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7 years ago

What To Do Incase Of Rape Or Assault In Kenya

If one is a victim of rape or assault in Kenya, there are laid down laws to ensure that the victim gets justice for the injustice perpetrated upon her by the perpetrator. However, without taking proper steps after the ordeal, the victim may end up losing the case due to lack of evidence or poor defense on the side of the prosecution.

Immediately after the ordeal, the victim is advised to go to the police station to report the incidence. They are urged not to take a bath or change clothes as these two actions may alter the evidence that the police may use for prosecution purposes. Ad  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

How To Prevent HIV/AIDS in Kenya After Rape

A rape incidence can be both torturous and draining to the victim. Most victims of this vice are women just like in many other countries. Very few cases are reported of males having been raped. Either way, the feeling and the aftermath of the vise are relatively the same in both sexes. Without proper and just in time attendance, the victim may have more than just the bad memories of the ordeal to worry about.

In Kenya, rape cases victims are advised to go to the hospital immediately after the ordeal. This step ensures that they get tested of infections that could have been transmitt  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Skin Bleaching among Africans and its Effects

Skin bleaching/lightening is a process of reducing/blocking the concentration of melanin in order to whiten the skin or give a fairer complexion. This can be achieved by either applying a cream, getting a laser treatment or cryosurgery which involves the use of liquid nitrogen to remove patches/moles on the skin.

With celebrities leading the example, this practice is gaining popularity hence more beauty products are coming up both safe and unsafe. Some of these products have mercury which is harmful to the skin. Many websites are promoting this act by writing articles on how one can  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Health Benefits Of Coconuts

Coconut plants grow naturally in the coastal lands of Kenya, along the beaches of Mombasa City, Voi Town and Malindi, among many other regions. A coconut tree is tall and slender. It has no branches, making it a strenuous experience to attempt climbing it if one is an inexperienced cocconut tree climber. Even though getting  the coconut from the tallest plant is difficult, the effort is worthwhile owing to the great benefits that coconut products have for the human body.

A mature coconut fruit gives the following important, edible products:

7 years ago

Services offered at Topcare Nursing Home

Topcare Nursing Home is a rapidly growing health institution in Kitengela town that is duly registered by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board. It’s a private health institution which was started as an outpatient clinic in January 2009 with a mission to provide quality healthcare services which are accessible and affordable to all. In July 2009 we expanded to include full outpatient and inpatient services. Topcare Nursing Home is located about 250 meters off Namanga Road on Miriams Road. The facility is easily accessible from all areas in Kitengela and is open for 24 hour  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Technology for Autistic children in Kenya

Autism is a brain disorder characterized by difficulties in social interactions, verbal and non-verbal communications and repetitive behaviours. This affects many children in Kenya and the challenge in Kenya is school placement for autistic children.

While there is no cure for the condition, there is new evidence that the use of technology improves their communication, assists in the development of social skills and enhances their ability to learn. Though technology cannot provide a cure for children, it motivates them and increases their attention span and ability to interact socia  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Drugs associated with malaria prevention in Kenya

The following drugs and medications are in some way related to, or used in the treatment of Malaria Prevention. Antimalarial medications are designed to prevent or cure malaria. Such drugs may be used for some or all of the following:

  • Treatment of malaria in individuals with suspected or confirmed infection
  • Prevention of infection in individuals visiting a malaria-endemic region who have no immunity (malaria prophylaxis)
  • Routine intermittent treatment of certain groups in endemic regions.

The most common antimalarial drugs are;

7 years ago

Services offered at Kitengela Medical Services(KMS)

 Kitengela Medical Services is group of leading comprehensive private health care facilities providing general outpatient, inpatient and specialist services in the Kajiado region. The hospital has a bed capacity of over 70. It is comprised of the main hospital located in Kitengela town off the EPZ road and satellite facilities dedicated to give clients in the region access to quality health care. The staff constitutes a wide range of technical staff committed to provision of safe, effective, timely and efficient care for the benefit of the local community.

Services off  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Special Programs offered by Kenyan-Heart National Foundation

Heart diseases are among the killer diseases in Kenya which are very rare but may be caused by many factors which could be environmental or genetic. The heart diseases are varied and caused by various causes and the most disastrous are Cardiovascular Disease as well as Rheumatic Heart Disease. Through this, Kenya have been able to develop heart diseases centres to ensure that the citizens are safe from diseases which affect the heart, their preventions and how the diseases can be fully treated.

In Kenya, there are several heart-disease centers which have been established to serve th  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Services offered At KEMRI-CGHR Clinic In Kenya

The Centre for Global Health Research (CGHR is one of the ten (10) Research Centres of the Kenya Medical Research Institute KEMRI. The Centre is strategically located in Kisumu City, in western Kenya, in an area that is endemic for major infectious diseases. Since its establishment in 1984, CGHR has been on the world map as the site of ground-breaking research focusing on infectious diseases of medical importance such as HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Dengue fever, schistosomiasis, yellow fever, TB among others.

Specifically, the Centre has carried out cutting-edge research focusing on trials o  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Hospitals With Cancer Treatment Facilities In Kenya

Cancer is a dangerous disease which has claimed many lives in Kenya mainly as a result of a deficiency in cancer care services. However, there have been concerted efforts by both the Kenya government and the private sector that have led to a steady rise and improvement in cancer treatment facilites.

