reading ...

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Companies Providing The Best Construction Services In Kenya

Construction in Kenya can take a lot of types and variations and can involve a lot of procedures. The construction types and designs can involve the construction based on corporation or individual works and include building and construction of roads, bridges, dams, houses, stalls and many more sites. This therefore require special techniques for the safety of those who will later use it for their benefits as well prevention of the damages they can cause to the people and environment once it collapses or develop problems.

The construction of such structures thereby require qualified   Continue reading ...

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Role Of The National Council Of Churches In Kenya

The church in Kenya is helping a lot of people to live the kind of life that is expected of them. It has been noticed that the church is stepping up measures and helping the society in the following major ways that continually propel the society to greater levels in life.


It is of no doubt that the church is the main centre of counseling in the country. Many people having difficulties in life continually rush to the church to seek help and get saved from a particular issue that is constantly affecting them. It is encouraged for one to join others in going for co  Continue reading ...

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Various Products And Services Offered By Rivatex East Africa LTD Kenya

In Kenya, there are several agricultural areas which produce cotton as their cash crop. The cotton wool would be used for various uses and mostly in industries. Kenya as it has farmers who produce cotton wool in large scale have been able to establish and develop textile manufacturing industries. Textile manufacturing industries have been able to provide the farmers with a stable source of income as the cotton they produce always have a higher demand.

Rivatex East Africa LTD is one of the leading textile manufacturing industries in Kenya which was developed to process the cotton woo  Continue reading ...

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The most Popular Plastic Products and Plastic Packages Manufacturers in Kenya

Households in Kenya generally use plastic products. The major household equipment include the general utensils such as plastic cups, plates and many more. The other equipment include basins, baskets, buckets and others which are made of plastic. All these products are manufactured in various industries which then supply these products through the Kenyan market.

These companies and manufacturers ensure that they produce quality products to their customers. Below are the major plastic manufacturers in Kenya;

Kenpoly Manufacturers limited

This is one of the leading ma  Continue reading ...

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The Most Popular Water and Sanitation Services boards in Kenya

Water in Kenya is majorly one of the essential commodities that is required for the smooth operations of day-to-day activities. Life can therefore be impossible without water and in fact clean water. Clean water is somehow not available in the local areas and through this therefore, they tend to use water from rivers which could be seasonal and thereby contaminated. Contaminated water eventually diseases which could be prevented by use of clean water.

Kenya through the ministry of water and sanitation has therefore established services boards which ensure that the people regardless   Continue reading ...

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How to import or export Motor vehicles to Kenya

Motor vehicles are the most important automobiles which are required by most of the people for their transportation as well as that of their belongings. This makes it therefore one of the commodity that everyone needs for the smooth running of their life-operations. Motor vehicles are manufactured and made available by certain companies in the country and abroad the popular been General Motors in Kenya. However, other people may want to purchase vehicles from outside Kenya due to various reasons. This has made the acquisition of vehicles from abroad to be given more credit as it has a lot o  Continue reading ...

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Services Provided at Ardhi House

Everyone reaches a stage in life where the need and desire of owning property becomes a necessity. Ask any Kenyan man or woman and they will conform this. However the issue of owning and management is a serious sensitive matter especially with the ever rising issue of corruption cases and fake title deeds. To ensure that the land or property you want to invest in is really the one and it is really on offer one has to have a reliable source center to verify information. Ardhi House is a government corporation that falls under the ministry of lands commission of Kenya. Ardhi House is mandated  Continue reading ...

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The best shops for repair and maintenance of LG products in Kenya

Kenyans are among the best people who like to trend and to have the latest commodities in the market. It is not funny to see the launch of a new gadget or electronic today and the following day, most of Kenyans have the gadgets and electronics at hand. These gadgets can be the latest mobile phones, tablets, laptops or electronics such as Television sets, fridges, microwaves and water dispensers. There are companies therefore which take advantage of this Kenyan behaviours and ensure that they launch new products periodically. The most common companies include Samsung, LG, Nokia and the rest.  Continue reading ...

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Where to Obtain Kenyan Citizenship in Kenya

The issue of citizenship is sensitive in many countries especially here in Kenya. Obtaining Kenyan citizenship is not only mind boggling it’s stressful to say the least especially if you have no idea where to obtain it. As a national identification card is a vital record that documents the nationality of a person, Its importance cannot be over emphasized as only through the producing of this vital document can you get other important documents here in Kenya including passports, visas, bank loans and application for employment or registration for Kenya national examination exams in Ken  Continue reading ...

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The best Centre for care and treatment of cancer in Kenya: Cancer Care Kenya

Hospitals have been established to provide a lot of services to the people of Kenya. These hospitals ensure that the people are better cared for and treated for their various diseases diagnosed in their bodies. Many people suffer from different diseases and therefore those hospitals have variety of departments to offer the different services required by the patients. Cancer is one of the leading diseases that is dangerous and therefore the patients need a lot of care for the treatment. Cancer Care Kenya is a center that was established purely to deal with the cancer patients in the diagnosi  Continue reading ...

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The best places to buy Car parts and Accessories Online in Kenya

Kenya is a country in which there are a lot businesses with variations in the setup and mode of operations. Those businesses are set in the environment in which the business owner feel is the best and which the surrounding provides the best market for the businesses. For instance, most business people will set up a business to sell fishing equipment near a lake or sea where there is ready market from the fishermen available in the lake.

People therefore should consider the environment before setting up their businesses. They should first examine the environment to ensure that it has  Continue reading ...

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Various Water services and Treatment Companies in Kenya

Water is one of the most essential and basic commodity that all the people require in life. Water is required almost by every sector of life from industries to homesteads. Quality of water is therefore important especially when it comes to consumption and human use. There are a lot of impurities and organisms that may be present in water and thereby endanger the lives of the users.

Water is therefore required to be treated before consumption and use by individuals in the society. It is treated for pathogens, impurities and all other harmful substances that may be present in the wate  Continue reading ...

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Most of the best Real Estate companies and Agencies in Kenya

Property in Kenya is at some point faced with the sell or rent properties. Most of the people who try to sell their property getting losses due to the method they use to sell these properties. There are various methods in which the sellers and buyers can use to sell or buy the properties they need. The properties involved in this sections are most of the valuable commodities such as houses, vehicles and so much more.

This therefore require a special company or person to act as the middlemen in linking the best buyer found to the seller of the property. There are companies which has   Continue reading ...

