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challenges of measuring national income in Kenya

The process of measuring the specific national income of Kenya has been a great challenge because of certain hindrances. However determining the specific national income is crucial to ensure that proper planning is done to improve on the country’s  economic status.

Lack of information

Under all methods of measuring national income, there are problems and difficulties in finding all necessary information for example in Kenya, people may not be officially employed and some businesses are operated at personal and unregulated system hence the authority might not be   Continue reading ...

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A Makutano wholesaler is located along Kithimani-Katangi road about hundred meters from Makutano market. It was started in 1990 as a small wholesale which continued to grow with time up to the current large business with about twelve workers .The business normally deals with the work of receiving goods from different suppliers in large quantities and distributing the items to the customers.

Due to the wholesale being famous because it was the first to be started in the area, it has many customers of which the rate of producing receipts, files, reports and invoices is high and costly  Continue reading ...

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Happy supermarket Juja

Happy supermarket is business enterprise that north of Thika-Nairobi superhighway.

It is a private business enterprise that deals is located in juja, about 150 meters south-east of JKUAT main gate and 150 meters

with a variety of commodities such as foodstuffs, utensils, furniture, electronics,clothing,stationery, farm inputs e.t.c. and it started as a small retail shop.

It is one of the supermarkets in Juja that has a very large pool of customers as it is located on a very convinient place. For example; in a day,they expects at minimum around 1200 customers. They ha  Continue reading ...

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Certified Companies that offer best Company Registration services in Kenya

In Kenya, businesses in form of companies are been set up every day. The businesses are set up to offer different services under the different areas of specialization to contribute to development of the economy. These companies for their complete operation require that they undergo different procedures in their development but the most important is registration of their operation or provision of the services. Registration therefore require some documents and requirements for its success which may include the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) PIN, the company official name and certificates and p  Continue reading ...

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 The number of unemployed people in Kenya has currently risen due to various factors. These include;


The kind of education offered in Kenya is less of a sieve that eliminates those who fail exams. This education also seem to provide irrelevant skills that cannot be applied in some fields hence leaving most people jobless since there are no matching employment opportunities matching their skills.


Most young and energetic people tend to move to urban centers in search for jobs hence leading to  Continue reading ...

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Companies that offer Online Payroll Processing Services in Kenya

Employment in Kenya being scarce and widespread among the citizens can also be enjoyable if the people are able to access it. Kenyan employment has improved in accordance with the technological advancement that the world is experiencing. This has made many people even from abroad to seek employment in Kenya due to the good services of employment and how their payment process are conducted.

Technology has enabled the processing of payrolls online through the internet and many of the companies and employers have put that into consideration from its benefits since this processing is fa  Continue reading ...

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Fresh Fruit Juice Manufactures and Bottlers in Kenya

Kenya been an industrialized nation has established various manufacturing and processing industries which extract raw materials from the farmers in Kenya. For instance, the paper manufacturing industries in Kenya need trees from agriculture sector for manufacture of papers, the textile and Clothing industries need wool from sheep which are reared by the farmers and the pesticide manufacturing industries which need pyrethrum for their manufacture and supply of these products.

Farmers have also seen the importance of growing fruits as they give them more benefits economically and also  Continue reading ...

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How To Start A Laundry And Dry Cleaning Business In Kenya

Dirt in every day’s activity is unavoidable no matter what activity is involved. After the acquirer of dirt in garments, many people hate to be involved in the cleaning process of these dirty garments in form of clothes, footwear and any other wear that may have gotten dirty. In the process of cleaning and doing laundry which many people dislike, various people have seen it as a business idea and have thought of making it a business by providing the laundry services at a fee.

Laundry and Dry cleaning services business is one of the lucrative business that may be very profitabl  Continue reading ...

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Leading Law Firms In Kenya

Do you need expert legal advice? Are you looking for the best legal representative to handle your case with top notch integrity? Below is a collection of Kenya\'s top law firms.

  • Raffman Dhanji Elms & Virdee. the firm is located in Nairobi City

  • Prof. Albert Mumma and Company Advocates: Its offices are in Nairobi City

  • Oraro & Co Advocates: found in Nairobi City

  • Anjarwalla & Khanna: it has offices in both Nairobi and Mombasa cities.

  • Mohammed Muigai Advocates. This is located in N  Continue reading ...

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Soda Ash Mining In Kenya

Kenya has been realized to be a country with increasing mineral wealth despite the past studies that showed the country did not have a really significant deposit of minerals compared to countries like South Africa. For some time, soda ash has been Kenya’s leading mineral export and is mined at Lake Magadi in Kajiado on the floor of the rift valley by the Magadi Soda Company. It occurs in crystals that are called trona. Soda ash can also be referred to as sodium bicarbonate.

Extraction of soda ash is done through the open cast method using powerful machines known as dredgers. T  Continue reading ...

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Top Consulting Firms In Nairobi

There is a growing number of consultancy services in Kenya, especially in Nairobi City where many organizations and business firms have their offices. This is largely due to the modern trend of information research being relied upon in many  undertakings of different institutions. Below is a list of some consultancy firms in Kenya\'s capital city:

  • KPMG Consulting

  • PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC)

  • Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)

  • Deloitte Consulting

  • Dalberg

  • Ernst &a  Continue reading ...

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How Safaricom Made It To The Top In Kenya

The company started in 1997.Michael Joseph is the man behind its for less than 15 years in the market. He is credited to have managed the company well before his responsibilities were passed on to the current manger. The current manager who is Bob Collymore has not failed to deliver. Safaricom made it to the top because of developing three strategies. The three strategies employed include;

Mobile Money Transfer [M-Pesa]

The introduction of this service yielded a lot of positive results for the company. The service was introduced in 2007.It is simply a service used by Safar  Continue reading ...

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How to Start M-PESA Agent Business In Kenya

M-PESA being the leading service of mobile banking in Kenya has become every man\'s solace when it  comes to financial transactions.M-PESA has not only saved many the long back-breaking queues at the banks but has also created job opportunities for thousands not only in Kenya but also in other parts of Africa and the world at large.Here are the steps  on how to start an M-PESA business incase you are interested but you just can\'t figure out where to start from.

M-PESA Agent Requirements

One must be registered as a limited company or with at least 3 outlets ready  Continue reading ...

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Factors Influencing Trade In Kenya

Trading in Kenya is affected by several factors which affect the nature of trade and success of the trade activities.

Transport and communication

Goods need to be transported to places where they are needed. Therefore a good transport network is needed. In many parts of rural Kenya there are poor transport links .this slows down trading activities. Improved communication has made trading easier. A faster and safer method of transferring money through mpesa has also contributed to easening of trade activities since it is convenient and easier.

Continue reading ...

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Challenges Facing The Achievement Of Industrialization In Kenya

Kenya as a country is struggling to make steps towards the achievement of vision 2030 which is a blueprint that guides Kenya to become an industrialized nation by then. However, there are several factors that are hampering the attainment of industrialization in Kenya and they include;

Stiff competition; Many local industries that are struggling to grow face competition from the foreign industries that produce similar goods which are cheaper. Example is the textile industry in Kenya which faces stiff competition from imports such as the mitumba. Paper and food processing industries i  Continue reading ...