The following is a list of hospitals which are equipped to handle different cases of the cancer menace:

Aga Khan University Hospital

This hospital is located along Limuru Road in Parklands, Nairobi. Services offered here include: specialised diagnostics  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Services Provided By Lodwar County Referral Hospital In Kenya.

Lodwar is the current headquarters of Turkana County. Since it is centrally placed many people tend to travel to this town for many services of which health care is one of them. Because it is the only hospital in the entire county that has better health care facilities, it therefore serves referrals from other hospital facilities as a referral hospital.

Lodwar county referral hospital was formerly known as Lodwar district hospital and is located in Lodwar town along Lodwar – Lokichoggio highway. It has a bed capacity of 270 and 36 cots.

The services offered at Lodwar c  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Kenya Cancer Association (KENCASA)

It’s the leading national voluntary run nonprofit making organization in Kenya established in 1995 after Cancer emerged as a leading cause of death in the country. Its main headquarters is Located in Nairobi at the National Nurse Association complex. Some of the functions of the association include:

  • To raise public awareness on Cancer and prevention and early detection

  • Mobilize and lobby stakeholders to prioritize cancer in their programs.

  • To ensure high quality cancer care in Kenya

  • Research and patient  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Herbal Medicine Clinics In Kenya

Kenyan government is still in the arguments for and against traditional healers; it is in the process of regulating herbal medicine. The use of plants as medicine has been used for decades by human beings in healing several ailments which exist among humanity. The processing of the medicine has been passed from generation to generation. Many Kenyans no longer use the herbal medicine due to introduction of pharmaceutical medicine. Most herbalists have testified that the herbal medicine is effective. Some Kenyans believe that herbal medicine is witchcraft since most traditional witchdoctors u  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Services offered At Kenya Home Nursing And Therapy Services In Kenya

Healthcare services to patients or sick people from a hospital require that they be offered in the best environment for their quick recovery from the diseases they were suffering from. Elderly people may also need more attention in the care for their better living. This has therefore made certain companies to offer care and therapy services to ensure that the sick and elderly are given the care services that they need. Kenya Home Nursing and Therapy Services (KEHNTS) is one of the services providers for the elderly and sick in the society and they provides various services which include;Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Popular Rehabilitation Centers In Kenya

A large portion of the Kenya population today is faced with a threat of drug addiction. These comprise of both the youth as well as the elder people in the society. The commonest substances abused in Kenya include narcotics; cocaine, bhang, heroin, tobacco, and other substances that alter the mood of the users. Alcohol is the commonest drug abused in Kenya. To reduce the effects accompanied by abuse of these substances various rehabilitation centers have been put up across Kenya to help the addicts come out of the dangers and continue with their normal life.

The following is a list   Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Out dated Practices In Kenya

Kenya is an inclusive and diverse nation. It is well known that there are 42 tribes in Kenya, all from different origins and different ancient traditions, beliefs and practices. Some activities that our ancestors practiced were simply barbaric, unfair and corrupt and should be stopped straight. Some were okay, and that science and I do not object, they can still be carried on. For example, there is no reason to stop Isukhuti dance an ancient Luhya dance or their bull fighting. Some practices however are simply out of time. Pay attention and let me take you through some of these.

Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Inpatient And Outpatient Catholic Rehab Centers In Kenya

Catholic rehab provides two drug and alcohol rehabilitation program options for its clients; inpatient and outpatient rehab. Determining whether to go for either an inpatient catholic rehab or outpatient rehab has various importances. Apart from just determining which choice will serve you better, one will be able to prepare other people which will be directly or indirectly affected by the rehab program. The choice of the rehab type may affect the treatment effectiveness.

Catholic drug and Alcohol Rehab centers

In outpatient catholic rehab centers neither board nor rooms a  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Best Hospitals In Nairobi

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya, It is mainly famous for economic and cultural activities .Besides the two activities, it has well based health centers which offer medical assistance to the East African people.

The Kenyatta National hospital

The hospital has acquired its name from the late Jomo Kenyatta. It was established in 1901 among the first hospitals in Kenya. This health care facility boasts of the best doctors in the country and sometimes it is used as a teaching place for future medical experts. The hospital operates on a 24 hour system enabling patients to b  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Services offered At Batian Medical Centre Kitengela

Batian Medical centre is a private medical clinic located in Kitengela town,Kajiado county a diastance of 40 km from the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi along the Nairobi-Namanga highway.Its located in Red Heron 2nd floor adjacent to Naivas Supermarket,Kitengela. Its headed by Dr.Kiarie and its open for surgical,gynecological,family planning and phychological consultations.