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ZUKU Satellite TV and Fiber Packages and their Respective features in Kenya

Kenya have recently undergone a lot of changes in almost any sector of development and life. Due to the digital introduction of various devices and gadgets, most people have now switched every mode of their life to accept this digital change. For instance, people do not have to visit shops with cash as in the past but they now use credit cards which is one of the forms of technological advancement. Other examples that show that people have adapted to digital world is the use of the internet to do banking as well as read newspapers and so much more.

In this digital era, people have e  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Various Methods on how to pay for ZUKU Subscription bills in Kenya

Various Methods on how to pay for ZUKU Subscription bills in Kenya

ZUKU is a digital TV service provider who provide viewers with different forms of subscription in which the users are able to comfortably pay. These subscription are mainly pocket-friendly compared to same subscriptions from other TV service providers. ZUKU therefore turns out to be one of the most affordable forms of digital viewership in Kenya.

It presents their customers with other options and advantages which other digital TV service providers do not provide. For instance, ZUKU provides their customers wi  Continue reading ...

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The Procedure of Acquiring a Passport in Kenya


The procedure of acquiring a passport in Kenya is done by the Kenya immigration department. For the process not to be tedious, one needs to follow the rules and procedures and meet the requirement for applying a Kenyan passport. For it to be easier in meeting the procedures and requirement one need to apply for his or her passport at least 30 days before planning to travel

Passport is necessary for citizens to travel outside Kenya. Furthermore, Kenyan citizens wishing to travel within East African countries can apply for an East African Passport or a temporary passpor  Continue reading ...

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Important Facilities That Mumias Sugar Company workers Benefit From


Mumias is one the largest sugar companies in Kenya. Its operations take place in outskirts of Mumias town about 5 kilometers from the town, along Mumias- Bungoma road. The company grows cane and buys cane from farmers which it then process to produce sugar and other cane by products such as jiggery and molasses. The company also has started production of ethanol which is used in the generation of electricity.

The company is the main employer in the region of both skilled and unskilled people who work for the company in various departments. The company  Continue reading ...

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Featured Projects of Innovation for Poverty Action (IPA) in Kenya: What IPA does in Kenya.

Innovation for poverty action (IPA) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Kenya which opened its branch here in Kenya in 2006. This non-governmental organisation has branches over 40 countries worldwide. Its main aim in Kenya is addressing developmental needs. They have a branch in Nairobi and Kisumu.

The areas of operation for IPA (innovation for poverty action) in Kenya are;

  • Western region of Kenya (the former western province).
  • Nyanza region of Kenya (the former Nyanza province).
  • Central region of Kenya (the former Central province).
  •   Continue reading ...

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The Best Shops for Phone Repair and Accessories in Nairobi, Kenya

The Best Shops for Phone Repair and Accessories in Nairobi, Kenya

Mobile phones in the present Kenya is one of the most essential commodities that people require to live a normal life. Technological advancements have made the mobile phones to be a device which can be used for different purposes apart from normal communication. For instance, the mobile phones can now be used to find direction through the Google Map app, find services around such as ATMs that the user need. This has therefore made people to view mobile phones as their life-leading device.

However, through the   Continue reading ...

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Various Cab Service Companies and their Contact details within Nairobi, Kenya

Various Cab Service Companies and their Contact details within Nairobi, Kenya

Most towns in Kenya such as Nairobi have a lot of people and therefore most people who do not have their personal vehicles, are forced to use the various Matatus available in their way to and from work or school. These Matatus sometimes become limited and thereby making transportation of these people hard. On the other hand, these Matatus do not operate late at night and this lead to people from long distance travel getting stranded as they try to find transport to their various homes if they arrive to tow  Continue reading ...

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Where Best to Purchase School Accessories in Kenya: Text Book Centre Limited

In Kenya, many schools especially public schools have insufficient reading materials for all their students and pupils as well as for teaching staff. This therefore forces most of the parents to buy books and reading materials for their sons/daughters. Again, the books issued by the schools may be outdated or very old hence lacking the current affairs and modern mode of study. Parents who are therefore concerned with the schooling of their children, will then ensure that they are vanished with the latest and modern books in the market.

The major challenge in shopping for the books i  Continue reading ...

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Location and contacts of Innovation for Poverty Action (IPA) in Kenya.

Innovation for Poverty Action (IPA) is a non governmental organization that operates in Kenya on a non profit basis. The Innovation for poverty action (IPA) created its branch office in Kenya in 2006 at the Nairobi city before creating another one in Kisumu city. IPA has their branches in other African counties such as Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Malawi, Liberia and Mali and other countries outside Africa such as Brazil, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, China and Indonesia.

The main mission of IPA in Kenya is to apply their research findings in developing, testing and   Continue reading ...

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Child Helpline Number In Kenya

Child Helpline telephone contact in Kenya ..... 116

  Continue reading ...

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Fire Emergency Telephone Contacts In Kenya

Fire Station in Kenya .......... 112/999

Nairobi City Council Fire Emergency ....... 2222181

G4S Fire Services in Kenya ................... 6982999/6982013/21

  Continue reading ...

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Inua Jamii Cash Programme Launched By President Uhuru

Recently, the president of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta launched `Inua Jamii Cash Programme` in Kenya. `Inua Jamii Cash Programme`was launched in Murang`a County, and it is a conditional cash transfer system that is aimed to utilize Ksh 12 Billion every year.

The president launched a social welfare program in Kenya which is aimed to benefit the extremely poor people in the society. The government of Kenya has been recemtly launching development programs in Kenya which aim at eliminating poverty, making youths in Kenya productive and ensuring growth of entrepreneurial culture  Continue reading ...

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Bush Rover Limited Company In Nairobi, Kenya

Bush Rover Limited Company in Kenya is a garage for automobiles located on Karen Road, off Ngong Road in Nairobi.  Bush Rover Limited in Nairobi is near Karen Exhibition Centre.

Bush Rover Limited garage postal address is P.O Box 24259- 00502 Karen Nairobi. You can contact Bush Rover Garage in Karen via telephone contacts +254 20 883357 and 3883357, or via mobile contacts 0707217738, 0707217737 and 0726856135. 

The Bush Rover Limited website is at

<  Continue reading ...

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Nairobi Pentecostal Church In Kenya

Nairobi Pentecostal Church is located on Valley Road in Nairobi. Nairobi Pentecostal Church in Kenya can be reached on their website at

Nairobi Pentecostal Church mobile contacts are0733520596 and 0725357180. The telephone contacts are 2716301. 

The email address of Nairobi Pentecostal Church is

Nairobi Pentecostal Church is a part of Christ Is The Answer Ministries (CITAM) in Kenya.

  Continue reading ...