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Products And Services Offered By Hasoft Kenya Ltd

In the current period, Kenya has embraced the advancement in technology and has incorporated it in to the different sectors of the economy. The most sectors of the Kenyan economy that technology has been used include education where the learners are able to use modern research tools and equipment such as Laptops and tablets in their studies as well as banking where technology has seen the security of the banking processes upgraded and the use of technology in banking has also contributed to the introduction of various awesome services such as internet banking and mobile banking. Many people  Continue reading ...

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Study on the Kenya Railways corporation

The Kenya railway Corporation is a body corporate with perpetual succession and a common seal and has power to sue and be sued in its corporate name and to acquire, hold and dispose of movable and immovable property for the purposes of the Corporation. It is managed by a board of directors of the Corporation. i. a Chairman of the Board appointed by the Minister;

     ii. the Managing Director;

     iii. the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry for the time being

     iv. responsible for railways

       Continue reading ...

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Location And Contacts Of Sugar Factories In Kenya

Kenya has numerous sugar factories distributed in western part of the country as well as the coastal regions where climate is suitable for sugar cane growing. These factories are known for their great impact on Kenya’s economy. They produce sugar as the major product though other cane by-products such as jaggery and molasses also may be produced. Larger companies such as Mumias Sugar Company have involved in electricity production. The following is a list of sugar factories in Kenya together with their contacts.

  • Miwani sugar Company Limited, Miwani.

Tel:  Continue reading ...

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Best Places To Purchase Computers In Kenya

Computer is one of the most expensive important electronics in today life. There are various types of computer in the market, but do you just buy any computer. Computer being an electronic, its quality matters a lot. But the question is, where do you go for quality computers and what do you consider good quality. First let’s look at what one should go for when purchasing computer.


This is a challenge to most purchasers. They cannot relate the price of the computer and its quality. In most cases quality products have fixed price though the price may change depen  Continue reading ...

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How To Start A Business Firm In Kenya

Just like any other civilized nation, Kenya has a strict legal framework that all entrepreneurs and business starters have to follow when setting up their entities. It is largely considered bureaucratic, but there is no shortcut about it. Therefore, it is always important to be on the safe side.


  • Come up with a unique name for your firm and reserve it at the companies registry.

  • Stamp the Memorandum and articles of association plus a statement of the entity's nominal capital.

  • Settle the required stamp duty: this i  Continue reading ...

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Challenges faced By Trade Unions In Kenya

Trade unions are the platforms of employees to air their grievances. They are association of employees whose responsibility is to defend the interest of employees to their employers. There role is to fight for better working of workers in the country. In Kenya, COTU is the governing body of all trade unions. Its current leader is Atwoli Bifwoli who has steered the association for along with positive impact. Although it has experienced a number of successes, it also has experienced difficulties in its duties. Some challenges include;


It is one of the recent chall  Continue reading ...

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Features and Benefits Of the Nakumatt Global Card In Kenya

Technology advancement in Kenya has been the talk of the town as many people have embraced it and use it for the benefits it has to the environment and all other sectors. Technology has improved many areas ranging from banking services, transport services to shopping and marketing of businesses. This has been improved since technology present the users with the easiest, fast and efficient method on how to tackle problems and challenges of the areas involved.

In some areas such as education and shopping, technology has enabled and ensured that the users are comfortable with the servi  Continue reading ...

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Water Bottling Companies And Mineral Water Processing Industries In Kenya

Water is one of the most and essential entity that without people can hardly services as water is used in different places and for different purposes. Water especially for drinking is the most crucial resource that should be more prioritized when it comes to its safety as well as availability. Clean drinking water should be always available since survival can only be possible in environment with clean water for potable use.

This has attracted interest in many organization and the government and has ensured that the people even from the interior regions have access to safe clean wate  Continue reading ...

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Exercise Books Manufacturing Industries In Kenya

Books are the most important commodity that are required by the students and pupils in all the learning institutions ranging from Kindergarten, Primary schools, and Secondary schools to Universities and colleges. This therefore creates the best and highest demand of these books in the market by these learners. Most of the books are manufactured as ruled or lined and of varied pages with the lowest number of pages being 32 pages and these books are majorly for the Kindergarten kids and the highest number of pages is 200 pages designed for the advanced student of high schools and institutions  Continue reading ...

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The Importance Of Exports To The Kenyan Economy

Kenya’s main income earner are exports sold to the outside world with its main market being Europe, America and the Middle East. It is then incumbent for Kenyans to understand the importance of exports and their impact to the economy so as to maintain trade with the outside world and facilitate foreign exchange. Our main exports are mainly agricultural products such as Tea, Coffee, Flowers, Sugar and other horticultural products.

“Growth of exports is important because of its effect on internal trade and economic stability. Even more, the rate of economic growth and the   Continue reading ...

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Trading Partners Of Kenya

Kenya is involved in alot of trade with other nations making it develop good working relationships that can help the country earn revenue by exporting the various products that are locally produced to be used in other countries.The following list comprises of the major trading partners of kenya.


It is currently the main trading partner with the kenyan government having signed about 15contracts in one day.China has greatly helped kenya in economic development as seen by the construction of the only superhighway in the country Thika road.It has since been assigned anot  Continue reading ...

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How To Set Up A Twitter Account For Marketing A Business Venture In Kenya

The use of Social Media in Kenya have been widely grown due to the advancement of technology and the provision of cheap and fast internet connectivity in the country. Social media platforms have thereby been established to operate In Kenya and the most popular include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Palm Chat and many more. This platforms have enable people to be able to make friends and well as set up business which are successful through them. The social media platforms ensure that the people are able to view the different ideas that people have in the market.

Twitter bein  Continue reading ...

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Products And Services Of Wire Products Limited In Kenya

Kenya have various industries that provide different products and services to people in Kenya and also abroad. These industries and companies ensure that their services are of highest quality in order to conquer the available market in Kenya and in the World.

Most established companies that are situated in Kenya include the Rivatex Industry for textile, C and P shoe limited for manufacture of shoes, Crown Paints Limited and many more. Wire Products limited is among the best companies that offer world class services and products to their customers. This company limited was establishe  Continue reading ...

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Best Banking Companies For Online Users In Kenya

Many Kenyans are now finding time to get the various online opportunities being offered by the many number of options. The many number of jobs being offered demands that one gets a stable banking account be formed on the basis of encouraging safe financial transactions. It is therefore important that Kenyans know the various banking systems that are found in the global internet.


The company is found online and the registration is just simple and takes some few steps. The PayPal system requires that one installs safe passwords for the system. Money is send via email   Continue reading ...