General gynecological consultation-There is multidisciplinary team of experienced clinicians and specialists nurses who strive to provide outpatients with the best care by keeping abre of the fast changing panoram  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Effect Of Female Genital Mutilation In Kenya

Female genital mutilation commonly referred to as FGM is the act of intentionally altering or causing injury to the female genital organs for non medical reasons as described by world health organization. This act is said to have no substantial benefit on the girl child but the crusaders of this barbaric act are said to insist that among the many benefits to the girl child is the view of safe guarding his virginity, social cultural status and relevance to the customs which is why amidst of myriad challenges they are up against they have continued to practice this evil deed on their own in s  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Mechanisms Used To Control Waterborne Diseases In Kenya

Waterborne diseases are killing a lot of people in the country and several other dangerous diseases continuing to be persistent in the lives of many. The population of Kenya is encountering a lot of delay and the economic growth is slowly diminishing each and every day of life. Experts have come up with the following measures of controlling waterborne diseases.

Boiling water

It is the most effective water treatment method that cone can use to treat water. Boiling water kills germs and any worms that may be responsible for spreading diseases hence it becomes safe for one to  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Services Offered At Kijabe Hospital

Kijabe hospital is a faith based hospital in Kenya. It is located about 60 kilometers North of Nairobi city. The hospital was started by the missionaries in 1903 during which it was used as an outpost by the missionaries. The hospital initially composed of a facility called Theodera hospital but later changed its name to Kijabe hospital in 19961.

The hospital is owned by the African Inland Church (AIC) of Kenya. It forms part of the four hospitals and 45 dispensaries that are owned and run by the AIC in Kenya. The hospital is mandated to provide quality health services to the commun  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Ways To Prevent Malaria In Kenya

Malaria is a disease that is affecting and eventually killing many kenya citizens. The disease has killed quite a number of people making it hard for them to continue their daily operations in mutual peace and conditions they deserve. It has come to the attention of many people that the disease can kill one within a very short period of time hence should be controlled to avoid further build up of problems. The following sets of steps are the most effective in controlling the disease.

Use of Mosquito Nets

The nets have been designed in such a way that they can inhibit mosqu  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Location, Contacts and Services Offered at Kakamega Hospices.

Hospice is a special program designed to address the needs of terminally ill people. This is done by team health care providers who help the dying people manage pain until they die and also help the family through the process of bereavement once a patient dies.

The team of health care providers who work in hospice involves physicians, nurses, social workers, clergy, home health aids, volunteers, therapist sand family caregivers. The hospice services are available in a hospice facility, nursing homes and hospitals. In most cases the hospice care incorporates principles of palliative   Continue reading ...

7 years ago

The Best Hospitals in Kenya location and contact

Hospitals in Kenya offer best health services. The Doctors are extremely committed in giving the best treatment to the patients. The hospitals have reliable staffs that are ready to assist 24 hours; most hospitals are well equipped with the appropriate medicine and tools for treating the patients.

P.C.E.A Kikuyu Hospital

It is owned by a church called Presbyterian Church of East; the hospital stands to be patients’ best choice due to their perfection in their services. Call +254 020-2044766 or email:

Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Problems Affecting The Medical Institution in Kenya

Lack of adequate medical technicians

The country has continued to suffer from the constant ability to produce good experts that can handle various medical problems. Kenyan doctors lack specialized skills and those that show high competence end up being taken to the western countries to cater for their needs. The government is failing in addressing the needs of its doctors as seen in the many number of strikes showing that the field of medicine is flooded with problems.

Poor Training Centers

The country has very little centers that can be used to encourage th  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Services offered at Penda Health center


   Human health is very vital and once an illness arises,immediate action must be taken.Penda Health Center is available to take care of human health.Penda Health Center is located in Kitengela town,along Nairobi-Namanga road and its next to Riva Petrol Station,Kitengela.Penda Health center is a franchised member of the Tunza Family Health network.Its a for-profit social enterprise that aims to provide high quality primary healthcare services for hard to reach populations in Kenya,with a slight emphasis on women’s health.The Penda Health cente  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

The three essentials of health


Its very important to keep the body in good condition/health to allow proper and normal functioning of body’s parts and systems.Health influences mind which in turn influences somebody’s choices and hence character.

Good health is determined by the following three main elements which include:





Our bodies are built up and kept health by the food we eat.There is a constant breaking down of the tissues of the body.Each organ of the body requires its shar  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Services Available at Aga Khan Hospital Kisumu


Aga Khan Hospital in Kisumu is of the branches of Aga Khan Hospitals in Kenya. This hospital was founded in the year 1952. The hospital provides good medical services and was awarded the Iso 9001:2000 certificate for providing clinical, administrative, diagnostic and support services that conform to the ISO standards. The hospital later upgraded the ISO standards and attained the ISO 9001:2008.

Aga Khan Hospital Kisumu is one of the referral hospitals that serve many hospitals around the western Kenya. It has greatly expanded and has opened various sa  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Services Available at Aga Khan Hospital Kisumu


Aga Khan Hospital in Kisumu is of the branches of Aga Khan Hospitals in Kenya. This hospital was founded in the year 1952. The hospital provides good medical services and was awarded the Iso 9001:2000 certificate for providing clinical, administrative, diagnostic and support services that conform to the ISO standards. The hospital later upgraded the ISO standards and attained the ISO 9001:2008.

Aga Khan Hospital Kisumu is one of the referral hospitals that serve many hospitals around the western Kenya. It has greatly expanded and has opened various sa  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Services offered by the Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital in Kenya

Health is important to any individual in the society and who are able to take care of their bodies. Most people therefore visit most health centres for their body screening and treatment of the diseases diagnosed. This have therefore ensured that many hospitals and health centres have been established to offer these services to the people.

Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital is one of the best hospitals which offer not only eye services as the name suggests but also other health services to the society. Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital is located in the uptown estate of Loresho in Nairobi. T  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

The best centres offering drug rehabilitation services in Kenya

The modern society has undergone revolutions in many areas and modes of life. This has therefore endangered the society with many harmful and unlawful deeds in the society. For instance, the major dangers which the revolution has caused include the introduction of drugs which are illegal. The people in the society has can now easily access and acquire drugs for their use an abuse. For this reason, many of especially the youth has now began to largely abuse the drugs easily acquired.

This has therefore increased the number of people which need rehabilitation for their survival and br  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Where best to get Gymnasium services for body fitness in Kenya: Samto Fitness Center

Health and fitness is one of the most essential part that all people want to be in their lives. Good health and fitness is a show of how best people take care of their bodies through healthy feeding habits and body exercise. This therefore makes people seek for health and fitness centers for healthy bodies. Most of them prefer body building strategies that will ensure that their bodies are physically fit.

Most people through the knowledge of that has ensured that they establish and setup centres to provide the services required by these people for their fitness. The services they mo  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Services Provided by Kapedo Sub-county Hospital in Kenya.

Kapedo was initially known as Kapedo sub-district hospital Kenya adopted system of county devolution. This hospital is located in a trading centre called Kapedo in Turkana East (Turkana County) and serves a population of around three thousand people from Kapedo and the surrounding. Although majority of people who access the services are form Kapedo (turkana), neighbouring community (pokot) alsoattend the hospital for medical services.

Despite the fact that Kapedo hospital is at sub-county level, it is still headed by a clinical officer with assistance from nurses. The hospital has a  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Services Offered at Mukumu Mission Hospital.


Mukumu mission hospital is a private hospital that is owned by Catholic Church (diocese of Kakamega). It is a famous hospital in western region of Kenya because it admits patients and offers other services to clients that attend this mission hospital. It has a bed capacity of 240 beds and it is estimated to admit a total of six thousand patients on in patient basis and fourteen patients on out patient department annually.

This hospital is surrounded by Isukha and Idakho community and they are the majority of the people who attend the hospital for vari  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

A New Chemotherapy Centre Opened in Kenya.


Cancer has being a killer disease in recent time because of the lives of people it has claimed. In Kenya, there are many people who are suffering from cancer and because they cannot afford treatment, majority die while others are managed with palliative care in the hospital setup while others are taken hospices for continue management of relieving pain.

The treatment of cancer has become a challenge to the government of Kenya because the government cannot be able to purchase the machines required for cancer treatment. The drugs used to treatment cance  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

jaramogi ogingaodinga teaching and referral hospital location, contacts and services offered.


Commonly to many as RasiaHospital,JaramogiOgigaOdinga Teaching and referral Hospital (JOOTRH) is one of the oldest largest hospitals in Kenya. The hospital was founded by the colonial government in early 1900s when Kisumu was by then was known as an inland port. The hospital was fully expanded in the late 1960s to a district hospital serving a great number of people from western Kenya.

JaramogiOgingaOdinga Teaching and Referral Hospital is located in Kisumu city between Kondele and Kibuye along Kisumu- Kakemga highway.Currently this hospital serves mo  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

How You Can Prevent Yourself From Hypertension: How Kenyans Can Live Hypertensive Life Free.

Hypertension is one of the common diseases in adults and it is mostly associated with people above 50 years of age. Most of the old people attending hospital in Kenya have high blood pressure yet they do not know. It is after taking the measurement that the disease is detected.

Hypertension can lead to rupture of small blood vessels, hence eye, renal and heart complications, ascitis, liver failure and so on. It can also lead to coronary heart disease, heart failure, kidney failure, and stroke.

The causes of hypertension are not very clear, but there are some predisposing fac  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Lions eye hospital: The sight first eye hospital

Lion’s sight first hospital is located in a quiet place in a Nairobi uptown estate called Loresho, the hospital started in the year 2005 as a training center for eye specialists. The institution has managed to produce several surgeons in small incision cataract surgery. Lions sight first eye hospital offers several treatment to the following eye complications; cataract, refractive errors, glaucoma, squint, uveitis, squint, computer vision syndrome, ptosis, pediatric ophthalmology, amblyopia, neuro ophthalmology, orbit, oculoplasty, diabetic retinopathy and low vision.

The cata  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Role Played By Impact Research and Development Organization (IRDO) on Public Health


Impact Research and Development Organization is a health promoting nongovernmental organization. Its main office is located in Kisumu city at Milimani opposite Kenya Broadcasting cooperation.The organization designs as well as implement public health projects that are tailored towards helping thenvulnerable group-the youth and women the society.

IRDO has expanded its operations to various Counties in Kenya including West pokot, Turkana, Homabay, UasinGishu among others. Research in biomedical, clinica;l and behavioral studies are conducted by this organization in its   Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Services Offered At St. Mary’s Hospital, Mumias


St. Marry’s hospital is a private hospital in kenya owned by the Catholic Secretariat. The hospital is located in near Mumias town at Ekero along Kakamega Bungoma highway. This facility is one of the most resourceful hospitals in Kakamega County and serves a large population of people in Mumias and the neighbouring districts.