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Yoga Centres In Nairobi, Kenya

Ayush Ayurveda & Yoga Centre in Nairobi is located in House 47 on Kyuna Crescent, Kitisuru. The postal address of Ayush Ayurveda & Yoga Centre in Parklands part of Nairobi is P.O. Box: 39712-00623, Parklands. The telephone contacts of Ayush Ayurveda & Yoga Centre in Nairobi are: 2091098, 3750050 and 3750070.

Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centre in Kenya is located on 01 Maua Close, off Parklands Road in Westlands Nairobi, just Opposite Unga House. Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centre website is at Continue reading ...

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How Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Promote Professional Teachers In Kenya

TSC is a Teachers` Service Commission in Kenya that is aimed at developing the profession of teaching and teaching career progression in Kenya. TSC in Kenya via the TSC Act section 35 recognizes and promotes teachers in Kenya to advance their teaching professional abilities via further studies. Therefore, the recent saga about TSC denying promotion of teachers in Kenya who have furthered their knowledge and skills to gain better positions beats logic.

Teachers Service Commission in Kenya provides for promotion of teachers every year on the merit of 6,000 teachers unde  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Services Available At West Kenya Diagnostic And Imaging Centre Limited (WKDICL) In Kisumu, Kenya

West Kenya Diagnostic and Imaging Centre Limited (WKDICL) in Kenya is a state of the art facility that provides personalized diagnostic care in Kenya using the latest technology. With advancement of technology in Kenya, the use of technological diagnosis has made the diagnosis of various diseases in Kenya very easy as the medical practitioner in Kenya can visualize the body parts infected and affected by the pathogens (which can be viruses, bacteria and fungi) and injuries.

In WKDICL in Kenya, the diagnosis has even been made mo  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Children`s Hospice And Palliative Care Centre In Nairobi: Offering Medical Services For Children In Kenya

In the society today, children have been most vulnerable to most diseases and health problems all over the world. The mostly affected children by these diseases are children from developing countries such as Kenya and those living in disease-prone areas. Children in Kenya lack the way to get to hospitals in Kenya. This has led to increased mortality rates of children in Kenya, especially children below age of five years. This is an alarming death rate in Kenya, and therefore, institutions and medical centres in Kenya have to b  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

University Of Nairobi Library: Services Offered By Jomo Kenyatta Memorial Library In Kenya

Jomo Kenyatta Memorial Library (JKML) in Kenya, is a magnificent immense library built in 1980’s as an expansion project necessitated by the rapid growth of the predecessor library in Kenya- The Gandhi Memorial Library in Kenya. Jomo Kenyatta Memorial Library in Kenya is located in University of Nairobi main campus in Kenya. University of Nairobi is a public university in Kenya which was established in 1970’s. University of Nairobi is located at the heart of Nairobi, Kenya capital city on University Way. Jomo Kenyatta Memorial Library (JKML) in Kenya caters for both college of h  Continue reading ...

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Services Offered By The Bontana Hotel In Nakuru Town, Kenya

Bontana Hotel in Kenya is one of the classic hotels in Nakuru town in Kenya. Bontana Hotel in Kenya provides the best accommodation services in Nakuru town. Since Nakuru town in Rift Valley of Kenya and is growing at a faster rate, many people flow to Nakuru in need of various services. Nakuru town in Kenya is also a town that is surrounded by several scenic tourist attractions in Kenya because of its location within the Great Rift Valley in Kenya. This has ensured that the Bontana Hotel provides accommodation in Nakuru to the many tourists visiting Nakuru to site see. The many tourist attr  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Where To Get Accommodation In Kitui Town In Kenya: Flavas Restaurant In Kitui

Restaurants and hotels in Kenya are more common, especially in major towns in Kenya for offering food and drinks to customers. The restaurants in Kenya are developed for the purpose of offering cheap, and high standard food to ensure that their customers are satisfied. Most restaurants in Kenya are located in popular buildings and common plaza in towns for their popularity and to attract customers to the hotels. Others hotels in Kenya are situated in major supermarkets in Kenya such as Nakumatt Junction in Nairobi which has KFC restaurant along Ngong Road in Nairobi.

Flavas restaura  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Where To Sell Laptops In Nairobi Or Buy Second Hand Laptops In Nairobi City, Kenya

Due to the latest advancement in technology, everyone is in a rush to acquire advanced machines and gadgets in Kenya. These technologically advanced gadgets in Kenya that most people are buying nowadays include smartphones in Kenya, tablets in Kenya, iPads in Kenya, iPhones in Kenya and laptops in Kenya. These gadgets enable people to perform tasks easily and faster than if they were not present and the technological assist in many other difficult tasks. For example, when you buy a smartphone in Kenya, you can use the Google maps to get directions of places you  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Servces Offered At Nomad Palace Hotel In Nairobi City, Kenya

Many people like visiting Nairobi city in Kenya because it is the capital city of Kenya and all major Kenyan governmental offices are located in Nairobi. Nairobi city is the most populated city in Kenya due to the many industries located in Nairobi Industrial area. People migrate in large numbers from rural areas in Kenya to Nairobi in search of job opportunities in Kenya. There is a large number of people who travel to Nairobi for business purposes or tourism purposes in Kenya. The people traveling to Nairobi need accomm  Continue reading ...

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Location Of Nairobi City Market In Kenya

Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, harbours all kinds of markets in Kenya. Some of the markets in Nairobi include Muthurwa clothes market along Haile Selasie Avenue, Gikomba market in Nairobi, Ngara Market, Maasai Market along Slip Road in Nairobi, Toy Market in Nairobi Adams area along Ngong Road, Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Orange Mobicom Shop In Karatina Town In Central Kenya

Orange network in Kenya has successfully established the Orange services in rural towns of Kenya. Karatina Town is a rural town in Kenya that is located   Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Orange Mobicom Along Moi Avenue In Nairobi City, Kenya

Orange Kenya is a mobile network company in Kenya which most Kenyans are warming up to. Through the services Orange Kenya offer in terms of internet surfing using modems and Ora  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Location Of West Side Mall In Nakuru Town: Services Offered In West Side Mall In Kenya

Nakuru is a town in Nakuru County in Kenya which is located 132 Km from Nairobi city in Kenya. Nakuru town in Kenya plays host to a lot of businesses, schoolsContinue reading ...

6 years ago

Services Offered By Easy Coach Bus Service In Kenya And Location Of Easy Coach Offices In Nairobi

In Kenya, traveling especially for long distances can be a challenge to many people. Travelling in Kenya involves a lot of processesContinue reading ...