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Roles Of Kenya Revenue Authority

The Kenya revenue authority is responsible for all the operations that govern the paying and collection of taxes in the country. It is good that the government gets the right type of people to work in the organization so as to get better ways of improving the tax system in the country. The following list comprises some of the major duties of the KRA.

Collection of taxes

The body is responsible for tax collection through a variety of procedures. The body has employed several people to cater for the process. Money is collected in the various business institutions and continu  Continue reading ...

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Purposes of Taxation in Kenya

The government came up with the body of Kenya revenue authority to collect taxes from its people. Taxes play crucial roles in helping in the development of various governments sponsored projects for better performance. Several reasons make it important for taxation to be conducted in the country and the following are some of the major reasons.

Raising revenue

The mount collected from people can be used to maintain the level of peace and security of Kenya and also the social welfare of people. It is important that taxes be collected from people so as to have ways of improvi  Continue reading ...

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Safaricom Shops In Kenya

Safaricom is the leading mobile provider in Kenya. It is famous for its strong network, its invention ability, invention of m-pesa among other inventions. Safaricom is one of the leading integrated communications companies in Africa with over 19 million subscribers. Safaricom provides a comprehensive range of services under one roof: mobile and fixed voice as well as data services on a variety of platforms to consumers, businesses and public sector clients.

Some of the major safaricom shops in Kenya include

Thika Road Mall.

This is a modern and tastefully designed   Continue reading ...

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Techniques Used To Motivate Employees In Kenya

Employee motivation has been a crucial factor in helping a lot of business units to perform well and achieve more and have a good future with their business. Motivating workers is an important quality for a manger to posses hence companies need to have such managers. The following are some of the best ways of motivating employees in Kenya.

Involve them in decision making

Making decisions is more suitable when ideas are combined from various types of sources. It is important that mangers develop a mechanism of inviting all employees in particular firm to participate in deci  Continue reading ...

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The Best High School In Narok


It is situated on the left side of Narok-Mahi-mahiu road in Rift Valley Kenya. It is purely a girl’s school. It has two streams per each form with a maximum number of students of 50 per stream. It has been the best school in the entire Narok region. It has registered good K.C.S.E results over the past years. It has a well trained teachers and good management. There is high security within the school that enables the students to study well in a conducive environment. It offers best and healthy meals to its staffs and the students.  Continue reading ...

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Best Shopping Places In Narok Town


It is situated on the western upper side of Narok town in Rift Valley Kenya. It is situated directly opposite the main bus stations. It is the biggest supermarket in Kericho town. It has two floors that are the ground floor and the first floor and second floor. It has all the house materials with all the needed luxuries. It has the best services from its customers. It also has the packing stage for its customers. It has the best security with CCTV monitoring all round the supermarket.


It is  Continue reading ...

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Best Shopping Places In Kericho Town


It is situated just at the main entrance of Kericho town in Rift Valley Kenya. It is situated directly opposite Mutai Wholesalers. It is the biggest supermarket in Kericho town. It has two floors that are the ground floor and the first floor and second floor. It has all the house materials with all the needed luxuries. It has the best services from its customers. It also has the packing stage for its customers. It has the best security with CCTV monitoring all round the supermarket.


It is sit  Continue reading ...

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Best Shopping Centers In Bomet Town


It is situated just at the main entrance of Bomet town on Kaplong-Bomet road in Rift Valley Kenya. It is situated beside Mutai Wholesalers and opposite Kobil petrol station. It is the biggest supermarket in Bomet town. It has two floors that are the ground floor and first floor. It has all the house materials with all the needed luxuries. It has the best services from its customers. It also has the packing stage for its customers. It has the best security with CCTV monitoring all round the supermarket.

DANA SUPERMARKET  Continue reading ...

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Categories Of E-Commerce In Kenya

It is simply the general concept that includes the electronic trading of goods and services by the of electronic materials or ICT. In Kenya, there are four major ways in which businesses carry out business over the internet. The following category gives some of the best online ways of conducting business.

Direct Marketing and Selling

The practice involves companies selling their products directly to the end users. Examples of such companies include safaricom and Isp.It involves the direct sale of products to the surrounding customers.

Online Banking and BillingContinue reading ...

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Sources of Revenue In Kenya

The government of Kenya has various channels that it uses to make money and obtain revenue from its people. The list below gives some of the best sources of revenue for the government of Kenya.


The most important source of revenue for the government that is gotten by citizens paying for some of the goods and services they get and acquire from the public. The tax can be directly or indirectly imposed on the people being taxed. The rate of taxation in the country  will keep changing depending on the reasons provoking the government to charge people taxes.

Continue reading ...

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Types Of Contracts Found In Kenya

A contact is an agreement that binds two or more parties and is enforceable by law. The contacts should also give to rights and freedoms. In Kenya, the following types of contacts exist and one should be careful so as not to get confused when dealing with them.

Written Contracts

The contacts must be in written form. They involve an individual dealing with specialty matters. Examples of such contacts include the following major groups such as higher purchase contracts and marine insurance contracts.

Simple Contracts

These types of contracts don’t nee  Continue reading ...

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How To Start And Operate A Bar In Kenya Sucessfully

The vision in your mind in starting a Bar should be celebrations, laughter, friends and entertainment and generally fun. You should imagine rooms full of friendly talk, people having fun and music. Some bars give a big detail to games so if you want people to be watching games in your bar then think of purchasing big screens and perfect sounds installed. Everything comes with benefits and challenges, a bar will mean working for long hours, working during vacations and weekends and dealing with drunkards. If you are ready to meet the challenges then you are better placed in this kind of busi  Continue reading ...

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Location and Contacts of Wholesale Stores In Nairobi, Kenya

Wholesale businesses in kenya come from small scale retailers or distributer who has already built up customer base. The wholesaler should be sure of the storage facility because different goods need the appropriate storage conditions. Wholesale store will operate well where the land is available to construct one or the housing rent is low at the area of operation, the business needs spacious rooms. Upon opening the business and making customer base, the business will be great and give you good money in return. Whole sale business will need several workers like sore keepers, workers for car  Continue reading ...

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Most Popular Open Markets In Kenya

Open markets are market stores that are located outside a building in a marked area where business men are required to bid for the stalls which are owned by the county government. Open markets are the main Centre’s of business in the city due to their preference by several groups of people in the society mostly the middle class and the poor which comprise of more than two thirds of Kenya’s population and although business in this markets has of late been threatened by terror attacks witnessed in two of the markets Gikomba and Garissa Lodge Nairobi open markets remain the heart o  Continue reading ...

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Jubilant Kenya Limited

The company is powerd by the ndovu cash community in kenya.It was formed for the purpose of introducing the student entreprenuership empowerment programs that could play great roles in helping students get skills of carrying out business.The company operates by following a certain procedure and the following list provides the best options as to how the process is carriedd out.

Firstly,an individual gets two friends and ends up registering a group with them on the mobile based on the virtual platform that is ofetn given during the careers fair.

Save about 100kenya shillings e  Continue reading ...