The hospital is both a health promoting as well as learning center. The main services offered in the facility include;

1)      Family planning,

The hospital has a wing where antenata  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Precautions that should be taken during MRI Imaging and its Benefits.


Precautions that should be taken during MRI Imaging and its Benefits.


Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a procedure carried out in kenya to view the internal body structures with the aim of diagnosing a disease condition, commonly in cancer patients. This technique uses very strong oscillating and static magnetic fields in conjunction with electromagnetic radiation. During MRI procedure patients and staff are exposed to strong rapidly changing magnetic fields and this can be a predisposing factor as far as neurological and deleterious  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Registration of National Hospital insurance Fund Kenya

National Hospital Insurance Fund is a national medical plan which covers medical expenses to citizens. National Hospital insurance is a government insurance agency; it targets all the population in Kenya. Registration is open during working hours in NHIF building Nairobi 3rd to 10th floor, National hospital insurance building is located along Ragati road in upperhill area of Nairobi. Board a bus from Kencom in Nairobi town.

Membership is compulsory according to Kenyan law, all the salaried people are required to contribute where the member is expected to contribute monthly a monthly  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Best Hospitals in Thika

Health facilities in Thika town and also along Thika road are growing and giving perfect health services. The population growth has led to increased need of health facilities in Thika.

Some of the commonly known hospitals in Thika include;

Thika level 5 hospital

Owned by ministry of health Kenya, Dr Jonah Mwangi is the hospital superintendant. The services offered in Thika level 5 hospital include; Antiretroviral therapy, curative inpatient services, family planning services, HIV clinic services an  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Contacts Of National Aids Control Council In Kenya

National Aids Control Council offices are located in Landmark Plaza on the 9th Floor found on Argwings Kodhek Road in Nairobi.

The National Aids Control Council postal address is P.O. Box 61307 - 00200 Nairobi.

The telephone contacts of National Aids Control Council are 254 (020) 2896000 and 2711261. The Fax details are 254 (020) 2711231 and 2711072.

The email address of National Aids Control Council in Kenya is

The website of National Aids Control Cou  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Contacts Of Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (KEMSA) Offices

Kenya Medical Supplies Agency offices in Nairobi are located on Commercial Street in Industrial area of Nairobi.

The postal address of Kenya Medical Supplies Agency is P.O. Box 47715-00100, Nairobi.

The telephone contacts of Kenya Medical Supplies Agency offices are (020)3922000 and 0202674016. The mobile numbers of the government of Kenya Agency are 0733605600 and 0726618520.

The email address of Kenya Medical Supplies Agency is

Kenya Medical Supplies Agency website is at Continue reading ...

7 years ago

National AIDS & STI Control Progamme Contacts In Kenya

National AIDS & STI Control Progamme telephone contacts .... 2729502

Kenya National AIDS and STI Control Programme (NASCOP) offices are located in Kenyatta Hospital Estate in Nairobi City. 

NASCOP website is at The email addresses are and Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Ambulance Emergency Telephone Numbers In Nairobi, Kenya

Ambulance in Kenya ................................ 112/999

AMREF Flying Doctors Ambulance Service in Kenya ..... 315454/5

AAR Emergency Ambulance in Kenya ........................ 2717374

Avenue Rescue Services in Kenya ............................. 3743858

Kenya Red Cross Society Ambulance in Kenya ............ (020)3950000

Emergency Plus Medical Services in Kenya .................. 070039539

Phoenix Aviation Limited Ambulance Service in Kenya .. 6005837

Intensive Care Air Ambulance Limited in Kenya ........... 6004945

Road S  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Emergency Contact Numbers Of Hospitals In Nairobi, Kenya

Acacia Medical Centre in Nairobi ................... 2711611

Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi ........................ 3740000

Avenue Hospital in Nairobi ........................... 2337868

Getrudes Children`s Hospital in Nairobi .......... 7206000

Guru Nanak Hospital in Nairobi ..................... 2392515

Hurlingham Medicare Plaza in Nairobi ............ 2729400

Karen Hospital in Nairobi .............................. 6613000

Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi .............. 2726300

Mater Miseric  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Services Offered At Gertrude`s Garden Children Hospital In Nairobi, Kenya

Gertrude’s Garden Children’s Hospital in Nairobi is the largest children hospital in Kenya and it is known to for its quality care to children. Gertrude Hospital in Kenya is commonly known as a new giving Hospital that has picked up many esteemed awards due to the corporate interpersonal responsibilities, and to the welcoming answer to sick children in Kenya that have no expectations elsewhere. Gertrude’s youngster’s hospital in Nairobi is really a charitable organization hospital in Kenya where all the hospital profits are usually ploughed back into the hospital.Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Location Of Aga Khan University Hospital In Nairobi, Kenya