6 years ago

Jules Events Company In Nairobi: Professional Wedding And Corporate Events Planners In Kenya

Numerous studies have shown that human beings thrive on contact with others. Socializing is part of everyday life but there are Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Procedure And Requirements For Importing A Vehicle Into Kenya

Kenyans or people dwelling in Kenya can access the services of importing commodities in Kenya through various procedures. The process of Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Services Available At Kakamega Provincial General Hospital In Kakamega Town, Kenya

Kakamega Provincial General Hospital is situated in Kakamega town. Kakamega town in Kenya is in Kakamega County  Continue reading ...

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Services Available In Red Heron Centre In Kitengela, Kenya

Kitengela in Kenya is a town located 40 kilometres towards South West of Nairobi. It has tremediously <  Continue reading ...

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Location Of Muli Shopping Mall In Kitui Town And The Services Offered In Muli Shopping Mall In Kenya

Shopping Malls in Kenya have recently been an investment countrywide from the benefits that they offer to most Kenyans. Shopping Malls are buildings which host a range of businesses in Kenya that provide variety of services to customers seeking these services under one roof. These businesses available in most shopping malls in Kenya include banking services, Shopping areas and supermarkets, Boutiques and clothes shops and many more.

Kenya is one country in East Africa that evidently has widespread of upcoming shopping malls  Continue reading ...

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Blooming Beauty Clinic: Providing Professional Waxing Services In Kenya

Taking care of your body is a fundamental part of being a human being. The human body thrives on nurturing and one way to accomplish this is through eating well and exercising. However, there is another way that ensures your skin showcases that beautiful glow and this is through waxing. Waxing service in Kenya is a technique that has been developed for centuries and when done in the right way, it takes care of unwanted body hair and leaves you feeling refreshed and confident about your body. Of course, there are many special occasions where waxing services in Kenya would really be appreciat  Continue reading ...

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Procedure Of Obtaining Public Service Vehicle (PSV) License For Drivers And Conductors In Kenya

The procedure for obtaining a public service vehicle license in Kenya requires a driver to have the following: A driver applying for public service vehicle license in Kenya should be twenty four years and over and have over four years of experience in driving in Kenya or abroad. To obtain a public service license in Kenya, a driver should fill a form XVI which is taken to Traffic Police Department in Nairobi for certification in Kenya. Traffic Police Department in Nairobi is located in Upper Hill near Kenyatta National hospital in Kenya. To get to the Traf  Continue reading ...

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Professional Movers Companies In Kenya

Kenyans loathe moving as it can be extremely hectic especially if one is ill prepared. The idea of moving in Kenya and adapting to a completely new territory where they must adapt to the surrounding is mostly frowned upon. As dreaded as that may seem, most people tend to think that the activity of moving in itself, especially here in Kenya plays a big role in how life will be at the new place. The main hurdle highlighted by Kenyans while moving is packing, which is extremely stressful. Most of the Kenyans imagine looking for boxes, packing, hiring a tiny pickup  Continue reading ...

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Services Provided In Sarit Center Shopping Mall In Westlands Part Of Nairobi In Kenya

Kenya, among other developing countries in Africa, has been involved in economic developments with the intention of increasing its economic rate by at least double digits. One of the government of Kenya\'s efforts is encouraging the Kenyan citizen to involve themselves in economic investments that can spur the Kenyan economy to grow. With emergence of many shopping malls in Kenya, it is clear that many local and foreign investors in Kenya have  had a wealthy return on the shopping malls business in Kenya.

The Sarit Center s  Continue reading ...

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How To Obtain A Birth Certificate From Immigration Offices In Nairobi, Kenya

So it is that time of the year when you want to enroll your child to a public school in Kenya or you just want to apply for a visa in Kenya that enables you to go for that long deserved vacation and you find that you need one small identification document in Kenya, a birth certificate in Kenya, and you have no idea where to get it or the requirements needed to obtain a birth certificate in Kenya. A Birth certificate in Kenya is a vital record that documents the birth of a child. Birth certificate in Kenya has importance&n  Continue reading ...

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The Options Kenyans Have In Choosing Digital Boxes To Buy In Kenya

Kenya is in the process of migrating from analogue to digital signals for viewing or listening to content. In order for television viewers in Kenya to receive digital signals, one will require appropriate receiving equipment. The equipment referred to as digital boxes in Kenya, vary depending on a person’s preference. There are those digital boxes in Kenya that are inbuilt on digital television sets in Kenya, free to air (FTA) decoders in Kenya and those digital boxes that require subscriptions in Kenya.

The free to air set box  Continue reading ...

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Frontline Professional Cleaners In Nairobi: Offering Cleaning Services Before And After Events In Kenya

In life, there are some situations you encounter where thorough cleaning becomes not only necessary but also recommended. The visit by your in-laws; celebrating a milestone in life; inviting your workmates in Kenya to your home for the first time; and before and after throwing that party in Kenya that will leave guests talking for months. However, a special day needs to be fully taken in and this is an uphill task especially when you are worried about forgetting something. Professional cleaning in Kenya may be the way to go. Professional cleaning by renowned cleanin  Continue reading ...

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Cube Movers Company In Nairobi: Providing Professional Moving Services In Kenya

Although moving to a different location in Kenya may be an idea that sounds pleasing to many Kenyans, the actual process of moving in Kenya is often a trigger for headaches. You never realize how much material possessions you have accumulated over the years until you are forced to pack them into a box while moving. This is the time you quickly discover that more boxes than you previously thought you needed are actually needed. Fortunately, there are moving companies in Kenya that are well equipped to handle removal both in Kenya and in other parts of the world. Cube Movers in Kenya is a mov  Continue reading ...

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Parapet Cleaning Services Company Provides Domestic Cleaning And Commercial Cleaning Services In Kenya

Did you know that your business environment in Kenya could make or break you in terms of customers and sales? You may have the best ideas, products and prices in Kenya, but all this will not matter if your business is in an uninviting environment. Kenyans appreciate a clean, serene environment. It does not matter whether it is at the mama mboga or at a world class supermarket in Kenya. Cleanliness always sells. Cleanliness does not have to be expensive to be doable. Often times using soap and water is enough to create that sweet smelling environment for a business i  Continue reading ...

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Kenya Power: How To Register For Power Connection Alerts And Get Your Electricity Monthly Bill Via Email In Kenya

It can be very disconcerting when you’re using electricity in Kenya only to suffer from the consequences of a sudden blackout. Unfortunately, electricity blackouts in Kenya are not unheard of and having some form of warning before the fact can make a huge difference in terms of damages caused. Kenya Power company in Kenya, the company responsible for providing power in Kenya, has formulated a program that would enable its KPLC customers in Kenya to access power related services in Kenya easily. The KPLC service in Kenya&  Continue reading ...