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Uses Of National Income Statistics In Kenya

In kenya,the national income statistics is charged with the following responsibilities of ensuring that the income benerated by the public is put to good use and that it will not have a negative impact on the lives of kenyans.Therefore from the above,the following are some of the major uses of the natinal income statistics in the country.

Economic Planning

It helps the government in conomic planning by simply outlining the more productive areas as well as showing the ones that perormed the worst.The body helps to manage this by showing the major trends in consumption of th  Continue reading ...

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Principles Governing Cooperative Societies In Kenya

Cooperative societies in the country are rapidly growing to cater for the many number of customers joining them. Members belonging to any cooperative society in Kenya must observe the following principles that govern cooperative societies in the country.

Membership is open and voluntary

The firms are voluntary organizations that allow a person to join them and can be willing to be of great support in propelling the organization forward and ensuring that it achieves its set of objectives. No one is forced to join any cooperative in Kenya.

Democratic control by memb  Continue reading ...

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Services Available At Nakumatt Lifestyle Kenya

Nakumatt lifestyle mall is one of the biggest malls within the Nairobi County in Kenya. It is situated within the heart and soul of the Nairobi city, the capital city of Kenya, and is located along Monrovia Street.The various services being offered in nakumatt lifestyle include;


This mainly features nakumatt supermarket where it offers a wide variety of common goods and services found all over the country hence a must go shopping area. It was established in 1987 and has been rapidly expanding ever since, thus now offers a wide variety of goods  Continue reading ...

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How Online Marketing Is Putting Down Other Marketing Tools In Kenya

Online marketing is rapidly growing in the Kenyan Market with most companies and entities using internet to get their business known and creating awareness to the consumers. Most companies are using the web and email. Kenyan consumers find it convenient to use internet search engine by simply using their internet connected gadgets. Online Marketing companies in Kenya have grown from 8678 last year (2013) to 10034 this year (2014).

Apart from the marketing companies which market other entities through advertisement of jobs or their goods and services, each of the Kenyan company, enti  Continue reading ...

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Crown Paints Kenya Ltd, The Kenya leading Paint Products Manufacturer

Most of the Kenyans have seen the importance and the benefits of investing in the real estate sector. This sector thus involves a lot of building of structures in form of all types and designs of houses which require many equipment through their completion. The major equipment and tools required may include cement, stones, sand, bricks or blocks, iron sheets, pillars, paints and much more tools.

This therefore require the investor or the person trying to build their houses be ready for the provision of all these tools and requirements. The most of the important part in the building   Continue reading ...

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For one to register a company in Kenya, one need to first write a letter to the registrar to reserve his or her desired name which may be accepted or rejected on the basis of either a similarly named business or offending the rules on name reservation. This may takes two to three days. If it is accepted the registrar will reserve the name for 30 days. Secondly, there is preparation of Memorandum and Article of Association and Statement of Nominal Capital. These documents are prepared by the advocate describing the objectives, rules, subscribers and authorized share capital   Continue reading ...

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Procurement Process in Kenya

Procurement means to obtain a good or service or source for an item, goods or a service it is universally defined as the acquisition by purchase , rental, lease, hire purchase, tenancy, franchise, or by contractual means of any type of works, assets, services or goods including livestock or any combination. The following are the legal guidelines for procurement in the Kenyan government according to the Public Procurement oversight authority PPOA


This form should contain the following specifications like state the objective of the works, e  Continue reading ...

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Best Employers of Kenya



The company is one of the best employers offering Kenyans with a wide range of employment opportunities. Bidco is among the fastest growing industries in the country and that gives it the reason to continue getting more room for Kenyans to fill the gap of busy operations taking place in the company. Bidco is spreading to other parts of the country and that makes it open for anyone that wants to apply for vacancy at their various branches. The prices are so friendly that encourages the members of the country to buy goods in bulk.


The  Continue reading ...

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How to Exel in Business in kenya

Carrying out business in Kenya can be a challenging task more especially for people that have poor skills of carrying out business. There are a number of factors that one needs to consider if they have to be successful in the business world. The list below provides some of the best options.

Being passionate about the business

The above quality is needed in the field that one needs to achieve and grow in what they are doing. Passion further means that a lot of sacrifice has to be employed when dealing with a number of operations in one day.  Continue reading ...

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Youngest Millionaires in Kenya

Boniface Mwangi

He is an award winning photographer and is currently the project director of the picha mtaani company. The young millionaire has over a total of 500000 people that prefer and consult him in huge attempts to try finding positions to work with his company. He plans to form an online platform that will ensure that the company is spreading to large global markets in efforts to promote the growth of the company. He should also check on ways of creating more comfort for is customers.

Richard Turere

He is the innovator of the common project in town gener  Continue reading ...

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Money Saving Tips in Kenya

Saving in Kenya is an important idea for individuals as it helps them budget their finances and know what to invest in. It has come to the realization that many Kenyans have poor spending habits ending up with little or no money to save hence become broke. The following tips will nbe of great help for individuals wishing to save money.

Buy Goods in Bulk

Bulk buying ensures that one gets the basic requirements that will help them get what they need at the time when they are not readily available. Furthermore, it has come to the realization that most people that buy bulk pro  Continue reading ...

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Major Forms of Business Units in Kenya

Forms of business Units found in Kenya

The level of business in the country is being done using a set of measures that are essential in determining the economic growth of the country. The following comprises of the major business units in the republic of Kenya.

Sole proprietorships

Refers to the business unit owned and run by one person. It can be either the head of a family or a person that individual operates the business by themselves. The person is responsible for the business decisions they make hence the growth of the business relies on the decision made by t  Continue reading ...

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Factors Affecting The Purchase of Products in Kenya


The Kenyan market keeps changing depending on a number of issues. It has come to the realization that very few business personnel’s in Kenya know about the various challenges affecting the distribution of products in the country hence end up giving in the huge attempts to carry out business transactions. The following factors affect the consumption of goods in Kenya.

Government Policy

Young entrepreneurs need to check on the various policies accepted and rejected by the Kenyan government. It is good for one to check on what the government is expecting   Continue reading ...

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Best Businesses To Invest Around JomoKenyatta University

The areas around campus have a lot of business ventures that anyone wishing to be successful can go ahead and invest in them. It has been realized that many people often complain of the problem of not being paid well but there are plenty of opportunities that a person can use and make money hence becoming richer. The following are some of the ideal business ideas that a person can invest in.

Fashion Business

Majority of campus students love fashion and anyone that can risk investing in the business will surely have a lot of time to invest and make more money. It has come t  Continue reading ...

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    A financial institution is a company other than a bank which carries on or proposes to carry on financial business and includes any other company which minister may be by notice in the Gazette, declared to be a financial institution. It is possible for a company to start as a financial institution and then later apply for this status. If the minister accepts, then it becomes a financial institution. Financial institution accepts money from the public as deposits.

Continue reading ...