Health facilities in Kenya are considered one of necessary or actually basic need within every society with Kenya. Kenya offers many assisted living facilities ranking from local assisted living facilities in Kenya to international assisted living facilities in Kenya as well as private assisted living facilities in Kenya to public assisted living facilities with just one intention regarding providing health care bills to the Kenyan individuals. The Aga Khan University Hospital in Kenya is just about the major nursing homes in Nairobi that is  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Aga Khan University Hospital In Nairobi: Offering Quality And Affordable Cancer Treatment Kenya

Cancer disease in Kenya is an abnormal uncontrollable increase of human cells in different parts of the human body that causes tumors that invade and destroy neighboring tissue. Breast cancer in Kenya, on the other hand, is a type of cancer that originates from breast tissue mostly common form is from the lining of the milk duct. Recent studies show that cancer in Kenya causes more deaths than HIV, TB and malaria diseases in Kenya combined. The cancer death figures in Kenya stand at third highest cause of mortality in Ken  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Premier Cosmetics Spa And Boutique In Westlands: For Day Spa Services In Nairobi, Kenya

A spa is a haven for relaxation. Spas in Kenya are places where people go to unwind after long weeks at work. Sometimes our bodies need attention and pampering. The Premier Cosmetics Spa and Boutique in Kenya is tailor made for every Kenyan, whether man or woman. Premier Cosmetics Boutique and Spa in Kenya was started by Jane Mbogo who studied in Israel Premier Cosmetic laboratories. The founder of Premier Cosmetics Boutique and Spa in Kenya learned about the best cosmetics to use and later opened her boutique and spa in Kenya.

About Premier Boutique and Spa in Kenya

  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Location Of Kakamega Provincial General Hospital (PGH) In Kakamega Town In Kenya

Kakamega Provincial General Hospital is a provincial hospital for the former Western provinceContinue reading ...

7 years ago

Eagle Eye Laser Centre In Nairobi: Performing Lasik Procedure In Kenya To Treat Eye Problems

Eyesight is tremendously important in everyday life, yet it is something that many take for granted until their Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Location Of Karen Hospital In Nairobi And Services Offered At The Karen Hospital In Nairobi, Kenya

Health care in Kenya is one of the important services to Humans and is almost a basic need. The healthcare service   Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Location Of Guru Nanak Hospital In Nairobi, Kenya

The residents of Nairobi in Kenya access their health services in various hospitals located in major parts of Nairobi city. Guru Nanak Hospital is one of the many private and public hospitals in Nairobi city. Guru Nanak Hospital is a private hospital in Nairobi where Kenyans can access high quality medical treatment and the hospital in Nairobi has qualified professionals and doctors in Kenya. 

Guru Nanak Hospital in Nairobi is on the Murang’a Road and Park Road Junction. To get to Guru Nanak Hospital in Nairobi from Nairobi city centre, you board Murang`a Road matatu  Continue reading ...

7 years ago

Location Of Mama Lucy Hospital In Nairobi Eastlands Area, Kenya

Health in Kenya is ranked as one of the major basic needs which the government of Kenya has tried to meet its demand for many decades now. As one of the pillars of vision 2030 in Kenya, as well as the new constitution, high priority is placed to the provision of health services in Kenya. The mission of the government of Kenya has been to improve both preventive and curative health services to enable Kenyans to engage in productive nation building activities.

Though there are many challenges facing setting up of health facilities in Kenya, one being cost as the population of Kenyan i  Continue reading ...

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Gifted Touch Wellness Centre In Nairobi: Find Four-In-One Professional Massage Services In Kenya

If you have ever experienced backache, then you would appreciate the thought of a good massage service in Kenya. Kenyans are hardworking individuals, and in the course of doing work backaches and pains may result. In fact, back aches often come unannounced, and they cause untold pain. Some may be tempted to ignore such pains and only use painkillers. However, as your doctor in Kenya would tell you, painkillers only act to hide pain and not remove it completely. Due to the sensitive nature of your back and spinal cord, it is only prudent to employ the use of professionals  Continue reading ...

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Asumbi Treatment Centres In Nairobi: Where To Get Drugs And Alcohol Abuse Treatment And Rehabilitation In Kenya

The issue of drug abuse and alcohol misuse in Kenya and dangers cannot be over emphasized. The youths in Kenya are the most affected in the menace of alcohol and drugs abuse in Kenya. Depressions of life in Kenya is the major contribute to alcohol abuse especially among the youth and the productive Kenyans. Misuse of drugs and alcohol in Kenya which does not only include the abuse of recreational or illegal drugs, but also includes the abuse of prescription drugs for the desired side effects. Seeing of the signs and being aware of one abusing alcohol and taking swift action is of paramount   Continue reading ...

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Quality And Affordable Maternal Care In Jacaranda Health Facility In Nairobi, Kenya

The Jacaranda Health Kenya is a healthcare outlet just off Thika Road, towards Ruai in Nairobi. Jacaranda Health Kenya is a health centre that offers maternity services in Nairobi. Jacaranda health facility in Nairobi was created due to the sole reason that every year quarter a million babies die in childbirth in Africa. The deaths of children during birth in Kenya are caused by bad health facilities, infections, post partum bleeding and a host of other factors. There was a need to create a health facility in Kenya that helps reduce the number of maternal deaths in Kenya.

Jacaranda   Continue reading ...