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Services Available Within Greenspan Mall In Donholm Estate In Nairobi, Kenya

The Green span shopping mall in Nairobi is one of the few malls located in the larger Eastlands area of Nairobi City. The Green span shopping mall in Nairobi was open recently in 2012 and houses over ten brand shops in Eastlands part of Nairobi well known in Kenya and over. The four storey Green span shopping complex in Kenya is located in Donholm Estate in Nairobi. The Green span shopping mall supports all shoppers, gourmets and revelers in Kenya as it has boutiques, eateries and a pub in Donholm Estate in Nairobi.

  Continue reading ...

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Products Available At Mathai Supermarket In Nyeri Town In Kenya

Mathai Supermarket in Kenya is one of the most popular supermarkets in Nyeri town in Kenya. Mathai Supermarket was the first supermarket to be started in Nyeri town in Kenya, and as such as gained popularity over the years for one stop shopping.

Mathai Supermarket in Nyeri town is located along Gakere Road. Next to the Mathai Supermarket is a Bata Shoe outlet in Nyeri to the left and a boutique to the right. The Mathai Supermarket has undergone recent renovation to expand its space as well as to improve the overall outlook of Mathai Supermarket outlet in Nyeri.

Mathai Superm  Continue reading ...

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How To Get To Garden City And The Location Of Garden City Project Along Thika Road In Nairobi, Kenya

A private equity firm called Actis announced its project called the Garden city in Nairobi city. Garden City project in Nairobi is a 12.4 billion project that is along the Thika super highway in Kenya. The 32acre housing development in Kenya that goes by the name Garden City will consist of a Garden City mall in Kenya that is 50,000 metres squared. Garden City Project in Kenya will also have modern commercial offices, 500 homes and a Garden City park in Nairobi. This Garden City park will be 4acres and it will house an outdoor Garden City arena in Kenya for holding shows and events. The Gar  Continue reading ...

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Location And Services Available At Ole Sereni Hotel Along Mombasa Road In Nairobi, Kenya

Ole Sereni Hotel in Kenya is located on the busy Mombasa Highway approximately five kilometers from Nairobi Central Business District. Ole Sereni Hotel in Nairobi is usually referred to as the Nairobi city hotel in Kenya within the game park as it overlooks the Nairobi National Park in Kenya.

Ole Sereni Hotel in Kenya is strategically placed midway between Nairobi city centre and Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Kenya trapping clients from both ends. Ole Sereni Hotel offers personalized services as well as world class facilities to both leisure and business travelers in Kenya.  Continue reading ...

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How To Register And Use PesaMob Mobile Service In Kenya Launched By Family Bank

Family bank in Kenya has surprised us yet again with a brilliant innovation, a virtual banking system in Kenya that is secure and convenient that enables Kenyans to do their banking in Kenya from anywhere at any time. The fully operational Family Bank mobile banking system in Kenya offers Family Bank users a wide range of banking services in Kenya. The main focus of the PesaMob Service launch by Family Bank is to attract more that 5 million small and medium traders in Kenya especially in the rural areas and those in un-bankable parts of Kenya. The Family bank mobile banking system enables t  Continue reading ...

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G4S Security Service Company As The Leading Provider Of Private Security Services In Kenya

G4s Kenya is by far the most known market leader in the security business in Kenya that provides quality manned security services within Kenya. With the ever increasing insecurity, the need for quality security is on the rise in Kenya. The core value of G4S Kenya is to focus on customer satisfaction hence they strive to demonstrate their innovativeness by their continued attempt in search and delivery of the right solution to ever changing evolving problems, challenging themselves to improve their performance, striving to be the most trusted manned security company in Kenya and a perfect mo  Continue reading ...

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Equity Bank Services Available In Nakuru Town In Kenya

Equity Bank is one of the many bank service providers in Kenya, and it has Equity Bank branches all over Kenya. Many people in Kenya have taken to the idea of banking and mostly prefer banks in Kenya which provide services such as special accounts like Jijenge account in Equity bank, loans at an affordable rate and other banking benefits in Kenya that people need. Equity bank in Kenya has been a known bank for a long time to be a good provider of Equity Bank Loans options such as agricultural loans, asset finance loans in Kenya, micro business loans in Kenya, women loans in Kenya and consum  Continue reading ...

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Kenya Orient Mobile Insurance Company: How You Can Insure Mobile Phones Devices In Kenya

As Kenyans have found innovative ways to use mobile phones, from conducting business through mpesa ,to paying workers, to mobile banking and internet use in Kenya, the importance has become a necessity. With the number of mobile phone users in Kenya standing at an approximate number of 29 million mobile subscribers-with an expected growth of 1.7% in the coming year, means that one in every two people carries and uses a mobile phone in Kenya. With this expansive growth comes the need to always secure your mobile phone   Continue reading ...

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The Skate Studio Limited In Nairobi: Where To Go For Rollerblading Classes In Kenya

Kenyan children, like many children around the world, are adventurous. They like trying out new things and given the opportunity, their creativity shines through brightly. However, if you have ever seen children try out rollerblading on Kenyan roads, then you will appreciate the need for a safe place for rollerblading. Rollerblading in Kenya is a fun activity for the children but only when done in the right and safe environment and in the right gear. The Skate Studio Limited in Nairobi provides this safe environment to try out different techniques as far as skating and rollerbladi  Continue reading ...

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Maternal And Child Care By Aga Khan Hospital In Buruburu, Nairobi Eastlands Area In Kenya

Kenya, with a population of over 40 million people and an ever increasing birth rate, has an increased need of quality health care of both mother and child during pregnancy in many areas in Kenya. The quality care for mothers and children during pregnancy and after delivery in Kenya is necessary to reduce the Infant mortality rate in Kenya of 43.61 deaths per 1,000 live births since Women and children are facing additional health risks in Kenya because of childbirth.

The Aga Khan Maternal and Child Care Centre (AKMCCC) in Kenya, which was established in 1889, has opened its doors in  Continue reading ...

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How To Apply TSC Payslips Online In Kenya

Teachers Service Commission in Kenya is a body that deals with teachers in Kenya. Teachers service Commission (TSC) is responsible for registering all the qualified teachers in Kenya before they can teach in any public institutions in Kenya or any private institutions in Kenya. Teachers Service Commission in Kenya has offices in Nairobi Upper Hill area near Shelter Afrique Centre.