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The membership of the stock exchange entitles a company to transact the business in the listed securities. Only representatives can enter the floor of the stock exchange to transact the business.  In Kenya a member is required to pay certain fees in the form of entrance fee, membership deposit and annual subscription. The company is required to obtain license from the Capital Market Authority. Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE) in Kenya is still small and somewhat speculative, currently only about 50 companies are quoted as there are some restrictions for the listing of the companies in the   Continue reading ...

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Loss Control Management in Supermarkets

Loss control management refers to the ability of reducing the risk of potential losses or controlling already existing losses by implementing procedures to curb these losses. First of all, it is important to establish the causes of losses in these supermarkets to get a concept on how to go about controlling these losses.


Some of the causes of these losses are; employee theft, administrative error, vendor/supplier fraud and shoplifting. Loss control has been a bane to the proprietors but it not all doom and gloom as several companies have come up with the solutions. Su  Continue reading ...

5 years ago

Top Shopping Joints in Nairobi

Best shopping centers in Nairobi

Sarit Centre

Found in westlands, the place is big with a lot of business products that any customer can buy. Sarit is a good place for one to do their shopping mostly because of the friendly clean environment and the customer friendly services. It is spacious enough to accommodate a lot of residents in one time.

Yaya Centre

The place is big and found around the major areas near hurlinggham. It is clean and has faster operations taking place for the purposes of ensuring that customers are well situated and their needs atten  Continue reading ...

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Income Generating Projects in Kenya

For a long time, many families in Kenya have continued to stay in poverty due to the continuous lack of stable income that is essential in helping them get the basic requirements of daily life. As a result of the continuous deprivation of the basic needs, many communities have integrated together to start projects that can raise money that will in turn generate a lot of profit which helps the society. There are a number of projects that have been proven to be effective in generating income as seen below.

Freelance writing

The project involves writing a lar  Continue reading ...

5 years ago

Ideal small scale Businesses for less capital in Kenya

It has come to the observation that many Kenyans find it hard to start businesses due to having financial difficulties in their homes. However, experts have device mechanisms that can help many disabled start businesses with little amounts of money in their savings account. Major ways of earning income have been found and it’s the choice of entrepreneurs to choose one of the following projects to start with.

The taxi business

The field has huge ventures that one can find time to invest in and earn more money. A small handcart can cost as little as 50  Continue reading ...

5 years ago

Foreign Investment in Kenya-AthiRiver Export Processing Zone

AthiRiver Export Processing Zone

   Foreign investments in Kenya help promote the economy of our country.AthiRiver town is one of the main investment areas in Kenya with several industries mostly invested by foreigners such as Indians,British and Chinese.AthiRiver Export Processing Zone(EPZ) was started in 1991 and it is located in AthiRiver,Machakos country in Eastern province which is 30 kilometers from Nairobi.Its off Nairobi-Namanga highway,junction to the left opposite Kitengela police station,a distance of about 1 km from the road and its next to Kitengela town.The e  Continue reading ...

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Chinese goods and services trading in Kenya: Kenya,s loyalty to China government

China and Kenya relationship has existed for over forty three years; the relationship is purely based on business related projects, imports and exports. Chinese government has developed a strong brand name of their products and also government projects. Kenya benefits from China market through export of Agricultural produce. China is well known for its engineering expertise in construction, mining sector and oil exploration, Kenya lacks such expertise and it has much depended on Chinese government for the national development, Chinese government has been loyal to deliver according to the ag  Continue reading ...

5 years ago

How to succeed in business projects

Entrepreneurs are great thinkers, create enough time to think and concentrate in your business, you should have a desire to succeed, break away from the crowd of your friends and think about your business. Start a project which you have knowledge about, if you doubt your knowhow in the project it is advisable to research more about it and also consult some experts for guidance. You should have seen the market niche of your project which is a need to the customers and it is not available or the current providers are not reliable.

Research more on your project before starting, if for   Continue reading ...

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Best sites to Post free Classified Ads in Kenya

Best sites to Post free Classified Ads in Kenya

Buying and selling goods especially second- hand goods is most common as many people after acquiring new goods see no need of keeping the old ones. This have therefore increased the demand of websites and market places to be able to buy, sell and advertise these goods. These sites have been established and through them, many people have been able to secure employment through them. Some people buy goods through these websites and again post them through the same websites turning it to a form of business venture.

Kenyans have the  Continue reading ...

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How to venture a prosperous and profitable business through Social Media in Kenya

How to venture a prosperous and profitable business through Social Media in Kenya

Social media platforms have proofed to be the most convenient modes of communication and sharing information in the current era. People are using majorly social media to share information even more than they do with phones. The social media platforms which include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more platforms, despite being used as a form of communicating and sharing information, they are now been used by even schools and colleges to show the admission criteria and more educational showoff.

  Continue reading ...

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How Kenyans make money in Dubai: Travel to Dubai

Dubai is a business destination for consumer goods, thousand of Kenyans travel to Dubai for trading purposes. Kenya is known to import Dubai products ranging from motor vehicles and, cameras, mobile phone accessories and beauty products. Dubai produces world class products, their products are of high quality guaranteeing durability.

Most Kenyans purchase their business products in wholesale price and sale in their home land making a good profit. Some business people purchase their products online from a reliable supplier in Dubai without having to travel to Dubai. Trade between Keny  Continue reading ...

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How to pay for Kenya power bills

How to pay for Kenya power bills

Kenya power is a limited company which supplies electricity to Kenyans, connection is done at some connection fee which is not less than thirty five thousand Kenya shillings, and Kenya power has the duty to distribute power to all its clients. The headquarter offices of Kenya power are at Stima plaza, Kolobot road at Parklands. Kenya power also owns a college which offers electric related courses, installation and construction of overhead. Kenya power been a monopoly in the Kenyan Market, it enjoys billions of generated revenue ann  Continue reading ...

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How to register for business license in Nairobi: Get a hawkers and shop permit

Hawking is a way of operating small scale business in kenya through selling from one place to another, this kind of business is operated by many unemployed persons living in city or town; this business earns many a living as opposed to moving in different offices searching for jobs. Most extensive networking manufacturers have adopted this design in order to move their goods in a competitive market.

Hawker business license in kenya is obtained from the town clerk; the hawker must apply for the permit giving details of the place of hawking and the goods or services to be hawked. In c  Continue reading ...

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How to register with Kenya Bureau of standards (KEBS)

Kenya Bureau of standards provides lab testing, training and metrological skills, all the goods and services commercialized in Kenyan market should have a mark of quality from Kenya Bureau of standards to prevent consumer exploitation, Kenya Bureau of standards ensures that the raw materials and the final products are tested. This ensures that the products are safe for consumption regionally and internationally.

Application can be done online by filling the forms attached in their website, there are different types of forms according to the need of the client, there is a diamond mar  Continue reading ...

5 years ago

Kenya packaging services in kenya

In kenya Goods are  packaged to ensure all the safety and retention of their value; packaging ensures efficiency in warehousing and transportation. The packaging should be appropriate for the retail environment. It is one of the final stages of any manufacturing company. Packaging is a crucial stage because the method used for packaging will determine if the goods retain their value and incase of shipment it will determine if the goods arrive in good condition.