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Maisha Annual Plan Medical Cover: Accessing Ambulance Services In Kenya Via AMREF Flying Doctors

When you have a family in Kenya, you quickly discover that some services need to be on your list of important services. Health care in Kenya is one of those services. Accidents in Kenya happen when you least expect in places you cannot even begin to anticipate. However, when you are covered by the Maisha annual plan in Kenya, you do not have to be excessively worried when an accident or an illness in Kenya will occur in your home or while you were traveling. This Maisha annual Plan in Kenya enables you to receive the needed help wherever you are in Kenya. So what is Maisha annual plan in Ke  Continue reading ...

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Services Provided To Rape Victims By Nairobi Womens Hospital In Kenya

The statistics of rape in Kenya stands at an outrageous level. Studies conducted by the central bureau of statistics in Kenya between December 2006 and June 2007 show that in a Kenyan population of 33,947,100, a shocking figure of 40,500 women were raped, a figure that is highly disturbing. This figure of the rape cases in Kenya though high is conservative in the sense that only 1 out of every 20 women report rape cases in Kenya and only 1 out of 6 seek medical assistance in Kenya, meaning that the figure could be well over three times the reported figure of rape cases.

Nairobi  Continue reading ...

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Where To Get Public Swimming Pools In Nairobi, Kenya

A good way to relax from a hard stressful week is to let your body in the water through swimming in Kenya. Swimming is a great form of exercise in Kenya, since one actively involves all the muscles in the body. Swimming in Kenya is ideal for people who are looking towards loosing weight because one losses a lot of calories from a swimming session. Going for swimming in Nairobi public swimming pools is also a good way to have fun with friends and or family. If the weather is great, people in Kenya can have water games with  Continue reading ...

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Places To Get Spa Services And Treatments In Nairobi, Kenya

There comes a time in life when one needs to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle of Nairobi to a quiet haven. Contrary to popular belief, Spas in Kenya are not only places for women but men also go there to relax. Services offered in spas in Nairobi range from facials, localized massages, full body massages, skin treatments, body wraps, hot baths, steam baths and nail care among others.

Angsana Spa, in The Sankara Hotel in Nairobi

Angsana Spa, Sankara Nairobi is located in the heart of Westlands in Woodvale Groove, off Waiyaki Way in Nairobi, and is home to a rang  Continue reading ...

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How NHIF Provides Health Insurance In Kenya For Both The Informal And The Formal Sectors

In Kenya, those in the formal employment are well aware of the National Health Insurance Fund in Kenya. This is because the Kenyans in the formal employment have a compulsory NHIF membership in Kenya. Insurance enables thousands of Kenyans to access medical services in a timely manner and without worrying about the costs. Unfortunately, those in informal employment in Kenya are often disregarded when it comes to medical insurance in Kenya. Fortunately, the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) in Kenya has a provision to cater for individuals who are self employed or those who are in the in  Continue reading ...

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The Organizations Running Movember Awareness Campaign In Kenya

In Kenya, most Kenyans are aware that October is the month that signifies Breast Cancer awareness and several campaigns in Kenya have been held throughout the years to support the victims of cancer in Kenya, and also raise awareness to ensure early detection of cancer, and it mostly is signified with the pink ribbon. But if you ask any ordinary mwanainchi in Kenya when the Testicular cancer or prostate cancer awareness month is in Kenya, many will look at you with blank faces or give wild guesses.

November is the worldwide male cancer awareness month that seeks to raise awareness on  Continue reading ...

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How To Attain An Hourglass Body Shape In Kenya

How to lose belly fat??? Getting rid of cellulite?? These are some of the most searched topics on Google in Kenya and more so by the female counterparts. Having that hour glass shape in Kenya popularly referred to as \\\'figure 8\\\' is something that all girls would die for. An hour glass shape in Kenya is defined where the bust and hip measurements are at least ten inches wider than the waist. Think hourglass, think Kenyan Vera Sidika! Vera Sidika in Kenya has a wasp waist coupled with a full upper and lower endowment. That is the kind of body shape in Kenya that all Nairobi girls would w  Continue reading ...

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The Healthy Fish Oil Supplements In Kenya:Try Omega 3

Fish oil in Kenya is one of the most vital nutrients that are required to make sure that our bodies are of the best health.  In case you do not eat fish, you could still acquire these nutrients in Kenya from the use of omega-3 in the various forms of fish oil supplements.  However, not all Omega 3 supplements in Kenya are the same; some are better and more natural than others. This is an aspect a Kenyan should think about when buying any fish oil supplements anywhere in Kenya.  If you want to buy fish oil&n  Continue reading ...

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How Female Genital Mutilation(FGM) Posses A Health Risk To Women In Kenya

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Kenya is also known as female circumcision. Female Circumcision is a rare practice in Kenya, though in cases like Kisii in Kenya, it is still practiced. It is estimated that about 130 million girls are currently living with the effects of FGM. A further two million girls are at a risk of the practice. Societies that practice FGM in Kenya believe that it is an initiation into adulthood and prevents the woman from becoming promiscuous.

There are four types of operations involved in FGM in Kenya; Circumcision, which involves cutting of the prepuces or  Continue reading ...