Teachers Service Commission in Kenya provides online services for Kenyans such as applying TSC jobs online, applying payslips online, wealth declaration forms in Kenya, Teacher registration, Pension Matter  Continue reading ...

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Location Of Zion Mall And The Services Available In Zion Mall Found In Eldoret Town, Kenya

Zion Mall in Kenya is one of the few malls found in Eldoret town. Zion Mall in Eldoret is located at the heart of the town along the famous Uganda Road. Zion mall in Eldoret was recently put up in 2011 and serves as a busy complex frequented by the residents of Eldoret town.

Zion Mall in Kenya was built to reclaim part of a marsh and bog area opposite Barngetuny Plaza in Eldoret town. Some of the services that can be accessed in Zion Mall in Rift Valley are:

Tuskys Supermarket in Zion Mall

Turskys Supermarket is one of the popular supermarkets in Kenya. Tuskys Supe  Continue reading ...

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Services Available At The Panari Sky Centre Along Mombasa Road In Nairobi, Kenya

The Panari Sky Centre in Nairobi is a state of the art architectural building found along Mombasa Road. The Panari Sky Centre in Kenya is managed by the Nairobi Panari Hotels which is a group a five star hotels in Nairobi city. The Panari Hotel in Nairobi is conveniently located five kilometers away from Nairobi`s Central business district. The Panari Hotel in Kenya is also located five kilometers away from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi making it most convenient for passengers arriving to Kenya via the airport.

The Panari Hotel in Nairobi forms part of the Panar  Continue reading ...

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Banking Services Available In NHIF Building In Upper Hill Part Of Nairobi, Kenya

The NHIF Building in Community Area in Nairobi is a magnificent skyscraper located along Ragati Road, adjacent to Maji House in Upper Hill. The NHIF building in Kenya is owned by the National Hospital Insurance Fund State Parastatal. In addition to housing the NHIF offices in Kenya, there are several businesses and offices ran by independent occupiers in NHIF building in Nairobi.

The NHIF Nairobi branch offices, where residents can get various hospital insurance services, are located on the ground floor of the NHIF building in Upper Hill, adjacent to the car park entrance. Peop  Continue reading ...

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Where To Obtain A Medical Certificate Of Good Health In Nairobi, Kenya

The hospitality industry in Kenya is a broad class of grouping that includes the service industry, lodgings, hotels and restaurants, occasions and events planning, transportation and other fields within the tourism industry in Kenya. The hospitality unit consists of several sets of people such as the management, servers and housekeepers, kitchen workers and bar attendants, marketing and facility maintenance team in Kenya who come in contact with many people. Hence, many businesses in the hospitality industry endeavor to keep relevant by ensuring they provide quality services to their client  Continue reading ...

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Where To Get Accommodation In Eldoret Town: Hotels And Resorts In Eldoret, Kenya

Eldoret in Kenya is the largest town in Uasin Gishu County. Eldoret Town is also the capital city of the Uasin Gishu county in Kenya. The Eldoret town is home to most of Kenyan athletes best renowned for long races. Being home to an international airport in Kenya, Eldoret town attracts both local and international investors and tourists. There are many star hotels in Eldoret that offer accommodation. Some of these hotels in Eldoret Town in Kenya which offer accommodation include:

Cicada Hotel in Eldoret Kenya

Cicada Hotel is conveniently located within the Eldoret town in   Continue reading ...

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Location Of Shopping Malls And Supermarkets In Meru Town In Kenya

Meru County in Kenya is located in 240 km North of Nairobi. Meru town, which is in North Imenti constituency, is the Meru county headquarters in Kenya. Meru county in Kenya has witnessed a steady increase in the population just like many other parts of the country. This has led to the need for the provision of shopping facilities in Meru County, which act as one stop shops for the residents of Meru in Kenya.

Various shopping malls and supermarkets in Meru town in Kenya have come up. These supermarkets in Meru parts of Kenya include: Uchumi, Tuskys, Nakumatt, Quick budget stores and   Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Location Of The Boma Hotel In Nairobi, Kenya

The Boma hotel is an ideal hotel designed to give you solace from the hustle and bustle of Nairobi town. The Boma hotel runs on a humanitarian concept such that all profits achieved are used to fund the Kenya Red Cross activities.

The Boma Hotel is located off Mombasa Road approximately 5 kilometers from the Central Business district of Nairobi. The Boma Hotel, located in Bellevue is only 5 kilometers from Wilson Airport and 13 kilometers away from The Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi. Boma Hotel in Nairobi is a very accessible hotel by arrivals from both airports that  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Facilities And Services Available In Galleria Shopping Mall In Nairobi, Kenya

The Galleria Shopping Mall in Nairobi, Kenya is located on Langata Road, adjacent to the Bomas of Kenya Stage and The Brookhouse International School. The Galleria mall in Nairobi was opened recently in 2010 and was originally designed to cater for the unmet need of the Karen and Langata areas in Nairobi by providing a wide selection of stores under one shopping mall in Nairobi, with a variety of products and services for the residents of Nairobi. Galleria Shopping Mall in Nairobi now stands on a class of its own as a vibrant modern shopping mall, dining mall and entertainment destination i  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Banking Services Available In Yaya Centre Shopping Mall In Nairobi, Kenya

Yaya Centre in Kenya is a premiere shopping mall in Nairobi in Kilimani area. Yaya Centre in Kenya is located at the Argwings Kodhek Road, Ring Road Kilimani junction, approximately 5.5 Kilometers from the Central Business District of Nairobi. The Yaya Centre mall in Nairobi can also be accessed via Ngong Road in Nairobi. Due to the large population of people with quite high social status and the high number of customers and tourists frequenting Yaya Centre mall along Ngong Road in Nairobi on a daily basis, the introduction and development of various banking services in Yaya Centre has been  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Kenyatta University Post Modern Library In Kenya

Kenyatta University Post Modern Library is the Largest library in Kenya, East Africa and in the top ten list in Africa. Kenyatta University is located a few kilometres from Nairobi on the Thika Superhighway past Githurai and Kahawa. To get to Kenyatta University along Thika Road in Nairobi, you board matatus found along Ronald Ngala Street in Nairobi, next to Turskys Magic supermarket. The Kenyatta University library building in outskirts of Nairobi was completed in late 2012. Kenyatta University Library has six floors with each floor serving a different department. The following are the gr  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

How To Get To The Village Market In Gigiri Area In Nairobi, Kenya

The village market in Kenya is one of the shopping complexes found within Nairobi centre. Village Market in Nairobi covers over 20,000 square feet in terms of area and houses over 150 stores in Nairobi. The Village market in Kenya accommodates entertainment shops, office rentals as well as popular chain stores.