Kenya has several packaging services offered in different companies, some of these packaging companies include; Dodhia  Continue reading ...

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How to apply for tender in Kenya: Making money through supply business

In Kenya, tender business is open for every existing and legally registered entity or company. Tender business will always be there for every operating business in Kenya or internationally. When you understand the tendering process in Kenya this takes you one step ahead, who knows you can be the next lucy business man/woman supplying the government of Kenya two million laptops for primary school kids. Supply of goods and services is the key thing in the tendering business in Kenya.

It is important to have ready supply of goods and have good financial  backing. You hav  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of Automobile Association Of Kenya Offices In Nairobi, Kenya

Automobile Association of Kenya (AA of Kenya) is located in AA House, Off Airport North Road in Nairobi.

The postal address of the Automobile Association of Kenya offices is P.O Box 40087-00100, Nairobi.

The email address of Automobile Association of Kenya in Nairobi is

The telephone contacts of AA of Kenya offices are 0202612300, 0202612311, 0202525349, 6825062, 8090626, 8090629, 8090630, 8090631, 8090632, 0733620966 and 0722205106.

The emergency call li  Continue reading ...

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Beneficial Products Available To Members Of Masaku Teacher Sacco In Kenya

Masaku Teachers Sacco in Kenya is one of the leading microfinance Sacc in Machakos County in Kenya with almost over 20,000 active members. Masaku Teachers Sacco in Kenya was initially founded as a Teachers Sacco in Kenya and only admitted those teachers in Machakos part of Kenya who were then registered with Teachers Service Commission (TSC) board in Kenya. Masaku Teachers Sacco main head office is located at Machakos CBD. Machakos Town in Kenya is around 62 km from Nairobi city in   Continue reading ...

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Nice Enterprises Company In Nairobi: Major Providers Of Multi-purpose Solar Lamps In Kenya

Sudden blackouts can and do cause a tremendous amount of damage especially to electrical products in Kenya. Unfortunately, Kenyans are not strangersContinue reading ...

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Location Of The Umoja Market In Umoja Estate In Nairobi Eastlands, Kenya

Most urban centers in Kenya have characteristic markets sparked by the urban sprawl and resultant growth. Umoja Estate in Nairobi has its very own Umoja Market in Nairobi that is located in Umoja I estate. Umoja in Kenya is one of the residential estates in Nairobi. Umoja in Nairobi is found in the larger Nairobi Eastland area off Outer Ring Road in Nairobi.

Umoja Estate in Nairobi began in the soon after independence of Kenya in 1963. The Umoja Estate in Nairobi was preceded by Buruburu Estate in N  Continue reading ...

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ePayduka Online Marketing Service In Kenya: A Digital Shopping Mall Set To Revolutionize Publishing And Writing In Kenya

There comes a time when a Kenyan somewhere decides to venture into writing business in Kenya. Article writing in Kenya and freelance writing in Kenya is catching on very first. However, as many writers in Kenya would tell you, the niche for writing in Kenya transcends the writing of articles. When this happens you start thinking about writing a book. This is when you quickly discover that getting your book published by a publishing house in Kenya is much harder than you thought. In fact, unless your book has to do with academics, the chances of g  Continue reading ...

5 years ago

Peter Mulei & Sons Supermarkets Outlets Available In Machakos Town, Kenya

As time goes by, technology in Kenya keeps on changing as well as our lifestyles in Kenya. In the past, Kenyans used to buy one by one item at the shops in Kenya commonly known as “Duka” or “Kiosk”, and items from the local shops in Kenya were bought only when they were needed. Today there is the emergence of many supermarkets in Kenya and shopping malls in Kenya which allow Kenyans to shop all they need at one point of sale. These revolution in shopping options for Kenyans has given us the ability to do shopping once in a while to avoid frequent visits to the shoppi  Continue reading ...

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Requirements Needed By Safaricom Company For Starting An Mpesa Business In Kenya

Starting and operating your own Mpesa business in Kenya is usually a dream come true, this has been made easier with Safaricom telecommunication Company in Kenya. Safaricom in Kenya gives an opportunity to ordinary citizens to be Agents of Mpesa services in Kenya whicle earning. M-pesa is a money based transfer system by Safaricom in Kenya which was first launched in March of 2007. Mpesa in Kenya allows users of Safaricom to deposit money, transfer money and withdraw money irrespective of their location in Kenya.

Requirements of staring an Mpesa Business in Kenya

To start   Continue reading ...

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How Lipa Na MPESA Service By Safaricom Company Works In Kenya

The boom in Kenyans pursuing private businesses cannot be ignored. Kenyans are very resourceful people. The resilience of Kenyans is well known all over the world when it comes to businesses. In this day and age, being employed is not guaranteed after one completes university or college in Kenya. Self-employment in Kenya is becoming the better option for many Kenyans. Safaricom company in Kenya knows this and has stepped up to help businesses in Kenya run more smoothly. The Lipa Na MPESA service provided by Safaricom in Kenya is one of the many brilliant innovations that Safaricom cont  Continue reading ...

5 years ago

How Chama/Groups In Kenya Can Benefit From Opening A Faulu Bank Chama Account

The Kenyan economy for decades now has been facing difficulties in absorbing the available human resources, with every year colleges and universities in Kenya producing thousands of qualified personnel. The fact that not all the trained graduates in Kenya get employment has triggered many to form groups which are commonly known as “chamas in Kenya” to spur their living. The government of Kenya has also been in forefront encouraging unemployed youths in Kenya and women to form groups in order to work together and uplift their living standards. The idea of people coming together t  Continue reading ...

5 years ago

Diamond Wholesalers Limited Company In Eastleigh Part Of Nairobi: Where To Purchase Goods In Bulk In Kenya

Starting up a business in Kenya is a step many think about. Fortunately for many Kenyans, the business start-up capital needs not be immense especially if you want to engage in the selling of consumer goods in Kenya. Small business owners in Kenya would definitely benefit from a wholesale and distribution company in Kenya. Wholesalers in Kenya provide the needed goods and all small business owners have to do is to pick the goods up and place them in their shops in Kenya. Diamond Wholesalers Limited company in Kenya is known for its far reaching wholesale and distribution services   Continue reading ...

5 years ago

Gakoromone, Soko Mjinga And Makutano Markets In Meru Town In Kenya

Meru Town in Kenya is located approximately 250km away from the city of Nairobi and is in Meru County, one of the main food baskets of Kenya. The good weather of Meru Town in Kenya creates very favorable conditions for a very wide variety of crops to do well. This in turn leads to high production of food crops and vegetables in Meru county in Kenya (mainly Bananas, Potatoes, cabbages, tomatoes, arrow roots etc) and thus the need for a market to enable the sale of the produce.

With the production of these products increasing in Meru Kenya, so has the development of market places in M  Continue reading ...