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How Much It Costs To Do A DNA Test In Kenya

There are many cases where you might want to do a paternity test. DNA test is a biological determination of whether the parents share the same genes with their kids. Sometimes, people would opt for DNA test in cases their wives might have been unfaithful and are in need to know if the kids they are raising are indeed theirs. Your kid might be so dumb in class that your might doubt if he inherited your genes. I don\'t know if you will doubt should your kid turn out bright unless you have so low opinion of yourself.

In most cases, the main reason is legal purposes. A lady turns u  Continue reading ...

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How School Health Programmes Are Organized In Kenya

How School Health Programmes are Organized in Kenya

In Kenya, it is the responsibility as a community health nurse or any other health provider to design school health programmes. In order to organise a practical school health programme they need to involve the rest of the health team members, the school administration and the community. Sometimes the health professionals can decide to conduct a health program in a certain   Continue reading ...

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The Muffin Top Scourge; Losing The Belly Weight Tips

It’s what most women battle with, not easy to get rid off and your fashion sense has to change to accommodate it. I am talking about the bulging belly and love handles that we all work so hard to get rid of. This is the toughest part to tone and requires a lot of commitment to boot. All ladies would die for the rock hard abs that Kim Kardashian has always had.

First thing is first say goodbye to your 1000 calories per day packed in chocolate glazed donuts, fried chicken and fizzy drinks.  A healthy diet will go a long way coupled with suitable exercise. Some simple exerci  Continue reading ...

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How Laboratory Tests Are Done Before Blood Transfusion In Kenya

Kakamega provincial hospital is one of the hospitals at level six, and it acts as a referral to many District hospitals in the Western region. It offers majorly curative and rehabilitative health services to the people of Kakamega County and the surrounding counties such as Vihiga and Bungoma. Laboratory is one of the sections that offer services to the patients especially the diagnostic services and blood transfusion being one of them, there are particular procedures that are carried out before traffusion. These procedures include;

-ABO and RH Grouping

-Direct coombs testContinue reading ...

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Patients Bill Of Right In Kenya

A patient in Kenya is any person who goes to the hospital to seek health care either in out-patient or in-patient basis. Out-patients in Kenya are those who seek consultation or are treated and go back home while in-patients are those who are admitted in the hospital for further management. Bill of right in Kenya is the right of a patient which should be granted when seeking health care in any hospital in Kenya. These rights are meant to protect against infringement.

In Kenya, bill of right for patients is usually written at the rece  Continue reading ...

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Activities Carried Out During School Health Programs In Kenya

One of the many objectives of the ministry of education in Kenya is to ensure that pupils in primary school and students in secondary school in Kenya are in healthy conditions while school. They do this in collaboration with the ministry of health in Kenya through the health care providers such as nurses, doctors, clinical officers and public health officers working in Kenya. These activities are carried out during the school health programme whereby the health care providers seek permission from the school management team first before going to any school. The activities prov  Continue reading ...

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Consequences Of Rape In Our Societies In Kenya

Rape in Kenya is one of the forms of sexual assaults. Rape is defined as sexual intercourse with another person without the consent of that person in Kenya. In many communities in Kenya, the issue of rape is considered as an abomination (sinful), and people who commit it are punished by the council of elders of that particular community in Kenya. For instance, among the Turkana community of Kenya, if you commit rape, you are going to be assembled by the village elders and forced to pay some cattle, sheep and goats. Then, a ritual for cleansing is performed to appease the spirits s  Continue reading ...

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How To Manage Diabetes In Kenya

Diabetes mellitus in Kenya is an endocrine (disease) disorder which is characterized by high level of blood glucose level that comes as a result of a problem in insulin secretion or insulin. Insulin is a hormone involved in glucose metabolism (production and storage), and it is produced by pancrease. The other hormones involved in glucose metabolism are glucagon, adrenaline, growth hormone and somatotrophin.

In Kenya, diabetes mellitus is a common disease that is diagnosed frequently and mostly in adults. Diabetes mellitus in Kenya is mostly managed at District Hospitals (such as Ki  Continue reading ...

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How To Understand Life Cycle of HIV In Kenya; Tips To Health Care Providers

HIV is a pandemic in Kenya. It is very important for every health care provider working in Kenya hospital set-up to understand the life cycle of HIV because it is a required concept when initiating antiretroviral treatment (ARV)  in Kenya. These ARVs target the HIV virus at different life cycle. If you look at the Nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitors class of ARVs in Kenya, it targets the HIV enzyme reverse transcriptase while the protease inhibitors class of ARVs targets the enzyme protease. In a nutshell, it is important for the health care provid  Continue reading ...

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How HIV/AIDS Disease Has Affected Kenya

HIV/AIDS still has a huge impact in Kenya, and it is still rated among the killer diseases in Kenya. Although a decrease in the mortality has been reported in many areas in Kenya, there is still death occurring due to HIV/AIDS disease. The recent discovery of antiretroviral therapy (ARVs) in Kenya has significantly reduced the number of people dying because of HIV/AIDS. Although this has happen, the disease still has consequences to both the HIV/AIDS infected and affected people in Kenya. The impacts of HIV/AIDS in the society in Kenya include;


There is a decrea  Continue reading ...