The Village Market was commissioned by two brothers Hamed and Mehraz Ehsani in 1992, and it opened its doors to the Kenyan public in 1995. The two brothers had the idea to build a shopping and recreation experience for Nairobi residents living wi  Continue reading ...

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Services Found Within Sarit Centre Shopping Mall In Westlands Part Of Nairobi, Kenya

Sarit Centre in Nairobi is the oldest shopping mall in Kenya located in the affluent Westlands suburbs. The Sarit Centre shopping mall in Nairobi was opened in 1983 and operated on a “city within a city” slogan. This meant that the Sarit Centre mall in Kenya was running on a concept of providing basically everything all under one roof. Sarit Centre in Nairobi explored possibilities of having entertainment sports, eateries, coffee joints as well as clothes shops in one business hub in the city. To get to Sarit Centre in Nairobi, Sarit centre is located near The Sankara and Text B  Continue reading ...

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How To Get To Taj Shopping Mall In Embakasi Area In Nairobi, Kenya

Taj Shopping Mall is one of the shopping malls in Nairobi City. Taj Mall in Nairobi is located in the greater Embakasi area approximately 15 kilometers south east of the Nairobi city centre. Taj Shopping mall in Embakasi is located along Outer Ring Road at the Airport South Road roundabout in Nairobi.

Taj Shopping Mall in Kenya is accessible from either Mombasa Road at the City Cabanas entrance or from Jogoo Road via Outer Ring Road in Nairobi. This means that the Taj Mall is strategically placed to serv  Continue reading ...

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How To Get To The Embassy of Belgium In Nairobi And The Belgium Consulate In Mombasa Kenya

The Belgian embassy is a diplomatic mission in Kenya consisting of a number of Belgians who represent the country of Belgium in an official capacity in Kenya. The person in charge of a diplomatic mission is referred to as an ambassador.

Belgians who have relocated to Kenya can seek any kind of assistance from the embassy of Belgium in Nairobi. Kenyans who are also willing to travel to Belgium also go to the Belgium embassy offices in Nairobi to get their visas and other necessary travel documents.

Contrary to popular belief, the Embassy of Belgium like all other embassies fo  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Where To Pay For Water Services Within Nairobi City In Kenya

A while back, the Water and Sewerage department of the Nairobi City Council in Kenya had been charged with the responsibility of providing the residents of the Nairobi city with water. However, with the enactment of the Water Act of 2002 in Kenya, the Nairobi Water Company came into being.

The Water Act in Kenya created new institutions to manage the water resources all over Kenya. The Nairobi water company in Kenya has been licensed by the Athi Water Service Board to provide water and sewerage services in Kenya to the residents of Nairobi and its environs. The Nairobi Water company  Continue reading ...

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How To Activate A Dormant Bank Account With Equity Bank In Kenya

Equity bank is one of the banks in Kenya that are growing at a high rate to the extent of opening other branches outside Kenya (in East Africa). Equity bank in Kenya has almost opened branches in every corner of Kenya because I was surprised to see Equity bank at Lodwar town in Turkana County in Kenya which is far and located at the Northern part of Kenya. Equity Bank in Kenya is also a good bank in terms of savings. In essence, if you are a student in Kenya and you open a bank account with Equity, Equity Bank will not charge you monthly rate unless at the time of withdrawing money fro  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

How To Set Up Safaricom Internet Settings On Your Nokia Phone In Kenya

Internet in Kenya is almost becoming a necessity to many learned Kenyans as the country is moving to the world of digital. Nowadays in Kenya, mobile phones are the mostly used media to access internet services. Several students and learned people are even becoming addicted to the act of browsing in Kenya, and cannot stay without internet access for long. I am one of the victims of the internet use in Kenya because I cannot stay the whole day without accessing internet services from my Safaricom line. Safaricom internet access in Kenya enables me to read daily news from Kenya through the dai  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Services Available Within Thika Road Mall In Nairobi, Kenya

Thika Road Mall is the new business hub along the Thika superhighway in Nairobi. Thika Road Mall is located in Roysambu area, approximately 5kms from Nairobi city centre.  Thika Road Mall (TRM) in Nairobi houses over 50 renowned brands and the first ever 5 D theatre in Kenya. Some of the recognized brands are:

Banks in Thika Road Mall

Thika Road Mall in Roysambu in Nairobi houses at least 7 branches of well-known Kenyan banks including Barclays Bank, ABC bank, Diamond Trust bank, NIC bank, Cooperative Bank, and The Kenya Commercial bank, Standard Chartered bank as wel  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Various Kenya Police Stations Where To Report Crime Within The Nairobi CBD Area In Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya’s capital is a vast city. As such, no one can really keep track of everything that happens in various parts of the city of Nairobi.  One thing that is for sure is that Nairobi is full of many unsolved crimes in Kenya. People are mugged, robbed, drugged and killed every other day both within the city of Nairobi and in the suburbs.  However, the fact is that crime rates in Kenya especially within the Nairobi CBD have been on an exponential rise over the past couple of years. Many people in Kenya are rather insecure when walking around the Nairobi city streets an  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Ndakaini Dam: The Source Of Water For Most Nairobi City Residents In Kenya

Ndakaini Dam is famous to most of the people in Kenya. This fame is mostly attributed to the Ndakaini marathon races held in Kenya annually. Ndakaini dam is also referred to as Thika dam. Ndakaini dam was set up in 1988 so as to supply water to the Nairobi City residents. A piece of land, approximately 1200 acres was set for this dam construction in Kenya. The dam occupies 600 acres of land, when full. The rest of the land was used as a construction site and a quarry for extraction of stones to build Ndakaini dam.

Ndakaini dam in Kenya&nb  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Intel Wise Technologies In Kenya: Offering The Best Security Solutions In Nairobi

Security in Kenya is an important ingredient in everyone’s life today. We all need to feel secure wherever we live or do our businesses in Kenya. Home security in Kenya is of great essence in the modern day than the case was a couple of years ago. Perhaps this explains why many homeowners all across Kenya are seeking various ways through which they can ensure the security of their homes. Apart from erecting perimeter wall or natural-form fences in Kenya such as “kayaba” and cypress, the use of electronic and razor fences in Kenya has also been on the increase across the bo  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Retirement Benefit Authority: Just What Kenyans Need To Save For Retirement

Before the dawning of the Retirement Benefits Act in Kenya, many organizations and companies in Kenya got away with conning hardworking Kenyans. Pension plans in Kenya were not regulated, and sponsors in Kenya kept poor records of scheme members’ funds. Various schemes in Kenya adopted different styles of operation, and this wrecked havoc as the beneficiaries were marginalized. The result of a deregulated saving industry was poor management of finances and poor record keeping in Kenya. Cases of Kenyans who expected to receive their pension being told there was no money became the news  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

How To Register For KRA PIN And Getting A KRA Certificate In Kenya

The Kenya Revenue Authority (K.R.A) is the tax collection agency of Kenya which performs on behalf of the Government of Kenya. Kenya Revenue Authority in Kenya collects a number of taxes and duties, including: income tax, value added tax and customs.