5 years ago

Mobile Phone Repair Shops In Nairobi City In Kenya

Kenyans have over time adapted to the use of mobile phones over land line phones in most parts of Kenya. The mobile phones out phased the telephone that existed in the streets of Nairobi and other major towns in Kenya. Then came the “simu ya jamii” frenzy where these call stations in Kenya sprouted in literally anywhere with an open space. You would make your call and pay the simu ya jamii attendant in Kenya the much you had incurred. Unlike the telephone booths in Kenya, you could set a timer so as to ensure that you do not incur a cost call w  Continue reading ...

5 years ago

How To Participate In The Nairobi International Trade Fair Event In Kenya

The Agricultural Society of Kenya usually hosts annual agricultural shows in most major towns in Kenya such as Nakuru and Nairobi. The Nairobi International Trade Fair marks the end of these Agricultural show events in Kenya. The trade fair in Nairobi usually offers an opportunity for global, continental, and  regional exhibitors to display their services and products as well as showing how they work. The agricultural show also offers a platform for people to exchange ideas and experiences in Kenya.

The Nairobi International Trade Fair in Kenya is the larges  Continue reading ...

5 years ago

How To Increase Profits On An Mpesa Business Within Nairobi City In Kenya

If you walk around the city of Nairobi today, there is a business that you will find to be quite prominent in every Nairobi Street that you go to; the color Green- which signifies Mpesa shops in Kenya. In most instances, many people relate the green color with Safaricom outlets in Kenya and mostly Mpesa outlets in Kenya.  There is no doubt that Safaricom in Kenya is the largest and most used mobile service provider in Kenya today.  The Safaricom Company in Kenya commands a lions-share in terms of customer numbers and service coverage. This state of affairs in the mobile service in  Continue reading ...

5 years ago

Hawking Business In Kenya: What To Buy Along The Streets Of Nairobi

Hawking business in Nairobi has over time faced challenges and more so from the city council askaris in Kenya who bag and bundle the Nairobi traders and their wares to the awaiting city council vans. Once too often, you will encounter Nairobi hawkers scampering for safety and even dropping their wares as they ran away from the authorities in Nairobi town in Kenya. The peddlers in Nairobi town have however out beaten the askaris in Nairobi to some extent. The hawkers in Nairobi usually display their goods on some collapsible cotton boxes. This means that the hawkers in Nairobi can easily dis  Continue reading ...

5 years ago

Apple Farming In Kenya; Farmers Getting Millions Using Grafted Apple Plants

When you first meet Wambugu, an apple farmer in Kenya, you at first do not get the impression that he is making a lot of money through farming in Kenya. In fact, when you see him in his apple farm in Kenya with his gum boots tending to his grafted apples, you may mistake him for a peasant farmer in Kenya. But believe you me when I say that this Kenyan apple farmer owns at least twenty acres of land in Nyeri County in Kenya, a large herd of grade cows for dairy farming in Kenya among many other investments in Kenya.

Wambugu started apple farming in Kenya, and later discovered a way o  Continue reading ...

5 years ago

Why You Need To Open A Hekima Account With Co-operative Bank In Kenya

The year 2011 was a good year for co-operative Bank of Kenya, they won for the second year in a row, the Bank Of The Year award in Kenya. Things couldn\'t get any better for the Co-operative Bank in Kenya which has recently been congratulated on its embracing of modern technology in banking. The year 2013 has seen Co-operative Bank clinch the Most Green Bank in Kenya at the 2013 Energy Management Awards in Kenya. It seems the sky is the limit for this bank.

I recently visited one of the branches of co-operative bank in Nairobi along Mama Ngina Street near Dedan Kimathi Statue in cit  Continue reading ...

5 years ago

Karatina Open Air Market- Largest Market In East Africa

Markets in Kenya are quite a lot, and there is just about a market in every place you go. For instance markets in Nairobi are such as Village Market, Muthurwa Market, Gikomba Market, Toy Market, Ngara Market, Maasai Market and many others. In Mombasa Kenya, there are markets such as Congoea Market, Mwembe Tayari Market and Makinon Market. Meanwhile in central parts of Kenya, there is Karatina Open Air Market.

Karatina open air market is the largest open air market in Kenya and in East Africa. Kenya has many attractive sites and interesting places to visit. You should make a point of  Continue reading ...

5 years ago

Where To Access Western Union Financial Services In Nairobi Kenya

Banking services in Kenya have been growing in popularity quite fast over the past couple of years. This has been occasioned by an increase in the number of banking institutions in Kenyan local market. Kenyans can now easily access banking services in Kenya from wherever they are all over the country. With the advent of mobile banking in Kenya, again people don’t have to transact business in banking halls in Kenya anymore. As a Kenyan account holder, you can simply log on to your bank account, deposit money, transfer money to your phone, and even request for mini-statements on the mob  Continue reading ...

5 years ago

Where To Dispose Your Old Assets Within Eastlands area In Nairobi, Kenya

An asset in Kenya is any resource with economic value that an individual, corporation or Kenya owns or controls with the expectation that it will provide future benefit. Assets are not necessary for business purpose in Kenya, all house furniture’s, refrigerators, electronics, utensils, or any equipment in your house are as well assets. All these cost a lot of cash especially if quality is observed when purchasing. To still reap something out of old assets in Kenya, people are opting to sell second hand assets.

Many Kenyans have found a business in disposing old assets around N  Continue reading ...

5 years ago

Where To Purchase Kenpoly Plastic Products In Nairobi, Kenya

The use of products made from plastics is an aspect that has been gaining popularity in Kenya at a fast pace. Right from furniture, household goods, kids’ items, crates, poultry houses and industrial products, it almost seems like a larger percentage of what we have around us is made using plastics in Kenya. This is apparently the state of affairs in Kenya today and things don’t seem to change any time soon.

There is one plastics manufacturer in Kenya making headlines.  Much as competitors in plastic manufacturing in Kenya do exist, Kenpoly in Kenya has always been   Continue reading ...

5 years ago

Real Estate Business In Kenya Is The Best Investment Strategy

Many people in Kenya usually get money and do not know what to do with it! Nowadays, especially with lotteries gaining popularity in Kenya, anyone can become a millionaire. It is not the era when only accountants and lawyers had real money in Kenya, now the problem is not how to become rich, the problem in Kenya is how to distribute wealth. There was a research in Kenya that found that if all the worlds money was to be redistributed equally it would only take seven years for the once rich to get back their money and the once poor in Kenya to go back to their poor self.

Mostly, pover  Continue reading ...

5 years ago

Cement Industry In Kenya; The Major Cement Companies

Kenya is home to a plethora of cement manufacturing companies.  Perhaps that explains the reason why the real estate and property development industry in Kenya has been growing at a fast pace recently. Cement in Kenya is of great importance in every building project, and that is definitely something that all these cement manufacturers within Kenya have close to their hearts. Cement manufacturing is an aspect that has been in Kenya for quite some time now. Much as some companies only set up base in Kenya recently such as Savanna and Mombasa cement companies, cement industry in Kenya has  Continue reading ...

5 years ago

Luthuli Avenue Is A Major Electronic Hub In Nairobi

Beyond Moi Avenue and Tom Mboya Street in Nairobi, lies one of the busiest short streets in Nairobi town today. Luthuli Avenue in Nairobi town is always bustling in life day in day out. Luthuli Avenue in Nairobi is a shopping district where a couple of Nairobi matatu stages  serving various parts of the city converge, and where tuk tuks and boda boda operators in Nairobi are always jostling to find space among the many vehicles here. Large and colorful billboards which showcase various brands dot every building in this section of Nairobi.

So, what is this fuss about Luthuli Ave  Continue reading ...

5 years ago

ZaKenya: Undoubtedly The Best Article Writing Website In Kenya

Apparently, I happened to join ZaKenya article writing website recently but am amazed by the huge following the site has garnered in the past few months. ZaKenya is a freelancing site in Kenya. People in Kenya and beyond are now able to get information about Kenya online in an organized manner. Kenyans who are in search of knowledge and facts about Kenya, can now easily access that by just using the ZaKenya website in Kenya. Travellers, tourists, people in the globe interested in Knowing about Kenya can now get all that information in one site. ZaKenya has created a niche for itself in Keny  Continue reading ...

5 years ago

The Skills Needed To Start-Up A Successful Computer Business In Nairobi, Kenya

Owning a computer repairs and maintenance business in Kenya gives you a perfect opportunity to work in various kinds of businesses including stores, hospitals, law firms, schools, and even in homes. The tasks that a Kenyan would be required to undertake at this computer business in Nairobi include, replacement of hardware, software upgrades, virus cleanup and hardware protection, networking and many other elements in the computer world.

If you are thinking of starting a computer business in Nairobi, Kenya today, there are various aspects which you will have to consider. First of all  Continue reading ...

5 years ago

How And Where To Legally Resister Your Company In Kenya

Before you can be able to start trading and running business legally in Kenya, it is advisable to register your company.  Registering a company in Kenya, especially in Nairobi, is not tedious tasks unlike many people in Kenya are misled to think.  People might be wary of the long queues at the auditor general’s office at Sheria House in Nairobi, but that should not deter you from having your business registered.  The Auditor General’s office in Nairobi is in Sheria House near Treasury House in the city square. In that case, if you have been thinking about register  Continue reading ...

5 years ago

How To Start Internet Business In Kenya

Are you truly serious about making money on the internet here in Kenya?  Well, if that is the case, you might have to create a blog or a website for that purpose. Apparently, most of the people in Kenya who are making money on the internet in Kenya today have either a blog or a website. Hoe can one create a blog or a website while in Kenya? Achieving success on the internet in Kenya is not an easy task as many people tend to think; it requires a great deal of commitment and self-sacrifice.

Is there any difference between a begi  Continue reading ...

5 years ago

How To Determine Whether You Should Take A Loan In Kenya

Loan sharks, mama mbogas, banks and telecommunication companies in Kenya are reaping huge rewards from the disconcerting habits of borrowing in Kenya. A nation deep in debt – that is one phrase that can be used to characterize these habits. You don’t have credit – just tap in some numbers and some credit will be transferred to you. You don’t have money for buying vegetables – don’t worry the mama mboga would be happy to let you pay at the end of the month. You can’t pay your rent – that’s what loan sharks are there for. It is so easy to   Continue reading ...

5 years ago

How To Make Serious Cash From Rabbit Farming In Kenya

There is a new wave in Kenya – that of rabbit keeping. Rabbit keeping in Kenya is encouraged by companies such as the Rabbit Republic that are ready to make contracts with Kenya for rabbit farming. Rabbit breeds vary, although they have one thing in common – they are easy to keep and they quickly reproduce such that the money you use in your start-up capital can be recovered within three months to six months depending on the breed you keep. Kenyans are not accustomed to eating rabbit meat despite the numerous nutritional benefits that come with rabbit meat. But this is  Continue reading ...

5 years ago

How To Use OLX In Kenya

OLX is a site on the internet where you can find everything you need in Kenya. OLX contains details which are uploaded by Kenyans about jobs in Kenya, appliances and items available for sale ranging from phones, seats, fridges, laptops among many others, services available in Kenya, community aspects such as volunteers, electronics, vehicles, classes in Kenya, real estate, hobbies, art and sports, fashion and beauty and many other things.

OLX in Kenya provides a solution to the complications involved in selling, buying trading, discussing, co-ordinating meetings and the other activi  Continue reading ...

5 years ago

How To Start Up Your Own Business In Kenya

Starting a business in Kenya requires one to have various important details covered. Before you start a business, you need to do your research. How will the business bring in money? After how long will the business pick up and start making profits? A research on the idea you hold and want to implement into a good successful business exposes one to know what to expect in the market, how the idea will be accepted by the customers, where put up the business for it to flourish better, the competition in the market, strategies to beat the competition, and all details you need to know on starting  Continue reading ...

5 years ago

The Best Financing Agencies In Kenya

Kenya has been experiencing unemployment disaster for decades now, which has left many Kenyans looking for alternative ways to earn their living. The only choice now left is to start a self investment through projects which is still a hard rock to break since financing the projects calls for a lot of resources.

For one to undertake a project in Kenya, it is required to evaluate all the benefits and risks associated with it. Feasibility study is also key activity prior to commencement of the projects.

While undertaking a feasibility study it’s always  Continue reading ...

5 years ago

How To Make Money Online In Kenya

Kenya has very creative and explorative business people who have discovered the many ways to make money online. Getting a regular salary in Kenya could not be made anymore easier than how it is now on the internet.  There are so many opportunities of guaranteed ways of getting money online particularly for Kenya. There are tips however for one to know how to manoeuvre while online and end up making a lot of money on a regular basis. What would be a better exposure to these tricks of the online money making ways that being coached? Yes, you will find so many sites providing a coac  Continue reading ...

5 years ago

How To Register A Company In Kenya: Youth Empowerment

Finally, changes have occurred in Kenya and now Kenyan youths will have a chance to participate in government business!

Recently the president of Kenya, Hon Uhuru Kenyatta has launched a bill which will help the Kenyan youths to be among the government stakeholders. The bill secures 30% government of Kenya’s procurement business to be done by youths and women in Kenya.

The government has played its part in including the young people and women in Kenya, who in most cases are sidelined or left behind. It’s better to at least try and fail than fail to try. We could   Continue reading ...

5 years ago

How DIPEK Works In Kenya

DIPEK program is an ICT creation and an initiative that incorporates several companies and the government in Kenya. Among the many companies, there is the Pillar Technologies Limited in Kenya. DIPEK aims at empowering ambitious and innovative Kenyans through job creation and business development in Kenya. You need to understand well how the program works before you enrol.

The compensation plan of DIPEK program works where a Kenyan involved earn from every person they bring into their network of business. The earnings under DIPEK in Kenya are in two ways: Registration income and airt  Continue reading ...