In order to be able to carry out various transactions in Kenya such as business banking, investments, land transactions, employment, applying for HELB loan among others, one needs to have the Kenya Revenue Personal Identification Number.

How to get a KRA PIN in Kenya

The question you might be asking yourself is how you  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Services Available At Night In Nairobi City, Kenya

There are many people in Kenya who are nocturnal per se and as such they are always looking for places to spend their night life. Most of the towns in Kenya are quiet, sluggish dispirited and apathetic at night. People in Kenya who enjoy night life would most certainly have no fun in such towns. Moreover, moving around in such towns in Kenya is exposing oneself to many security risks. One of the cities in Kenya full of vim and vigour even at night is Nairobi city.

Nairobi city has over time turned into the typical 24 hour economy. Nairobi city is the most vivacious city in Kenya. Yo  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

The Popular Optical Shops In Nairobi, Kenya

Most of us in Kenya have suffered red or itchy eyes at one point in life. With the wind and dust menace facing our city of Nairobi, our eyes are bound to react at some point. There are even some of us who face other visual conditions such as myopia otherwise known as short sightedness and hypermetropia also known as long sightedness. Short sightedness in Kenya refers to the visual condition where you cannot fully focus on objects far away while long sightedness in Kenya refers to the condition where you have a hard time focusing on objects that are close to you. These tw  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Tips On How To Choose A Local Mover in Nairobi

If you need to feel the benefit of positive and hassle free relocation in Kenya, it is important for you to spend some time analyzing your options in choosing the perfect local mover in Nairobi town. Of course, there are numerous moving companies in Nairobi area, but there is that one which is best suited for your case.

There are several questions Kenyans need to ask the moving service providers in Kenya when determining the most suitable Mover. Here are some tips that Kenyans should use to get a fine blueprint of the kind of services to expect from the mover in Nairobi. The main ai  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

The Most Popular Supermarkets In Nairobi, Kenya

Over time, Kenyan shoppers bought their household necessities from the estate “duka” outside their court. They would then go to “mama mboga” across the road for the vegetables. Other items such as hand brushes would be bought from the hardware shop in the nearest town as the seller at the estate hardware would charge exorbitant prices for his goods. Well, this is not the case anymore in Kenya. With the introduction of supermarkets in Kenya, Kenyans can do all or most of their shopping under one roof. Most supermarkets in Kenya today stock all sorts of goods needed in  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Newly Opened Naivas Supermarket Branch On Thika Road In Nairobi

Kenyans living along Thika Road now have a place to do their shopping nearer to their residential places. Naivas supermarket branch has been newly opened along the busy Thika Superhighway in Nairobi Kenya. The Naivas branch on Thika road became operational yesterday, 30th October, 2013. Naivas supermarket is situated next to the superhighway a few minutes before you get to Safari Park Hotel & Casino and near Garden City. The branch is near A-Plus Motors on Thika Highway. The newly opened branch of Naivas supermarket chains faces competition from Thika  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

YU Is The Worst Mobile Network In Kenya

Kenya has four legally and fully operating mobile networks. Safaricom in Kenya is dominating the mobile network industry. Kenyans must admit that the mobile network industry is the most challenging industry ever. For instance mobile operators are accused in Kenya of not reporting \"matapeli\" making many Kenyans lose their money out of these malicious acts. \'Matapeli\' in Kenya refers to the many conmen who keep calling or writing SMSs to rob off Kenyans money. It is also believed these mobile operators hold some evidence on the last 2007 violence&nb  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

A Comparison Of Major Supermarkets In Kenya

Kenya has countless supermarkets spread all over the country. This is bearing in mind that we only know the famous ones. Do these supermarkets in Kenya all serve their purpose? The famous supermarkets range from Naivas, Nakumatt, Turskys, Ukwala, Uchumi and many others. These supermarkets have branches all over the country especially in the major towns.

Uchumi supermarket in Kenya has undergone a lot of challenges. Bad times befell it which saw to its closure for a while. During Uchumis absence, its main Competitor Nakumatt grew in bounds. Funny, one of its major shareholders is a p  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Safaricom Customer Care Services In Kenya

Safaricom is the most used mobile network in Kenya. Safaricom in Kenya is well established and connected. Safaricom has customer care services in all the major towns in Kenya for instance in Nairobi, Nyeri, Nakuru, Eldoret, Maua, Garissa, Meru, Nanyuki, Embu, Thika, Kisumu, Kisii, Malindi, Mombasa near Moi international Airport, Diani, Naivasha, Narok, Bungoma, Kakamega, Kitale and other towns in Kenya.

Safaricom has many services available for their customers in Kenya and East Africa. Mobile banking through Safaricom is done through M-pesa and M-shwari. Safaricom is also known  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Advantages Of Zakenya Article Writing Website Over Kenyaplex

Freelancing in Kenya is an emerging concept, not only in Kenya but also in the entire world. Zakenya has joined the freelance world of articles and it is a new freelance website (article writing) in Kenya that was launched four months ago and accepts articles based on Kenyan context. There is also another site called Kenyaplex in Kenya that accept articles and was started in 2008.

Although Kenyaplex has more categories to choose from, Zakenya is also coming up with new categories each day and I believe that it will soon overtake Kenyaplex in terms of service delivery to the clients   Continue reading ...

6 years ago

The Noble Hotels In Nakuru Kenya

Nakuru is a major town in Kenya and is situated in the vast Rift Valley province. Nakuru is about 160 km west from the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi. It is approximately 3 hour drive to Nakuru from Nairobi. Nakuru is rapidly growing and is a stopover to most tourists, both domestic and foreign, during their vacations in Kenya. While visiting Nakuru, there are various posh hotels to spend and dine in. Nakuru has many high class hotels which include; Merica Hotel, Bontana Hotel, Villa Hotel, Cathay Hotel, Lake Elementaita Serena Camp, Kunste Hotel, Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge, Lake Naku  Continue reading ...